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Don Lemon Lit


For those of you who missed it, the performance of CNN’s Don Lemon during their New Years Eve TV special was simply beyond memorable. Throughout the broadcast he established himself as the MSM equivalent of Charlie Sheen. That the guy is out of control is without question. The late great comedian Foster Brookes was an entertainer who only acted like a drunk. Don is an entertainer who is a drunk.
It seems that Lemon had been drinking heavily in a New Orleans bar even before the show began. It continued openly during the program much to the chagrin of his co-host Brooke Baldwin, who displayed a degree of professionalism rarely seen by a CNN employee. Don was so blotto that he even had a his ear pierced live on TV after being urged to not have a nipple piercing by Baldwin and Anderson Cooper. His many antics during the show are beyond the scope of this article and led to his mike being cut during part of the broadcast. (Much of this can be seen on video)

Lets face it; Don Lemon is no stranger to controversy. He’s said and done enough stupid shizer on air to get a half dozen people fired. It’s so bad that the Columbia Journalism Review named him to a list of worst journalists. His continued employment at CNN also shows the depths to which this organization has fallen. Most of us would be lucky not to be fired or strongly censured for showing up drunk at our place of employment. However, continuing to get hammered while working is really beyond the pale. For an employer to allow it is incomprehensible and shows the true character of CNN and its boss Jeff Zucker.

IMHO, Don Lemon is no longer a credible journalist. He is, however quite entertaining and that’s where I think he should direct his very modest talents.

My idea is that Don should host a show titled “Don Lemon Lit” with CNN or MSNBC the hosting network. (Both are FUBAR networks anyway) The premise is simple. Don shows up drunk while hosting a talk show and continues to use a sponsor’s alcohol product. Add in a similarly inebriated liberal guest (they’re not known for their intelligence) and you’ve “lit” the fuse for some classic television. The ratings would be off the wall. Can you imagine some of the meltdowns the liberal left would have. You wouldn’t even need writers; just a throw down topic, something simple such as Donald Trump is now POTUS to watch the fireworks. It would not only be reality TV redefined it would show the celebrity left as well as the MSM in its true environment. The guest possibilities are simply endless with the results sure to make TV history. Simply priceless.




  1. There was a survey done recently that shows that there are more people watching HGTV than there are watching CNN. There for, more people like watching paint dry than they do watching talking heads lie to us on a cable news channel.

    So, when Life gives you Lemons…..

    ….CNN gives you Don Lemon broadcasting live in a bar standing in a large, warm lemon yellow puddle nursing his wounded ear lobe and talking trash. Journalism at its finest!

    What an amazing 2017 we are all in for! Happy New Year everyone. ^^

    • Poupon Marx

      CNN is run for Jewish Globalist propaganda, even if it loses money, it serves a purpose: to keep the Goy scared and stupid.

  2. I would have paid…..

    to watch Lemon get his spleen pierced……

    his ear…….not so much.

  3. I have never seen Don Lemon, except for clips here at AWD. But Quartier I would actually watch lite-weight news casters like Lemon drink themselves into a stupor on live cable tv. It would be awesome fun.

    I bet after the 3rd shot of tequila they’d start spilling the truth for a change.

    And if they where puking their guts out and soiling themselves on tv it would be less embarrassing than it is now with us catching them in all their lies and fake news without even the excuse of being drunk.

  4. Quartierleblanc

    Just a followup to Don. It seems that Lemon didn’t think the kidnapping and torture of an 18 year old White kid by 3 Black teens and 1 adult wasn’t really evil, just the product of a poor home environment. Simply amazing the excuses these libs come up with especially if they’re drunk.

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