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Oh, the schadenfreude we Tea Party conservatives are enjoying watching Donald Trump kick the dog snot out of Establishment Chico, El Jeb Bush!

Look hard at this photo.


I once heard someone say “never trust any man who has never been in a fight.” Is this the face of a fighter? No, it’s someone who Big Fur Hat over at iotwReport says has a “punchable face.” Donald Trump must agree because he has been kicking El Jeb’s soft, fleshy ass all over America. And enjoying it!

Here’s Trump’s latest El Jeb ass-kicking ad:

[yt id=”yD4wnQvLhyI”]

El Jeb thought he’d come in with his Establishment hundreds of millions and the Republican conservative base would roll over for him because he’s better than Hillary, right? No, he’s the same as Hillary! Hell, he’s worse! At least Hillary has the balls (literally) to call herself a Democrat! And we’re pretty damn sick of the Bush bunch! Heard and have seen it all before!

El Jeb’s half-ass attempt to remain relevant is failing faster than Michael Moore’s new years resolution to see his feet before he dies. This is a great lesson for the Republican Establishment. Piss on the boots of the base and you will surely lose the base! And you have pissed on too many boots for too many election cycles. What was it McConnell was saying about “punching the Tea Party in the nose” again? And wasn’t it El Jeb himself who said he could win the presidency without the conservative vote. Knock yourself out, carajo!

We, the conservatives of America are saying #NoMore to pretend conservative charlatans in the Republican Party. When you prove yourselves to be no different than Democrats, you should not be surprised when conservatives look to outsiders. Sure, Trump may be lying. We KNOW you are!

Feeling butthurt El Jeb? Good! Come to Texas and we’ll shoot you straight on what you’re doing wrong. It starts out by 1. Being a Bush and ends with 2. Running for public office in America. Why not spend your time by adopting some Salvadoran gang members?

Or better yet, here’s a job you’re suited for:


Bet you Roly Poly Karl Rove never told El Jeb that! ES&D, Republican Establishment! Now if you’ll excuse me, AWD is going to sit back and enjoy a tall, cold mug of schadenfreude!



  1. Friggin photo makes him look like Forrest Gump’s idiot little brother….oh, wait…

    I just cannot believe that the Republican Establishment could be so clueless as to think the base will support such an obvious clown.

    God help us.

  2. Caption for the second picture: “Mama always said, stupid is as stupid does.”

  3. Hell, Butch, don’t sugarcoat it. Calling out El Jebo is too damn easy these days. Just lie low for awhile, and then kick him in the wallet. All those establishment RINOS are going to be scurrying from Hillary to Romney to Christie to Biden in search of someone to throw money at in order to keep the status quo in place for another four years. This country needs another Bush like it needs another million Muslims.

  4. Whenever i see this clown all I see is Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, although Bubbles is more qualified and a more conservative choice.

  5. Been a Republican for damn near 40 years, but the current Rep party can kiss my ass. Stick a fork in
    Jeb because he is a weak man who fits in nicely with the Rep party… no backbone.

    Btw – did you know Berry and Michelle both suck… of course you did. Funny how Ovomit never comments on black on black crime, but let a white police officer kill a black thug and Ovomit can’t get to a micophone fast enough. Obama is a stinking racist.

    If only someone would fit O with concrete boots and dump him in the nearest river… another year and a half of this stinking community agitator… God help us.

  6. I don’t now how these rotten establishment rino republicans are going to cram Jib down our throats but they are…….they’re going to force Jib down our throats whether we want him or not……..I heard the donor class backing Jib are ready to cough up 3 billion dollars to get their favorite rino piece-of-shit “El Jib”elected……………..

    3 billion in attack ads on everyone who opposes Jib………..3 billion at his beckon call to use to get his sold-out, sell-out, rino ass elected……….Jib is the corporatist’s dream…he’s their guy… their pocket…..the one they have complete control over and will do their bidding…….the one who wil lie to our faces and try to make us think it’s raining when he pisses down our backs…………

    Jib be da man…..Jib be their man……….Mr. Rino……..

    nothing could make me vote for this asshole…..nothing could make me vote for Jib……nothing !!!!

  7. cranky.white.woman

    Schadenfreudelicious 🙂

  8. The Trump, The Trump, he’s in your head.

    Poor butthurt Jebby thought he would show Trump by saying in Spanish to an audience in Miami “If you’re not totally in agreement with him, you’re an idiot, or stupid, or you don’t have energy or ‘blah blah blah.’ That’s what he does.” Jeb should move to Mexico and run for President there. He’s so screwed he’s pandering to the only people that still support his sorry ass. illegal aliens.

    Trump = Make America Great Again
    JEB= Make America Mexico Again

    • Last year at work a Black woman used the term “BIG MEXICO” in describing what the illegals were trying to do to the USA. I said: “That’s right!” LOL.

  9. Rebelpatriot

    Uh, enjoy your schadenfreude AWD and relax. Hey, I’m with you on El Jeb. He needs to go to mexico and run for el presidente. He can show his love down there all he wants and make mexico a great place Yea, when hell freezes over he will..

  10. fox news hates future president trump an o reilly detests trump as well/

  11. El Jeb is all for the illegals as long as they don’t cross the tall iron gate and breach his lily white tower.

    I say, let the father of Kathryn Steinle, murdered in cold blood by a five-time deported illegal spend five minutes in a locked room with El Jeb.

  12. don’t have a place to post this about “the Hildabeast” so I’ll post it here………………

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