You can tell a lot about a guy by his enemies. John Kasich, Jeb and Jorge W Boosh, Mitt Romney, Juan McPain and a whole hell of a lot of other globalists have stayed away from the Republican Convention in droves. They are great enemies as each is a worthless piece of dirt!

And they should stay away! They have stayed away because their globalist agenda is dead! They are done. The Republican Establishment got it’s ass kicked by the people. We tired long ago of the importation of illegal aliens, Chinese, Indians and other Third Worlders who were eager to come to America, work for cheap and live off of our government’s welfare programs!

Donald Trump stands for America and American taxpayers! And isn’t it about time someone does! After trillions of dollars and thousands of lost precious American lives fought in wars Jorge W Bush and his ilk never intended to win, the American worker realized we were getting screwed but not getting kissed.

Like petulant children, the Establishment has stayed home. Screw them! And a curse on them and their bloodline! Yesterday’s news. From George Bush the First’s “New World Order” to the utter failure of his kid W Bush, the Bush family has hijacked the Republican Party. They hated Reagan and worked to destroy what Reagan built.

Ted Cruz screwed the pooch last night by not endorsing the nominee who won more votes in any Republican primary in history. My guess is the Establishment got their hooks in him as he is close to the Bush family and his wife works for Goldman Sachs. Screw Ted, too!

This convention is for the American taxpayer who has been royally screwed since Ronbo left office. We have rejected the Globalist agenda. We want our liberties back. We want our money to go to our families and communities instead of unwashed Third World immigrants eager to suck on the American welfare teat.

AWD is fired up and will be listening to every word of Donald Trump’s speech tonight. Feel free to comment as it takes place.

The Tea Party has won! The Establishment has lost! It’s time now for Americans to elect a man who will put our interests first!


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