Donnie Douche


There’s probably no so-called media personality that I find more stupid or irritating than MSNBC’s Donnie “The Douchebag” Deutsch. That Donnie is the village idiot of the Morning Schmo show is a given. He’s known for his epic meltdowns and saying incredibly stupid shizer. Case in point is “The Douche’s” latest tirade on President Trump after his comments about the Morning Ho herself, Mika Brzezinski

First, here’s a bit of background on the douchebag. Donnie imagines himself to be a world-class ad man, business motivator and author. He did manage to even achieve a measure of success in the advertising world and did it the old fashioned way. His daddy owned the business. After Donnie took over the agency, it lasted a little over 10 years before he sold it. He’s also the author of a number of books that no one has read (or bought) except for close relatives. However, Don has always wanted to be a big player in the mainstream media. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the rest of us) his work in the MSM has led to a number of poorly rated and short-lived shows. His CNN primetime program, (Get to) The Point lasted one week before it was cancelled for poor ratings. Now “The Douche” has been relegated as a fill in and panelist whenever a liberal imbecile is needed,

If you haven’t seen the whole recent meltdown on Morning Joe its worth more than a few laughs to watch “The Douche” become absolutely apoplectic. (The whole exchange is on You Tube and various media outlets)

During the segment, Douche challenges the POTUS to a schoolyard fight and calls him a coward. Really Donny? The last time a guy like you got into a fight with someone of relatively equal ability was NEVER. I’d say you might have trouble kicking Ivanka’s ass. Before you do something really stupid, come by the house. We can get some bag work in and spar a bit. After I slap you silly, we’ll do lunch. I’m pretty sure this is not the only invitation you’ve gotten.

Deutsch, a self-described feminist went on to say he was going to go thug on this. Hey Donny, you’ve had a vagina grafted onto your man parts years ago. You’re not going thug on anyone. Personally I think this episode is just a complication of you “transitioning.” Those hormone shots are scrambling what little brains you have left. When you change your name to Donna we can be sure of it.

The Douchebag also called Mr. Trump a “vulgar pig” and “disgusting to look at.”

I hate to break it to you Donnie, but have you looked into a mirror lately? I know those high dollar hookers your buddy Eliot Spitzer introduced you to say they think you’re hot, but that’s their job and part of the fantasy. You’re not really supposed to believe it. Besides, you have the personality of a pig. If you were trapped on a desert island with any normal female, it would take less than 2 days for her to realize one of you would have to go.

Such is the “talent” within the MSM. The media is losing its grip on the political narrative and as such its power to influence. (Read this as brainwash) When the POTUS described the co-hosts of Morning Joe as Crazy Joe and Dumb as a Rock Mika, he wasn’t being insulting; he was just dead on accurate. Nitwits like Donny Deutsch aren’t worth his time. I’m more than happy to take up the slack.


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