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Yesterday, AWD and his little filly took the F-150 of Love over to one of AWD’s favorite haunts where you might say some of those in attendance have been known to take a drink. Or twelve. And maybe smoke a cigar. Or maybe both at the same time. But there always seems to be some discussion about politics is taking place.

The members of this particular hangout are nearly all conservatives. There are a few black members who are, natch, liberals. Yesterday, when the Big Sexy and filly made our entrance, we found a heated argument had been taking place all day about Americans owning AR-15s. Of course, knowing that AWD is the reigning authority on politics, the members tried to bring me into the discussion/argument. I declined. I’m just too sexy to argue with liberals.

One of the drunk conservatives made his way over to AWD and the filly to give me the Reader’s Digest version of what happened. One of the black liberal (redundancy alert) members (who is a very good guy) said that no one should be allowed to own an AR-15 because they are used to kill people. Amazing! A liberal with an original thought /s.

The conservative member continued that after hours of heated argument in support and opposition of the Second Amendment, the two sides agreed on a compromise where only former members of the military who go through extensive background checks could buy AR-15 rifles. Furthermore, they could only be purchased at military bases.

This “compromise” perfectly illustrates why AWD opposes a Convention of States. “Conservatives” are so quick to compromise our principles and what is right in the pursuit of reaching agreement with those who would seize our constitutionally guaranteed liberties. I don’t want to compromise with my political enemies. I want to crush them because they are wrong in everything they believe. Any compromise with an ideology that is 100% wrong allows poison politics to grow like a cancer in the body of America.

My drunken conservative friend then asked my thoughts on the issue.

I told him that I do not argue the Second Amendment with liberals or others with whom I am ideologically opposed. It’s futile. He asked why and I told him it’s very simple. Liberals operate on emotion and talking points from liberal sources. Conservatives utilize fact, logic, data and reason to reach their conclusions. And, as AWD has said for years, liberals depend on stupid.

AWD then told him that I don’t argue the Second Amendment with liberals because the Second Amendment was not written for the purpose of safety, hunting, or protection from criminals. It was written to give American citizens the power to overthrow their government should it become what Washington has become. Yes, self-protection from criminals is an ancillary benefit but we have the right to bear arms to overcome governmental tyranny. Also, as common sense tells us, criminals kill with many objects other than guns.

AWD went on telling my drunken conservative friend that liberals do not care about the safety of the American people. Our wide open borders and the importation of a million plus unvetted Muslim refugees prove that. The intention of liberals is 100% on destroying the Second Amendment for the sole purpose of control. It’s impossible to totally dominate a people if they can fire back.

As Jefferson said:

“Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”

My friend said “yeah, but we need to find some way to compromise with liberals on this.” AWD replied:

“Why and how do we compromise on sacrificing our rights? How do you negotiate with those who seek to restrict or deny your rights? Should the Jews have negotiated with Hitler?”

That seemed to resonate with him as he said, “You’re exactly right. We shouldn’t compromise at all.” AWD replied, “Noblesse oblige.”

The problem with arguing any political topic with liberals is they are always wrong but refuse to concede after their predictable talking points are destroyed. Again, they operate on emotion and stupid. That’s why they’re liberals.

Sure, you can argue that a gun is nothing more than a tool, that AR’s are not fully automatic, that ten times more are killed by hammers, clubs, and knives than guns, and blah blah blah but it is a waste of breath. You’ll never convert a liberal to reason.

Liberals have a need to destroy the rights and comforts of American people. It’s either our guns, or the SUV’s we drive and our lawnmowers that kill the environment, or our carnivorous diet, or the air conditioning we use in our homes, etc that are making the world a bad place. I never argue with those who desire to control me by restricting or eliminating my constitutional rights. I ignore them and wish them a good day. I don’t mean it.

Why do I need an AR? Because F*** you! I don’t have to explain why I won’t allow liberals to take my God-given rights. If Hillary wins the election, the Supreme Court will become a more leftist activist court than it already is. The Second Amendment will be repealed or severely restricted as California did this week. Makes no matter to me. I will not surrender my Second Amendment rights. Nor will tens of millions of other patriotic Americans. Molon labe!



  1. Quartierleblanc

    I have often said that liberalism is a mental disorder. Liberals are rife with delusions. Delusions are a marker of mental illness, especially in schizophrenia. They are simply put, false deep held beliefs that the person ( liberal nutcase) cannot be talked out of, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I’d say you’re right AWD. You might as well save your breath talking gun rights to a liberal. There’s only one way to cure it and that is subject them to a life threatening or altering experience. It can go both ways. I know a former liberal who after a home invasion became a hard core conservative. Then there was another who was beaten and robbed at gunpoint in front of his home, who became even more liberal. There’s just something that doesn’t connect in their brains. In the past these people by Darwin’s law would have been eliminated from the gene pool quite quickly. Now we have the Millenial Generation. But there is hope. Nature always finds a way to cull the herd.

  2. Joe Stalin

    Like it or not, the (((TPTB))) control the “Gun Saf… uhh, GUN CONTROL” narrrative. Note that the snakes have adopted a new set of parameters, from “gun control” to “GUN REGULATION” as well as “GUN SAFETY.” You can hear the change of surrender terms whenever they toast their never-ending victories in the judiciary. Just recently, the MSM’s Gallup poll proclaimed that only 36% of US households own firearms. (

    Now, if a stranger asked me if I owned a gun, I would say: “No, do you?”

    It’s everyone’s job to encourage gun ownership in the non-gun owning populace. Even if it’s a communist state like New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland, you should encourage UNREGISTERED gun ownership, large capacity magazines and assault weapons. We NEED more gun owning scufflaws in the face of illegal gun statutes. Did people ignore illegal Prohibition laws because enough pressure groups got an Amendment passed? yes, they did.

    So yeah, it would be beneficial for you to tell a Liberal that:

    “They tell me you’re too stupid to own an AR-15”

    “Blacks agree: Gun Control for CAUCASIANS”

    “Be a Eunuch”


  3. I don’t argue with libtards about anything….not even the price of tea in China……… it’s absolutely useless to even talk to a libtard……they’re brain dead…..unable to reason…

    so why bother……it’s a futile exercise to try and reason with a libtard…….

    what I do with libtards is “mock them”……. the sweet science of sarcasm…….

    I mock them…………

  4. Rebelpatriot

    Damn right AWD. Your logic and wisdom are point on. Have a good 4th of July to you and all the other folks here. God bless America!

  5. the 2’nd amendment is sacra-samct…….and shall not be infringed upon……….but now we have the congressional Black Caucus and they don’t buy into the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or any state laws protecting our rights to gun ownership………

    the buckwheats in the House of Representatives that call themselves the CBC are planning on disrupting the House all next week when Paul Rino returns……..their plan to disrupt the House proceedings is a ruse…..they claim they want gun control to protect the lives of ordinary citizens….and that just isn’t true……

    these congressional buckwheats know that it’s the buckwheats roaming the streets that are committing most of the crimes across the country…….it’s the buckwheats that are the one’s committing home invasions……it’s the buckwheats creating the problems on our streets…..and these congressional buckwheats know white people are armed to the teeth to protect themselves from these street thug buckwheats……..

    the black buckwheat caucus plan to disrupt the House next week is meant to disarm white people, especially white people, so whites won’t be able to defend themselves against buckwheat attacks……..the buckwheat caucus wants to take the guns away from white people so they can’t protect themselves against these street thug buckwheat types attacks…….

    they know the street thug buckwheats will still carry their illegal guns but the whites will be disarmed…..and the whites will be vulnerable to thug buckwheats and that is exactly what these congressional buckwheats want……..

    the disruption of the House next week is meant to swing the equation in favor of the buckwheats…… more stand your ground…..what they are trying to do is provide jobs for the street thug buckwheats… home invader…..knock out thug…….purse snatcher……. corner store grocery thief…….the thinking of the congressional buckwheat caucus is how is a buckwheat going to make a living if he’s going to get shot when he harasses, and tries to rob white people on the street…….the problem of chronic unemployment of thug buckwheats, now around 40%, is what the congressional buckwheat caucus is concerned about….. they know they have to disarm the whites if the buckwheats on the street are going to have a future with their chosen professions……..

  6. I don’t argue with anyone about the Second Amendment…….

    It says what it says…..

    and it is what it is.

  7. Only conversation to have with a libtard is:

    No, I can’t help it you don’t have any way to protect you or your family. Try calling 911.

    When the wheels fall off this wagon and the fine upstanding citizens in the hood start to reach out for more free stuff the white liberal will be knocking on your door because they know you have AR’s, ammo and food.

  8. Favorite Haunt? Sounds like a blood pressure raising pain in the arse. I wish your conservative buddy would have countered with; “well a rifle might be used to kill someone, I’ll give you that, if you will stipulate that abortion definetly kills someone and scars others for life. And, oh by the way did you realize that black woman have abortions at a rate 700% over the average? Are you concerned with that certainty?” Your buddy would then have been called a lying racist and he should STFU because as a white man he has no right to talk about such things.

    This is exactly why I do not ever try to interact with neo-Stalinists aka liberals or progressives. When forced to I refuse to take their bait and politely smile and head for the door, ASAP. There is no converting or compromise possible with lying ideologues. I find myself fishing by myself a lot over the last few years. My blood pressure is fine, however.

  9. Another thing, I have never met an AR I didn’t like or would refuse to take home. I have met a lot of people however, that aren’t worth a plug nickel being libtards and all.

    If you don’t like AR’s don’t come a knockin unles like in the days of old days a payment of tribute is required to make amends for your ignorant ways.

    Food for my AR’s or no ham sandwich for you.

  10. Henry Lee

    Real compromise requires each of the parties to give up something. In a gun control compromise, we give up some freedom. What do they give up? They just take less than they wanted.

    I once told a gun hating friend, and he really was both, that if he and I ran the world possibly we could come up with some controls acceptable to both of us but he would have to promise to NEVER come back with more requirements. The problem is that they will always come back for more. They don’t understand that that is why we don’t want to give anything; even when to do so would seem to be reasonable even to us. Each concession is just another click of the ratchet.

    • agreed…..the only thing to do with libtards is to defeat them…….
      no compromising…….just defeat them………

  11. There is one thing to remember here . There has never been a greater threat to this country than the current occupant in the White House. It is glaringly obvious.
    This population/military/law enforcement and Congress rolled over and took it up the arse.
    I’m not so sure this country has what it takes to stand up to tyranny and the repeal of the 2nd amendment.
    I think Hillary will call the bluff quite frankly and no one will be there.

    Thomas Paine. …” The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis,
    shrink from the service of their country”

  12. Joe Stalin

    ABNER MIKVA IS D-E-A-D. (Scumbag-IL)

    Good riddance to this lowest form of anti-gun garbage that totally represented the Ruling Class anti-gun U.S. 10Th Congressional District. The same one as RINO Mark Kirk.

    May he rot in H-E-L-L, if his kind can go there.

    Best news of the week!

  13. Awd asked: “Should the Jews have negotiated with Hitler?”

    Google assignment for AWD: “Jews and U.S. Gun Control Legislation, 1968-Present ”

    I could go on and post a dozen or more links to countless articles that point the finger of blame and which this hostile ethnic group openly boast about on their own websites – to prove to AWD and all of his philo-semitic pals who is the #1 leading subversive force behind the on-going effort to abolish the Second Amendment and to disarm every law abiding White American – but, as AWD himself says, it appears to be equivalent to a conservative trying to debate a clueless and brainless liberal on the Second Amendment topic. For some incredibly bizarre and possibly pathological reason – kwanservatives just cannot wrap their tiny brains around the fact that the #1 enemy of their precious Second (and also their First) Amendment to the Constitution are jews. Every piece of major gun control legislation that has either been passed or submitted and eventually defeated or overturned by the courts in the USA – has been sponsored and fanatically promoted by jewish politicians and supported by jewish anti-Second Amendment activist groups such as the ADL, SPLC, or WJC, etc.

    The hard evidence and the Congressional record that proves this fact is indisputable and cannot be denied – which means what? It means that the enemy that conservative White American patriots who love the 2nd Amendment are fighting today – is the very same enemy who Hitler and the Germans were fighting in 1933.

    No matter whether it is the diabolically evil attempt to disarm law abiding Americans, or the lust of the ADL and SPLC to get Hillary into the Oval Office so she can appoint another two or three jewish judges (Garland is jewish) to the Supreme Court so they can then abolish the Second Amendment and also issue edicts that overturn the First Amendment and get the same kind of ‘Hate Speech’ laws passed here that the jewish Bolsheviks imposed on Russia after their 1917 revolution and seizure of Russia and eventually half of Europe – or whether it is the ongoing malicious and diabolically evil agenda of refusing to secure our borders and flooding America with millions of incompatible, culture destroying, parasitic non-whites from every third world hell hole on the Planet, or whether it is the relentless poisoning of our White, Western culture by shoving every sort of perversity and sexual depravity down the throats of Americans – even to the point of making our formerly feared and respected US military the laughing stock of the entire world by unleashing mentally deranged trannies within it and forcing the US tax payers to pay for their sex change operations – every one of these agendas can be traced back to the same source.

    What is that source? Who is that source? Well, ask Joe Biden. He gave a speech before an audience of jews about 2 years ago and he went down the list of the sick, depraved, and anti-White, nation destroying achievements that his audience played the primary influential role in bringing about, and then, this mentally insane liberal imbecile then showered PRAISE upon them for their efforts to destroy America.

    So, I can agree with AWD about the senselessness of debating with liberals about Amendment 2, or about any topic for that matter. But, AWD shares the same kind of blind spot when it comes to refusing to acknowledge the FACTS when it comes to who is the #1 enemy of the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

    Hey, even Ted Nugent – who is by far not the sharpest knife in the drawer – can connect these dots.

    • Joe Stalin

      Actually, the NRA DID have a piece in American Rifleman directly pointing out the very link you describe decades ago; I think it was written by some guy named Rothenberg. There are no blind spots on this matter because everyone practices the Steve Sailerite analysis: “What kind of name is that?” There is really no point to trying to change their minds. The only thing Americans can do is build lists of the enemy, just like the government builds lists of their enemies. Find out where they live.

      Be prepared to spread the Stalinist Terror when they initiate the same against gun ownership.

      • I also recall a significant amount of angst that burst forth from the organized jewish community, following the release of the transcripts of that Joe Biden speech, despite the fact that the blithering idiot had thought he was PRAISING them for their list of nation-wrecking, culture subverting, anti-White achievements. So, what does that tell us?

        It tells us this: They know what they are doing is causing tremendous harm to American society and inflicting horrific damage on Western civilization and it is directly attacking White American values, customs, traditions and our preferred way of life. Which means they are driven by a hatred of the traditional White American nation and culture and are vindictively trying to subvert, undermine, and eventually destroy traditional America and replace it with dysfunctional, depraved minority cultures and sexual deviancy oriented, extremely unhealthy, non-reproducing, immoral lifestyles.

        The reason the tribe got angry at Joe Biden, despite his attempt to shower praise on them for doing all of this, is because they know it’s destructive and they don’t like to have the spotlight placed upon them as being the primary instigators.

        I can’t say that I really blame them. After all, who would want to ‘own’ this sick and twisted agenda?

  14. AWD the only thing this drinking story proves is, the drunker the Conservative, the more they think like Progressives.

    Hey did I just figure out why the latest Republican congress compromised so much with Barrack… Free Beer?

  15. Henry Clay

    “Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not”

    Great quote, but Jefferson never said it.

    • Henry, who give’s a shit? It’s attributed to him on numerous sources.


      • Henry Clay

        Mistakenly so apparently.

        • Wikiquote and Quote Investigator are imperatives. I’m always amazed out how many spurious or misattributed quotes are out there, so much so that I never quote anything without verifying it first because 9 out of 10 times it’s a bullshit attribution.

          • Often what was said is more important than who said it, anyway. Use the quote, attributed to “as the man said…”

      • Joe Stalin

        At least one person gives a shit; historian Clayton E. Cramer. He thinks that not only does it reflect badly on gun owners, but it gives the other side ammunition to use against us. I heard one lefty anti-gun homo talking about how there was a whole industry devoted to making up pro-gun quotes after Orlando.

        Anyway, Mr. Cramer, who has authored numerous pro-gun articles and books (google them) sells a $1.50 23-page pamphlet of meticulously researched pro-gun quotes, which professional commentators will find useful if they intend to propagate authentic quotations:

        “Product Description

        What the founding fathers really said about guns! Clayton E. Cramer, author and monthly contributor to Shotgun News, collected, verified, and added new historical quotes that reveal the Framers of our Constitution intent of the Second Amendment. Again and again Shotgun News has been asked for copies of the historical quotes that were used for many years as fillers in the classified section. It became clear that readers were using these as a source for writing letters to the editor, to their congressional representatives, etc.

        23 pages, softcover

        Call 1-800-260-6397 for larger quantities

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