Yesterday, AWD and his little filly took the F-150 of Love over to one of AWD’s favorite haunts where you might say some of those in attendance have been known to take a drink. Or twelve. And maybe smoke a cigar. Or maybe both at the same time. But there always seems to be some discussion about politics is taking place.

The members of this particular hangout are nearly all conservatives. There are a few black members who are, natch, liberals. Yesterday, when the Big Sexy and filly made our entrance, we found a heated argument had been taking place all day about Americans owning AR-15s. Of course, knowing that AWD is the reigning authority on politics, the members tried to bring me into the discussion/argument. I declined. I’m just too sexy to argue with liberals.

One of the drunk conservatives made his way over to AWD and the filly to give me the Reader’s Digest version of what happened. One of the black liberal (redundancy alert) members (who is a very good guy) said that no one should be allowed to own an AR-15 because they are used to kill people. Amazing! A liberal with an original thought /s.

The conservative member continued that after hours of heated argument in support and opposition of the Second Amendment, the two sides agreed on a compromise where only former members of the military who go through extensive background checks could buy AR-15 rifles. Furthermore, they could only be purchased at military bases.

This “compromise” perfectly illustrates why AWD opposes a Convention of States. “Conservatives” are so quick to compromise our principles and what is right in the pursuit of reaching agreement with those who would seize our constitutionally guaranteed liberties. I don’t want to compromise with my political enemies. I want to crush them because they are wrong in everything they believe. Any compromise with an ideology that is 100% wrong allows poison politics to grow like a cancer in the body of America.

My drunken conservative friend then asked my thoughts on the issue.

I told him that I do not argue the Second Amendment with liberals or others with whom I am ideologically opposed. It’s futile. He asked why and I told him it’s very simple. Liberals operate on emotion and talking points from liberal sources. Conservatives utilize fact, logic, data and reason to reach their conclusions. And, as AWD has said for years, liberals depend on stupid.

AWD then told him that I don’t argue the Second Amendment with liberals because the Second Amendment was not written for the purpose of safety, hunting, or protection from criminals. It was written to give American citizens the power to overthrow their government should it become what Washington has become. Yes, self-protection from criminals is an ancillary benefit but we have the right to bear arms to overcome governmental tyranny. Also, as common sense tells us, criminals kill with many objects other than guns.

AWD went on telling my drunken conservative friend that liberals do not care about the safety of the American people. Our wide open borders and the importation of a million plus unvetted Muslim refugees prove that. The intention of liberals is 100% on destroying the Second Amendment for the sole purpose of control. It’s impossible to totally dominate a people if they can fire back.

As Jefferson said:

“Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”

My friend said “yeah, but we need to find some way to compromise with liberals on this.” AWD replied:

“Why and how do we compromise on sacrificing our rights? How do you negotiate with those who seek to restrict or deny your rights? Should the Jews have negotiated with Hitler?”

That seemed to resonate with him as he said, “You’re exactly right. We shouldn’t compromise at all.” AWD replied, “Noblesse oblige.”

The problem with arguing any political topic with liberals is they are always wrong but refuse to concede after their predictable talking points are destroyed. Again, they operate on emotion and stupid. That’s why they’re liberals.

Sure, you can argue that a gun is nothing more than a tool, that AR’s are not fully automatic, that ten times more are killed by hammers, clubs, and knives than guns, and blah blah blah but it is a waste of breath. You’ll never convert a liberal to reason.

Liberals have a need to destroy the rights and comforts of American people. It’s either our guns, or the SUV’s we drive and our lawnmowers that kill the environment, or our carnivorous diet, or the air conditioning we use in our homes, etc that are making the world a bad place. I never argue with those who desire to control me by restricting or eliminating my constitutional rights. I ignore them and wish them a good day. I don’t mean it.

Why do I need an AR? Because F*** you! I don’t have to explain why I won’t allow liberals to take my God-given rights. If Hillary wins the election, the Supreme Court will become a more leftist activist court than it already is. The Second Amendment will be repealed or severely restricted as California did this week. Makes no matter to me. I will not surrender my Second Amendment rights. Nor will tens of millions of other patriotic Americans. Molon labe!


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