Gun sales are soaring even with a pro-gun President Trump in the White House. General consensus had it that gun sales would plummet once the greatest gun salesman in history, Imam Barack Hussein Obama was sent packing. Wrong!

Gun sales are at an all time high with FBI firearm background checks in May 2017 soaring to yet an all-time high. Woot! Woot! Woot! Good people carrying firearms is good for the good people of America!

AWD’s guess is the Muslim scourge taking place worldwide is making people nervous about being able to protect themselves and their families. Ergo, new gun purchases by new gun owners.

Over to Englandistan. It’s interesting that England’s cops still don’t carry guns. The vast majority, that is. The days when English cops didn’t need guns to deal with local crime are long gone. Those days vanished when the first Muslims contaminated England. And the results are telling.

It took police with guns 8 minutes to respond to the London Bridge terrorist attack. How many lives would have been saved if several English citizens were allowed to carry firearms? Well, we’ll never know because a lot are dead and a lot are injured because it took EIGHT @#&* MINUTES FOR POLICE WITH GUNS TO ARRIVE!

Here’s AWD’s gripe with gun owners with LTC (license to carry) permits here in the Great Satan. So many have their concealed carry licenses but don’t carry. Sure, terrorist attacks in America are very rare. But they are also going to happen. AWD works in a building where seeing Muslim refugees is not an uncommon site. When stuck on the elevator with those types, AWD’s hand is always on his S&W M&P .380 in his pocket. Feels good. If someone gets squirrely and starts screaming the virtues of Allah, AWD can stick my .380 in either nostril and ventilate the back of said terrorist’s melon.

Before any of you gun experts laugh at my .380, AWD has a good friend who was a member of Seal Team 4 and he carries the same caliber, only in a Sig Sauer. Plus, AWD always has Gunter the Glock in my computer bag with two extra mags should things get a little sporty.

It’s a great feeling knowing that I can protect myself and others wherever I tread. Sure, it’s “illegal” to carry in the Post Office and other federal buildings. But, as a lawyer friend once told me, “Illegal is a sick bird.” Screw the federal government and their tyrannous laws trying to restrict my Second Amendment rights bestowed upon me by God. I’ll take my chances getting caught carrying rather than let some Muslim dirtbag shoot up the Post Office when I’m waiting forever in line to be served by some arrogant, lazy post office worker. Usually from India, it seems these days.

So, if you’ve gotten nothing from this post, get this! Carry your @#*& gun! There may be only once in your life when you need it. Hopefully that day never comes. But if it does, would you prefer to depend on the mercy of the merciless? Or would you prefer to turn his melon into a pink mist? I thought so.

If I was an Englishter, I’d carry a knife everywhere I went. Hell, I carry one of those too. A CRKT Ken Onion design. But because I’m an American, and even more important, a Texan, I carry multiple guns with me. Try it, you’ll like it.


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