When does the hatred stop? Well, Adolf, it starts going away right after you click on the big picture of that nasty, lebanese bufforilla named Rosie O’Donnell and make a generous donation to AWD! Because if you don’t contribute and do your part to make AWD a filthy-rich 1%’er, well then you’re nothing but a big, fat Hitler! And you already know damn well you’re a racist, too!

AWD is trying something new to try and squeeze a few shekels out of you cheap bastids. Liberals love to throw around the Hitler word name. Nazi is another lib fave. Anytime they don’t get their little fiendish way, you better believe a steady stream of “Nazis!” is going to fill the globally warmed air! If you’re lucky, you might get off with just a few “Slave Owner!’s” being thrown at you. And yes, my goat-roping friends, don’t even ask. You’re a racist. Always. That goes without saying.

USA Today Editor Owen Ullmann came loaded for man, bear, pig over Arizona’s SB1062 bill which would have allowed company owners to withhold services for gays if it went against their religious convictions. Governor Brewer vetoed the bill yesterday. She wants the Super Bowl back in Arizona. Ullmann said:

“So anyone who cherishes our pluralistic society should be outraged that Arizona’s Legislature has passed a bill that would grant businesses the right to cite religious beliefs as a justification for refusing to serve same-sex couples. These intolerant lawmakers must be nostalgic for Jim Crow laws.”

Jim Crow! Nice work there, Ullie! But dammit, to get the point to hit home there are times when nothing but a Nazi comparison is required! I mean, come on! We’re talking about wedding cakes for Adam and Steve here, man!

Ullmann continues:

“I’m curious how a business would even know which customers are gay. Would you have to sign a statement that you are heterosexual as a condition to being served? If two women are holding hands, does that make them a same-sex couple, or are they just sisters? If two men kiss in a store, are they gay or…maybe, just French?”

Well, two dudes buying a @#&* wedding cake might be a good sign, Ullie! And if the customers are French, you already know they’re gay! Other than that, sure signs of gayness would be if they are wearing Obama shirts, humming Justin Bieber songs, doing some full-frontal moisturizing in your store, or are debating the thread counts on pillows from various textile manufacturers. You know, something tells me this Ullmann character has donned him now some gay apparel somewhere in his recent past!

Oh, the sure way to spot homosexuals? If they just look gay! Like this:

crist obama

Like AWD’s brother says “the ones you suspect the most usually are!” But that photo’s a layup because we already know those two lovers are experienced poofters.

Ullie hits his stride here:

“The Greater Phoenix Economic Council has urged Gov. Jan Brewer to veto the measure because a boycott by defenders of gay rights could harm the economy. To me, the argument falls far short. It is reminiscent of German businesses that fretted about the loss of Jews’ purchasing power during the Nazi’s reign.”

An Economic Council that exists to further economic prosperity cannot merely disagree with the law because they fear economic losses for Arizona and get a pass with Ullmann, poofters and the left! They must oppose the bill because THE LAW HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH HOMOSEXUALS! Anything short means the Economic Council is comprised of Nazis! Because this is the United States of Gay America..according to gays and liberals (redundancy alert!).

And AWD doesn’t see a stretch comparing the refusal to bake a wedding cake for two poofters or lebanese womerns with the extermination of 6 million innocent people! And don’t get me started on racist Voter ID laws, you slave-owning racists!!!!

So listen up, Adolfs! AWD is going to be monitoring my PayPal account tonight to see if you have gotten past your hatred and contributed generously to me! All you have to do is click on Rosie, send the equivalent of your next car or mortgage payment and you’re on the road to becoming a compassionate, tolerant human being. I’m happy to help you get past your hateful ways! Remember, the more $$ you send, the faster your tolerance will grow!



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