It’s quite clear to all who aren’t trapped inside the prison of political correct stupidity that there are only two outcomes for England, Europe, America and Western Civilization. Capitulation or war.

Corrupt western politicians have flooded Europe and America with Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. And, as history proves, violence and death soon follow wherever Muslims tread.

Why have millions of Muslims been imported into the West? Ask the politicians. But you better believe they have sold out their countrymen for money and power. There needs to be a consequence for that. And I believe that one day there will.

As for England? Everyone today is praying for peace. That’s akin to praying to win the lottery.
Ain’t gonna happen. Not as long as Muslims are present.

England finds itself in a new era. They can sit back and accept Islamic terrorism and rule or they can fight. Since England doesn’t allow citizens to own firearms, the English must utilize instruments of death at hand to defend themselves. How sad that during the latest terrorist murders on London Bridge, victims had to use chairs to defend themselves against the savage terrorists armed with knives. The unarmed police are rumored to have run away.

Personally, I don’t expect the native English to do a damn thing. And, in 20 years, Parliament will be controlled by Muslims and England will have given up their country and future without firing a single shot. Or throwing a single chair.

So don’t waste your time praying for peace. Pray for guts and testosterone. The Muslims who have infected England must feel real fear for their existence. They must pay a severe price in blood and must be forced to assimilate into Western culture if England (and Europe) has a chance.

At present, Muslims know the English won’t do a damn thing to halt their terrorism, threats, and pissing on English culture. It’s like fighting a pacifist that won’t punch back. Muslims are ignorant savages and respect nothing but force and power. As long as they can continue killing English du jour without paying a severe price, they will become more bold. Expect more terrorist attacks.

England is at a crossroads. To survive, English men will have to perform violent acts they never dreamed they would have to consider. They will break laws. They will break necks. And they will retake their country after they throw piece of shit politicians from office.

Only if English men can find some testosterone! The western world watches, England!


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