The Al Qaeda English language magazine (yes, they have one) is encouraging followers of the Religion of Peace™ to attack America. Preferably the Las Vegas strip or military bases. Military bases make sense for the jihadists. We don’t allow our soldiers to carry weapons on base. That would be the smart thing to do. We stopped being smart long ago.

Angry White Dude taught his children that stupid decisions usually bring bad results. The laws of consequences judges equally. Too bad no one taught the American voter that lesson. Decades of governmental malfeasance have put us in the position where most Americans are expecting Muslims to attack us here. Again. And it is coming. Soon.

Why shouldn’t they attack us on our homeland? America has certainly made it easy for them. Not only have we allowed a huge influx of Muslims from the Middle East and Europe to legally enter the country, we have left open our borders so anyone…ANYONE…can cross.

We have not learned from Europe that Islam is not compatible with Western values. In France, fully one-sixth of the French support the ISIS butchers raping and killing their way across the Middle East. Guess who makes up one-sixth of France now? Englandistan is toast! The only hope for England is that their home grown jihadists get killed by traveling to Syria or Iraq to fight for Allah. But England, being remarkably stupid, will allow the battle hardened jihadists safe entry once they have raped and killed everything in the Middle East. Wouldn’t want to appear Islamophobic!

England will deny entry to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer but open the door to savage Pakistanis to kidnap and rape their children! You just can’t make this stuff up!

AWD has asked for years why Muslims are allowed into America? Did we not learn from 9/11? Or Fort Hood? Or any of the other deaths at the hands of Muslims in America? Do Muslims perform any great service we cannot provide ourselves? Don’t cry they cannot be denied entry under freedom or religion principles. I do not recognize Islam as a religion. It is a cult of sadistic death. Nothing more, nothing less. And I am against allowing the enemies of America into our country!

So what happens when massive terrorist attacks hit America? What does the loyal American patriot do when Muslims take over his child’s school and begin beheading children as they do in Iraq? Or blow up malls and gas stations? Or start exploding cars in city centers? Or close a few ports by sinking ships in the harbor? Or, heaven forbid, smuggle uranium into downtown Houston and detonate a dirty bomb? They have captured uranium, you know.

What does the American citizen do when we fully realize our feckless politicians and bureaucrats in Washington have sold us down the river and we begin dying? I fear it’s too late to stop what is coming. We have allowed it to happen. Our politicians and State Department have sanctioned it. What do we do? What will YOU do?

As they have shown us, they are here.


As they have told us, they want to destroy America. As they have proven, they will kill us if given the opportunity. Our government has given them the opportunity. Our government has failed Americans and many will pay a heavy price.

If you leave the door wide open, don’t be surprised to soon find animals in your house. We have allowed savage animals unworthy of oxygen to invade America legally and illegally. Blood will run in the streets. And we have allowed it to happen.

Don’t be surprised when it happens. We have only ourselves to blame! We will have to clean up the mess. What will YOU do?


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