Americans need to learn the lesson AWD taught his children:


Electing Barack Hussein Obama twice was one of the most stupid acts committed in American history. And America is and should pay the price. We must learn that actions have consequences. Elections have consequences. And ObamaCare and its disastrous results should be allowed to take place without interference from the stupid Republican elite.

Let it all tank. Let ObamaCare take the entire American healthcare industry down. Start from scratch. Let ever insurance company fail. Let hospitals fail. Let Americans who are monumentally stupid learn that healthcare is not a right but a privilege for the responsible who can pay for it based on their hard work. Let them learn the hard way that government could f up an orgy at the Playboy mansion and cannot be trusted any more than Bill Clinton with a female intern. Let them learn when Grandma passes because there are no medical services to protect her.

Yes, AWD is talking about letting people die. Let Americans who believe in diversity make the decision to save Granny or turn Juanita and Pee-dro away from the emergency room as Juanita is ready to pop with her 9th hijo in 9 years since illegally entering the USA. Let the stupid Americans learn that everything…EVERYTHING…has a cost. Healthcare included. And it’s not government money that pays the bills. It’s the money of those who work and pay taxes. And those who pay taxes are pissed off and tired of paying for healthcare services for everybody else.

Why are the Republicans trying to “fix” ObamaCare? Paul Ryan and his bought and paid for Republican tards couldn’t fix a flat tire. Much less the f@#*ed up ObamaCare disaster. As AWD has explained many times in the past, Republicans want ObamaCare more than Dims to please their Wall Street masters. So any ‘fix’ Ryan comes up with will be a nightmare. Just like Ryan.

Republicans should just let the lunacy of ObamaCare complete its natural course and collapse. And every wussypanted Republican should then be commanded to run over anyone who gets between themselves and a TV camera to blame it on Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry DB Reid. They pushed through (bought) the votes to pass ObamaCare. Let them take the brunt of angry Americans who lost Grandma because the Dims killed the greatest healthcare system in the world.

Here’s the deal. Paul Ryan is a douche. A smarmy globalist Republican elite who has been bought and paid for long ago. He doesn’t care about you and me. He cares about Wall Street and the bankers who own his little nairy ass. And hopefully, the stupid Republican voters of Wisconsin will fire his ass in two years. They won’t but maybe if enough grannies die, they will.

Consequences. They teach us by making us suffer for the bad decisions we make. If AWD could go back 30 years, I’d tell the young AWD to do things much different. But all the bad things of my youth have taught me to not make the same mistakes again. It’s time America learns.

Let ObamaCare be the disaster it was always destined to be. Let it inflict pain on the American people. Let them learn that government does NOTHING right. Let the voters realize they are morons who have believed socialists and gotten nothing in return except being screwed.

And let Donald Trump tell everyone every @#*& day that ObamaCare was passed with EVERY Democrat vote. And we’re very sorry that Granny died when she didn’t have to. But that’s what happens when government forces itself where the free market belongs.

Want to pass it to see what’s in it? Well, you got it. And it’s a disaster zone. Let Americans learn the hard way that the Dims are stupid idiots and the Republicans are a close second. It’s time the federal government gets taken down several notches.

Screw ObamaCare and screw Obama. And screw everyone who voted for Obama. And the Democrat corruptocrats who voted for ObamaCare. Let them all suffer!


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