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Dude-A-Palooza 2014 – July 11 – 13?


Dude-A-Palooza 2014

Hear ye, hear ye! The proposed date for Dude-A-Palooza 2014 is July 11 – 13th (August wasn’t really working due to Sturgis and some other things…like the birth of my second child). How does this weekend work for everyone?

(Also please note that awesome artwork above—that comes to us courtesy of Lazlo. He’s quite the cartoonist. I’ll be featuring his work along with others’ in the Friday Funnies series.)

Get your guns cleaned, your cigars humidified, and your liver conditioned because we’s gonna throw the houlihan in Dallas like it’s nobody’s bidness.



  1. Lazlo…good work!

    Btw…before Red added that comment on the rest of his page here, I noticed it was our one and only Laz! Job well one indeed.

  2. Perfect Red. My first grandchild is due in August too.

    Kudos to Lazlo. He’s both very intelligent and very talented.

  3. Calamity Jane

    Lazlo…Nice touch with the side arms.

  4. Angry White Boss

    Very well done, Lazlo! I wish I could make it, but since I can’t I wish you all the best of times. 😉

    • We are gonna have us a little shooting competition. The winner will win..well, probably nothing but braggin’ rights…but the loser will win a bottle of Lavender scented bubble bath! I ain’t losing that sumbitch! We’re gonna have us a time so make plans! You can make friends with our Homeland Security detail!


      • Angry White Boss

        If it were possible, I’d be on the first flight to Dude-A-Palooza that I could book. Unfortunately, I’m only 17, and not allowed to fly to other states, and I’m fresh outta cash. But next year will hopefully be a different story, next year I’ll be 18! And you better bet I’m gonna practice my shootin’ skills be fore I come! There’s no way I’m gonna get that last place prize!

      • I’m seriously thinking about bouncing down from Denver. Will you have explicit directions?
        (I never even HEARD about it last year….). Just wanna be sure I know where I’m going. Also, can I camp out a coupla days?

  5. Oh gosh guns really scare me. I heard they make a loud noise when you touch that trigger thingy. But I sure would like a bottle of Lavender scented bubble bath.

  6. Will there be any cussing? My in-law lectured me for saying ‘hell yeah’ in front of his precious little snowflake. He wouldn’t have ANY fun at my place: We cuss, drink beer and tequila, shoot guns, look at pin-ups of nekkid womerns, smoke cigars, ride harleys….heck, all of those boring, no fun things. You won’t have any of that at YOUR gig, will ya AWD? (LOL)

    (Need to know WHERE!)

  7. Spurwing Plover

    On a seprate note the UN has choosen abig old turd as some symbol for something stupid the UN has planned as idiotic as the rest of the UN poppycock

  8. This Just in..Breaking News….
    Jigg Digg News Minute has dugg up the reason Miles Long will not invite Obama to Dude-a-Palooza ..

    we all know the Dude is not a racist ,just a Trashist and it is that very reason Barry Obama will not be allowed in this year`s event…
    We were able to un-cover these photos of Obama at an Event similar to Dude -a-Palooza in Texas last year….this will answer the question why we just can not have him at the AWD event….

    he just gets high and has no control as seen above…..
    further more the way he fires his rifle is just too much to watch….

    I hope this clears up the reason we just can not let Barry in…

    Thank you for tuning in and have a safe and happy week-end…
    this has been Jigg reporting live from still an un-disclosed location near my computer


    • iron_mike_houston

      Hold on for a second, Barack ain’t invited? I thought we could invite him and play that game, Pin the Tail on the LIBTARD wearing sissy mom jeans!

      I also want to see him drink a full pitcher of beer and then we could bowl and see how many Dudes don’t make more than 100 pins than him! He did bowl a 37. The penlaty for not making more than 100 pins is you would have to wear mom jeans the next day and tell us how great you are!

      Then we could have the dunking booth and see how Michelle reacts when she is dunked but we could only throw bananas at the booth!

      • Haaahahahahah!!! Barack at a Bowling for F**kwads event!!

        • iron_mike_houston

          Yea, let see how he can bowl since he got PUNKED in Iraq. After we beat his sorry pink pussy ass he can tell us that he is going to do a report on what happened and then 6 months later he can tell us that his pink pussy ass (wearing mom jeans) did nothing wrong.

          Hail to the idjit! We can only hope that he doesn’t run the ecomony in the dirt in his last 2 and half years!

  9. Unbelievable, that on the AWD site, there’s no mention of Operation American Spring… Unbelievable.

    See everyone in D.C. in order to re-claim our country?

  10. Spurwing Plover

    NEWS FLASH Jay Carney has Resigned as Obama chief Major Dommo

  11. Rock on!

    How may I apply for admission to the ‘palooza?

    I have guns, ammo, guitars (electric, acoustic and bass… heck I could even throw my upright in the van if you’d like), beer, animals for roasting over a fire…

    Plus, I like to cartoon also. I can pay my way by obnoxious sketches. 🙂

  12. Need a little more info.
    I’ll be coming from Ft. Worth with assorted fire arms and Rocky Patel cigars.

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