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Ben Shapiro has recently been traveling to America’s colleges facing off in debates with #BlackLivesMatter and other assorted leftists. Predictably, he has been shouted down by the excitable leftists in an attempt to silence him. Note to excitable leftists and #BlackLivesMatter: Call in sick the day you go up against Shapiro in a debate. You’re gonna lose.

It’s worth your while to watch this and you’ll see the difference between rational thought and raw emotion. Conservatives utilize logic, fact, and reason while leftists scream and shout. If they aren’t screaming and shouting, leftists speak in broad platitudes based on nothing but lies and innuendo. The ever-present charge of racism is a perfect example.

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AWD has written about meeting a black conservative who has a radio show in Los Angeles about 5 years ago. He is a former Black Panther who overcame the hatred of white people and the false narrative of racism that permeates black communities throughout America. He said to me:

“I’m embarrassed that in 2010 white America has come much further in embracing MLK’s dream of a colorblind society than blacks.”

I told him, “I know.” He was surprised that I readily agreed with him. I told him that most white people tend to judge on character and behavior. Certainly, there are some that dislike all black people but they are a small minority. Most whites care only about one’s behavior.

AWD has often described myself as a “trashist.” I don’t care to be around trashy people of any race. One’s pigment isn’t the issue. However, as Ben points out, blacks create crime at multiples of other races.

Because this page has exposed the double standards and political correctness by discussing the truth about the poor behavior in much of the black community, I have been called…wait for it…you guessed it…a racist.

The reason the race card is played in nearly every conversation with a leftist is because there is political capital in it for Democrats. 96% of blacks vote for Democrats because they confuse the Republican Party as being white, therefore racist against blacks. Ben Shapiro dismantles the tired, false talking points of his debate opponents by utilizing the truth. And what leftist has ever cared about the truth?

Ben is our Dude of the Week! Congratulations, Ben!


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  1. Spurwing Plover

    BLM is no no different then the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam and no one know more about a domestic terrorists groups like the Black Panthers,Nation of Islam,Weather Undergound,SLA, and the other of the bad guys from the veitnam era and american traitors like Bill ClintonAl Gore,John Kerry and Hanoi Jane

  2. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is dead…….

    We are so screwed.

  3. Paraphrased from an article by James Ostrowski

    “I found that progressives were rarely amenable to rational persuasion. Facts, logic and even experience rarely changed their minds. You couldn’t really argue with a progressive. You would argue; they would fight. They would get angry, insult and change the subject. They never stopped proposing new government programs, spending and laws, though they appeared to lack a grand vision of what they were trying to accomplish.
    To explain all this and more, I propounded an eight-part definition of progressivism. Thus, “progressivism is:
    1. a mindset about politics;
    2. that has no rational basis;
    3. is utopian;
    4. favors the use of democratic government force to solve human problems;
    5. holds that government force will produce a better result than voluntary society and the market;
    6. has no theory of costs, or denies or minimizes the costs of its proposed solutions;
    7. is a form of self-help therapy against existential angst; and,
    8. has no limiting principle and therefore tends toward creeping totalitarianism.”
    That being the case, progressivism can be seen as a self-imposed mental disability in which the progressive filters out of his perception and cognition any facts that disturb or disrupt the therapeutic function of his political mindset and, at the same time, highlights or exaggerates any facts that would appear to buttress the notion that government action can solve any particular problem.”

  4. Disgusted Caucasian

    That’s right Nick….the potion didn’t work as fast as intended. Congress has given Obama everything he wants. However, there have been many requests for judicial review and many have made their way to the SCOTUS. Just knocking off one Conservative Justice, would guarantee that everything in the SCOTUS pipeline will go the way of the Communist totalitarians. Obama knows that the next POTUS will NOT be a Communist Democrat. This is his last attempt to make sure our Republic eventually falls to Communism.

    When someone stands in the way of a Communist dictator, they always end up dead.

    • Why do I get the feeling that John Roberts spent all Saturday in the bathroom, finally emerging extremely dehydrated and 20 pounds lighter?

  5. Scalia’s votes on SCOTUS cases which have been argued, voted on, and written-up… but not yet publicly announced…. are hereby nullified. These include cases involving immigration, voting rights, affirmative action, forced union dues and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

    The coincidences are just piling up today!

  6. Quartierleblanc

    I can say I’ve never heard of this young man till today. He seems impressive and a rising star. I’ll be more on the lookout for him.

  7. I am formerly announcing my nomination for supreme court justice to replace the great Antonin Scalia…….that’s right. I Bluto am submitting my name for SCOTUS………

    I pledge to see to it that the court upholds the ban on legalization of illegals……that all illegals must be deported…..H1b visa holders must leave immediately or be imprisoned……and no Muslims or Somalis will be permitted to enter the country what-so-ever…..

    I pledge to rub Sonia Sotamayor’s face in the dirt……………

    I pledge to push Justice Ginsberg down a flight of stairs………….

    I pledge to sick wild pit bulls on Elana Kagan and Sandra Day O’Connor…….

    I pledge to make Justice Roberts subject to ObamaCare for his health insurance and for his entire family and see if he likes ObamaCare now……….

    I pledge to vote to shut down Planned Abortionhood, er mean Parenthood………

    I pledge to get rid of Affirmative Action………..

    I pledge to make all d’himicrats pay a trax for being stupid……………

    I pledge to shove ObongoCare down Barack’s throat…………………..

    I pledge to prosecute Nasty Pelosi and Harry Reid for crimes against the American people…………..

    I pledge to prosecute Mooch Obongo for all the public’s money that was spent and squandered on her god damn million dollar vacations……….

    I pledge to see to it that Barrack Obongo has Bowe Bergdhal for a cell mate at Leavenworth………..

    I pledge to se to it that Eric “my people” Holder and Loretta ” I beez black” Lynch are prosecuted for inciting race riots in Ferguson and Baltimore…………

    I pledge to see to it that Al Sharpton is sent to prison for tax evasion and for being a dumb-ass black buffoon and stupider than hell……..

    and this is only the start…………….

  8. Spurwing Plover

    BLM.Black Panthers,SLA,Weather Underground and the rest of the leftists scumbags from the 70’s and into the 21st century all leftists subversives and their vile kind(William & Emily Harris,Bill Ayers,Hanoi Jane and the ones who are indoctrinating the student at all those leftists run universities


    As John Kasich would say, aw shucky darn! This must be Coincidence Weekend!!

  10. I’m amazed at the fact that I’ve seen only one anti-Semitic comment on this website (I suppose there could be more I haven’t seen). That’s common fare on the Infowars comment sections. Mind you, I know all about the Rothschilds and company, but that is far from the whole story re: the global mafia that runs the U.S and is trying to create absolute order out of chaos (here as well as in Europe).

    I’m a lover of freedom and I hate this mafia government, not to mention the horrendous actions of the Israeli government. And, I happen to be Jewish. I know some on the far right cannot wrap their minds around the existence of a Jewish patriot.

    I do fear for the future of my country, and, to be completely honest, I’m glad I never had children, because things are going to get really bad here in the next few decades. The power elite WANT a civil war, anarchy, etc., so they will have the excuse to instate martial law. Most people I know think I’m a bit nutty, so I’ve pretty much stopped trying to convince people that we are in much deeper shit than they realize. No one wants to hear bad news I guess.

    As for Scalia being offed, I wouldn’t put anything past this mafia government. Do a search on CIA atrocities and it becomes apparent that political assassinations are a matter of course for Big Brother.

    I will add as well, that, being Jewish, I have tried to give Blacks a lot of slack. I’ve made the same liberal excuses for the savage behavior of many Blacks that you’ve all heard and I have tried to absolutely not judge an entire race because some are dysfunctional and violent. Still, every other group in America has progressed after a few generations, whereas Blacks seem to be regressing. Not all, but a helluva lot. Frankly, the Black subject has been causing me great distress over the last year.

    Given what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany (whether 6 million died or 300,000 died or one died), I have tried in my mind to not judge other races wholesale as Hitler did. I’m still trying not to be a “hater,” but the battle rages on.

    Sorry to go off topic, but I guess I just need to vent.

    • Smedley, this is not an anti-semitic website. You’ll find that the vast majority of regular readers are ardent supporters of Israel. We have a few who commenters who hate Israel and blame all of the world’s problems on Jews. AWD has been called by his Jewish friends a MOT (member of the tribe). I support Israel and hope they one day pull a Michael Corleone baptism scene against their Arab and Persian enemies. That being said, there are a whole hell of a lot of American Jews who are stupid liberals.


  11. I watched the whole video on this panel discussing race relations. I saw an African negro and a civil rights negress lawyer on the liberal/black side and a Jew/Mexican on the conservative/white?? side. Where is the white man’s view? I know Shapiro did a good job holding up our banner but in true American racists style there is no white Christian on the panel except for moderator. I did enjoy watching the blacks go silent several times when they could not come up with a refute to any of Shapiro’s facts and remarks. What is taking place in this nation is an attack and a shunning of white males. I am a white male and I am not taking it. I am not so patriotic to this incredibly anti-white racist government that I will allow them to do or say anything without severe push-back. It is time you do the same. Remember….any fight you have with the federal government is not a fight against your country because the federal government is alien to your country. The feds or NOT your country. You are.

  12. NO.
    Shapiro has become an unhinged – if eloquently so – anti-Trump frother.

    He can – or USED to be able to – be well-reasoned.

    TURD OF THE WEEK in my book.

  13. andrew berg

    I think the phrase “conservative intellectual” is an oxymoron.

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