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I saw this at Ace of Spades and wanted to post Dinesh D’Souza putting a thump on a overeducated/undersmart Social Justice Warrior at Amherst College.

I encourage readers to watch the entire exchange to see how brainwashed these little middle-class socialist brats are. AWD believes at least half of the universities in America need to be shuttered. Especially leftists hellholes like Berkely, Amherst, and especially those blue scum bellies at UNC. Hell, since the Social Justice Warriors are so concerned about the struggling masses (whoever they are), maybe Amherst could be the new center of Syrian refugee relocation.

[yt id=”tN9bu6CP318″]

Little rich turds who have never cut a lawn or performed one single worthwhile thing have all the answers, don’t they? I predict Mr SJW at Amherst will be the Democrat presidential nominee in 20 years. Yes, he’s that ignorant.

But it sure was fun watching Dinesh rip him apart! But, then again, the kid is probably majoring in Womyns Studies.



  1. who is this little puke bastard……

    I want to find out who this little puke is so I can beat the crap out of him and teach this little bastard a lesson………….

    I can’t stand talking with these college dumb-asses…….they’re infuriating and need a punch in the face……just shut the hell up……..go kill yourself and put yourself out of your god damn misery……

    puke bastards………….

  2. Loved it! Absolutely loved it!

    The student is stumbling on his own tongue looking for the right jargon to make his argument sound intelligent, but seriously, I’ve heard better from first graders.

    Absolutely correct! This “check your white privilege” crusade is nothing more then a “Good Guy badge,” like giving a penny to wounded veterans collections and selecting a $1.75 American flag pin as your trophy, $1.75 paid for by the veterans collections sponsors.

    Give very little and justify it as giving a lot, nevermind whose giving more, let alone against their will.

    Glade someone had the stones to point out the hypocrisy, pity the defender wasn’t someone with better arguments and opinions, would have been a jolly good argument.

  3. Spurwing Plover

    Just another little pussietard collage knownothing who probibly rides a bicycle everywhere he gose is a strict vegan and sends $500 to Greenpeace for their SAVE THE POLARBEARS campaign

  4. Crankywhitewoman


    Loved watching that beta twerp have his ass handed to him.

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