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You won’t hear in the propaganda media any reports on the New Years Eve sexual attacks on Western women in Germany by Muslim savage men. It doesn’t fit their agenda. Well, Tommy Robinson shoots you straight on the common sense sadly lacking in the West’s leaders.

[yt id=”08ZPbUBmb30″]

Normally, AWD doesn’t allow fuzzy little foreigners to be Dude Of The Week because they aren’t Americans. Much less Texans. But America has millions of estrogen-laden douchetards who don’t deserve the title “American.” Give me a couple million Tommy Robinsons (or our good friend Liam) and get rid of the millions of liberal women like Pajama Boy and his ilk.

What do you do when Imam Hussein’s Syrian guests gropes or rapes your wife or daughter? I know what I would do.

Be loud and proud, Tommy Robinson! Move to Texas when Englandistan goes under!

Send me your address Tommy and I’ll send you an AWD t shirt!



  1. I see there are a number of patriotic Europeans that are taking a stand against this muzzie invasion and take over of Europe……and I salute them……….

    when a muzzie is found to violate any woman he should be dragged out into the street and receive the beating of his life and if he doesn’t survive the beating all well and good……….

    beat them…..pound their faces into the pavement………

    and for a final measure…….kick CAIR our of this country now……and give them a beating they won’t soon forget before they’re deported to remember us by…….

    I’m sick and god damn tired of these muzzies…………

    • Mr. Rational

      You’re way too lenient, Bluto.  Sex crimes against women are the doing, either as perpetrators or enablers, of the entire Muslim “community”.  The punishment must be communal and aimed at removal of the cancer, or it’s all for nothing.

  2. this is an extraordinary video……a must watch……..the passion shown here is real………

    I hope that the men of Europe organize and take on the muzzie invasion……….if they have to take on their own out-of-control governments then take them on too……..there is no other way out of this……the only way is through violence……

    don’t be fooled……sometimes there is a need for violence……sometimes there is a need for killing and there is definitely a need here………the only thing these muzzie’s understand is death so send them to Allah and be done with it………..

    great post awd……damn good post…….

  3. Spurwing Plover

    Time for the germans to bring back the hooded headsman with his big ax the separate some muslim thugs noggin

  4. Tommy’s been around a good while:

    He’s not with rhe EDL any more; lots of reasons, including lots of time in jail just for being a leader.

  5. Coming to usa near you. Dear leader and a bunch of governors including by own wants them here. Since I found out about the Syrian refugees coming here I keep a big stash of bacon. If need be it will be used as weapon grease and also repellent for mobs and terrorist attackers. Peace thru pork.

    • Mr. Rational

      It’s a pity that Super Soakers are made of plastic that can’t handle high temperatures.  Imagine a gun that sprays hot bacon grease!

  6. rightwingterrorist

    Hopefully in Europe, going out clubbing on Friday night will take on a new meaning.

  7. If men like Tommy cannot take their country back, perhaps we can have them. We could use a few immigrants like him, and like Mark Steyn… Not the sort Obama wants to import!

    • Brooke……………

      if they’re white…..Obongo isn’t going to let them in….whites need not apply…….if your a Somali or an Arab then you can come in as long as you aren’t Christian….as long as you are one of the lovers of the pedophile prophet or a terrorist then you can come in…….then you get to come in and get welfare, Obongo-phones, free health care, free schooling and any other goodies the dhimicrats can bestow on you……..

      no white men permitted to enter…….Obongo doesn’t want them…..they’re not part of the transformation……..only welfare-ites that can leech off the system are aloud to come in……and all those that can sneak across the boarder too……….

      it’s the dhimicrat plan to remain in power…..they need a third world voting block….and white people just don’t fit the bill……..only those who are of the professional victimization class are aloud in…………

  8. These people from the middle-east have their nerve. They are that way because they get no push-back in Europe. They are taken in and treated well and they repay the Germans (and others) by attacking their women, blocking off their neighborhoods, and generally attacking the host country’s people. The Euro-governments have no testosterone left. They actually sometimes blame their own women for the attacks. First,…these Muslims should not be there. They are throwbacks. They are cavemen. They are idiots who believe they are above everyone when they are far below the average in everything. They believe they have the right to treat all non-Muslims badly due to the fact that because they belong to this demon-religion called Islam, they are kings. They are not kings. They are not above anyone. They are, in reality, ….scum. The quicker we get that fact and take that attitude the quicker they will be defeated and deported. Look at them. They are loud, dirty, whinny, and dangerous. Why help them. The middle-east has been a hell hole since the inception of the world. After the fall in the garden of Eden, the place and eventually, the people, went to hell. THe whole area was and is filled with war and demon worshipping fools. The cities and the city states there have spiraled to the lowest of lows. Stop allowing the liberals to use these Neanderthals as the spear point of their attack on our countries.

  9. Billy Two Knives

    I’m tired of talk, talk, talk. Kill them.

  10. Crankywhitewoman

    I just tweeted a link of this to Tommy Robinson. I wish we could make a trade with Englandistan…they seem to love Muslims and hate Tommy Robinson, so I’d like to trade all of the Muslims in America for Tommy Robinson and his family. Englandistan will get more misery, rapes, robberies and honour crimes (which they seem to be quite fond of), and we’ll get a man who wants to exercise free speech without being sent to jail on a trumped up charge every time he says something that hurts the feewings of the savages. Win-win!

    • Cranky, Tommy is definitely welcome around AWD’s campfire!


      • AWD,

        Tommy Robinson has paid a very heavy price in the last few years for standing up for himself. The British establishment has harassed him and his wider family (including his young kids) constantly, and as a self-employed businessman his livelihood has been seriously affected.

        Also of course, he was sent to prison on a trumped up charge, and placed in very serious danger of death by being housed with violent Islamists, having to defend himself in fights on more than occasion. The British state has done everything to get him killed short of blatant assassination. And just a week or so ago they dug up a two year old charge relating to a prison fight, and arrested him. Strangely (not really), this was just two days after he started to set up a UK branch of PEGIDA (the anti-Islamisation group that’s getting big support in parts of Germany).

        If the British government treated Islamist hate preachers like they treated Tommy Robinson and the EDL, the “civil liberties” people would be up in arms.

        Douglas Murray has the lot here:

        • Crankywhitewoman

          England should declare Tommy a national treasure. Instead, they treat him like sh*t for wanting to preserve his country and her traditions. Pat Condell should be declared a national treasure as well. I notice they don’t go after Pat the way they do Tommy. I’m guessing that’s because Pat limits himself to videos.


    ” Tommy was placed on a wing with many Muslim inmates and a contract was put out (and taken up by a Somali born murderer) to throw boiling water (laced with sugar to make it stick better) into his face.

    “Tommy asked the prison governor to move him to a safe part of the prison. The governor refused. A prison warder threw Tommy into a cell containing several Muslims and locked the door in order to ensure Tommy took a serious beating, which he duly did. A rather more humane warder warned Tommy about the “boiling water in the face contract” so when he found himself alone with four Muslims, one of whom was the aforementioned Somali murderer holding a jug of boiling water, Tommy defended himself before the water could be thrown.

    “The prison governor took no further action, but the Somali murderer contacted the police, who were keen to prosecute Tommy for racially aggravated assault… although the charge was subsequently dropped, presumably owing to the sheer embarrassment of initiating it in the first place.

    “Tommy was then released early, on the condition he declined from talking publicly about Human Rights Under Islam.

  12. “Tommy Robinson for prime minister” is what i say. Why can’t more Brits follow Robinson’s example of patriotism? England is a lost caust unless more people follow Robinson’s example.

  13. look….we here in the hinterland want to help all….that’s right….we want to help everyone involved…..even the Muzzies……we can help the Muzzies too…………

    the Muzzies are raping innocent women in Europe so we can do what we can to alleviate the situation and protect the women…….and the Muzzies will get what they want………………

  14. the ultimate Israeli weapon……….damn….this is good…….I like it………..could work agtainst the Russians too when they decide they want Eastern Europe back in their fold…………

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