New studies show that men who do housework chores may not be getting as much boo-tay as cats who do things traditionally regarded as man chores. Because men weren’t born to be fillies and do that housework sh*t. Oh, some have accomplished the transition from male to womerns (liberals) but it’s not what Allah had in mind when he created Adam and then Eve. The only womerns who like men acting like womerns are feminists. But they’re mostly ugly lebanese. So why try to make those bufforillas happy? Let them wash their own damn flannel shirts.

According to USA Today:

Husbands who do a lot of cooking, cleaning, laundry and other traditionally female forms of housework may do their marriages some good — but, contrary to popular belief, they are not rewarded with more sex, a new study finds.

Instead, it’s the guys who do the most lawn work, car repair, driving and bill-paying – traditional men’s jobs – who have the most sex in marriage, the study suggests. The same is true for women who do the most traditional female housework, according to the study published in the February issue of American Sociological Review.

Well, where’d ya park your squad car, Dick Trickle! Whodathunk a study would prove a dish-washing girly-man doesn’t get as much lovin as his alpha-male counterpart! I’m sure your tax dollars paid trillions of dollars to prove what AWD has been saying here for years! Men aren’t meant to be women. Mentally or physically. It just ain’t natural. Oh sure, men can be trained and programmed to be women, but unless he’s a poofter, a man would rather be doing the chores that comes naturally to us. Like driving around in convertibles, hanging out with the compadres at the gun range, hunting, fishing, buying tactical flashlights, and planning the takeover of South American countries with the most bloodshed as possible.

No filly wants to do the flippy floppy with some poofter who just mopped the floors and scrubbed out the toilet! Nor does she want to tell her friends “I just had wild monkey love with a guy who just whipped up a marvelous souffle!” Oh, doing those housework tasks might make fillies more happy but only because it gives them more time to meet some masculine cat just back from the range with the fellas and laying down rubber in his cool ride.

Another study says:

In what appears to be a slap in the face for gender equality, the report found the divorce rate among couples who shared housework equally was around 50 per cent higher than among those where the woman did most of the work.

The term “gender equality” was dreamed up by leftarded poofters who use the word “relationship” every couple of words. There is no such thing as gender equality. There are things men do better. There are others that women do better. Like making me a pie!

So if you cats do housework, not only will you be deficient in booticious activities, you will also get your ass divorced! Why? Because straight womerns don’t want to be married to another womern…of either sex.

It’s a natural tendency of womerns to try and control every molecule of air her man breathes. It’s in their DNA. And there is one thing that womerns hate more than everything else combined….for their man to have fun with them not there! They hate that sh*t! For that reason, womerns try to keep their man at home in his cage and never let him out. He just might have him a minute of fun with her not there. Too many American men give in to their womern to keep the peace. They give up the time with their friends or doing the things they enjoy to keep mama happy. I call bull-sh*t on that! She’s not happy, she’s just controlling. And once you hand your cojones over to a womern, you’ll never get them back. Ever.

Womerns love to have a strong man. But they hate to show it. They love to control their man but lose all respect for him when he gives in without a fight. You can’t have respect for anything you consistently walk all over. But women really want that guy who will not give in, won’t vacuum the house after getting back from buying tampons at the Walmart, won’t stay at home and watch some gay LifeTime Channel womany movie when he wants to shoot a pig, won’t quit being who he really is…a man who acts like a man!

I’m not saying you should abuse your babe. You need to be a good husband/boyfriend/whatever and spend time with your family. But you must also not let her control you. Here’s a personal example. AWD wrote a few weeks ago about attending the counter gun-buyback program event in Dallas. It was on a Saturday morning. I told the filly that morning that I’d be gone to the event for a few hours and then would be back to run some errands and get some things done. The filly immediately started this “Oh no, baby, I want you to stay here with me” BS. AWD listened for a minute to this nonsense and then calmly replied:

“I’m not asking permission. I’m simply telling you where I’m going and how long I’ll be there. You can be happy, sad, or indifferent, I don’t really care. But my ass is going to Dallas.”

And off I went. Came back and we had a very nice rest of the day. Because she knew where she stands. She cannot control me. And I’ve found that things run a lot smoother after one of these little “Come to Jesus” meetings. After my first divorce, I promised I would never let a woman kick my ass. And I haven’t.

A lot of men say women are complex creatures. But most of those who say that write for so-called “mens magazines” and are themselves homosexuals. They write articles titled “women we love” when they really mean “women we’d love to be.” Womerns aren’t that complex. Actually, they’re pretty simple. They want to feel loved, secure, safe, and protected. They want to be fussed over and shown attention. They like to be entertained and have fun. All this feminist crap about “gender equality” has altered the male/female dynamic by trying to turn men into women and women into men. In too many cases, it has succeeded. I present males who identify with the Democrat Party, your honor.

Here’s the secret, my right-wing extremist friends. If you want to get more action in the bedroom/boudoir, quit acting like a housewife. Do something a man naturally would do. Kill something. Take over Nicaragua. Fix your car or change the oil. Head down to the local eatery and look for a metrosexual type drinking Perrier. Kick him in the shins. Take a ride on your hog or peel out in your old Jeep with Dale Watson blasting out loud enough to melt your womern’s face. Scream out to the world “I DO NOT MOISTURIZE!”

Do these things and you’ll have no problem reeling in the biscuit. Enjoy life. Have some fun. Grow some balls. Your womern may bitch a little but she’ll want to do things to you that are illegal in 57 states when you get home. Take it from the Big Sexy. I know of what I speak! Wanna fight about it?

Here’s another cat who knows his way around the fillies giving some sound advice on romance:

Be a man! Womerns likes it.

Oh, and play country music:


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