Longtime readers at AWD will recognize our Englishter friend Liam from his years of wise comments and gentle barbs at us “Colonists” across the pond. I know he is just a little jealous because he’s not a Texan. But I’d welcome Liam around my campfire anytime. He’s an honorary Texan as far as I’m concerned! We’ve traded emails discussing our love of music, interest and disgust of politics, our kids, etc. Even though we’ve not yet met, I greatly look forward to the day we do.

I asked Liam to write about how it really is in England from the viewpoint of an Englishman. As we know, we can’t trust the Propaganda Media to report the truth. Here is what he wrote after last night’s terrorist attack in Manchester.

My friend the AWD asked me a while back to write a few lines about the UK and life here in the Islamic Republic. I gave a vague promise to knock something together, thought to myself there’s nothing I can add that Mark Steyn, Douglas Murray or the blessed Peter Hitchens can’t say a thousand times better, then settled on writing some bland stuff about our forthcoming election.
However. “Events, Dear Boy, Events”, as poor dear old Harold MacMillan (our Prime Minister back when we were still a deplorable, coherent, functioning country populated by natives and near, dear, and welcome neighbours) said. The following may not be as coherent as I usually manage.

Last night, in Manchester, a 22 year old “Manchester Man” rejoicing in the name of Steve Williams Salman Abedin loaded up with a bag full of explosives with heavy metal bolts packed around them and blew 22 nice English people filthy infidels across the lobby of a building which his ancestors could never have dreamed of, let alone constructed. The youngest of those confirmed dead thus far is an eight year-old girl.

I want blood upon blood for this. Two of my teenage children were at that venue a few months back. The kind of workmanship that constructs a device like that is rare. I doubt that its architects wasted all their expertise on young Salman. BTW, his family arrived as “refugees” from Gadaffi’s Libya.

I want the entire family deported. All 50 first cousins. We can save on the cell space as that just means 25 married couples.

I would like to say I had some confidence in our authorities to actually do something about this cancer. But then again they’ve rushed to the barricades to spout their tedious, meaningless boilerplate about “communities”, “division”, “unity” etc ad nauseam.

Our “Conservative” PM, Theresa (Sharia) May is a poor choice. A collection of weaklings and nonentities. This country produced Pitt, Churchill and Lloyd George. Even the failed Leftist government of the 1970s contained a group of misguided but deeply patriotic men. Dennis Healey, whose misjudgements almost bankrupted us in that era, was the Beachmaster of Artillery at Anzio. Clement Attlee, who constructed our current failed model of the Welfare State, was badly wounded at the Somme. He hanged numerous traitors and hunted Communists down in his party.

This is one of their heirs:

Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is running a candidate for Home Secretary (responsible for policing, prisons, immigration policy and domestic security) who has LEARNING DIFFICULTIES. I feel like crying.

We are terribly reduced. However, I love this country. Adam Smith said that there is a great deal of ruin in a Nation. I love my people, and believe that our resources are not yet exhausted (though the rotten state of our Universities makes me wonder).

I’m constantly being told that we need to “reach out” more. Frankly, I was never convinced, and I’m even less convinced now. I’m done with candles, hashtags, Facebook settings etc. I’m going to break a personal rule here and reference the Northern Irish conflict. You can try and argue any details with me if you like. I know more than you do, and you’ll lose. Trust me.

The single biggest factor that brought the IRA to the table in the mid-1990s was this. Their opponents stepped up the violence in a VERY big way. Let nobody kid you, it was a filthy, sordid little war (I’d recommend “The Shankill Butchers” and “Killing Rage” by Martin Dillon to appreciate the mutual depravity). In short, the Loyalist gangs of the Shankill and East Belfast upped their capacity for murderous, atrocious violence, and acquired the ability to respond to every IRA bombing or shooting by a double-the-violence massacre within 48 hours. The Catholic Nationalist population was terrorised, and exerted enormous pressure on the IRA to stop.

We may face a similar situation here on the mainland quite soon. I’d much, much rather not. I’m done with talking. I’ll leave that to Robert Heinlein:

“Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms.”


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