It’s becoming fashionable in pro sports for black athletes to write “I can’t breathe” on their uniforms in reference to Eric Garner, who died while resisting arrest in NYC. But black athletes are among the most monolithic people on Earth. One season one black defensive back has long dreadlocks hanging from his helmet, the next season every black defensive back has dreads. You know, know whut I’m saying, dawg? So look for many more “I can’t breathe” scribbles on uniforms. It would be much more accurate to write “I can’t think for myself” instead.

Law abiding people of all races have been watching with amazement the little spectacles of riots and looting, burnings and beatings that started in Ferguson, spread to NYC, and now are spreading to other cities. All this damage and violence because two people breaking the law were killed by cops. We all know the only reason why this is important to you is because the cops were white. Black cop kills black or white person? Yawn. Black person kills another black person as occurs every day in America? Super yawn. White cop kills black person breaking the law? Holy sh*t!!! Back to slavery we go!!!!!

AWD would like to share with the black protesters across the country how not to get shot or choked out by the Po Po when being detained or arrested.

  • Always comply with the police officer’s requests (unless it violates your constitutional rights) – when the 5-0 asks you to put your hands behind your back, do it. Don’t scream insults and don’t fight back. Here’s a little clue about fighting the police. You’re gonna lose. And you’re gonna lose real bad. Ask non-Gentle Giant Mike Brown who attacked a cop, went for his gun, punched him in the face and then charge him while calling him a p*ssy. Not exactly a long-life enhancing endeavor. Never resist arrest or try to flee the police. Always remain calm so the officer is relaxed and not worried for his safety. Otherwise, welcome to Beat Down City. Population – You!
  • Don’t break the law. In both the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases, both were breaking the law. Don’t steal (or smoke) cheap cigars and don’t steal taxes from government (always a bad idea). And, if you do, refer to the first bullet point for your survival.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the officer. 51% of violent crimes and murders in America are committed by black males between 18-49 years of age. If you were a cop, would you be more nervous pulling over a black male in that demographic or a Catholic nun? It ain’t racism. It’s reality. Cops want to go home to their families at the end of their shift. Black males are year-in and year-out the most dangerous creatures in America. Congratulations.
  • Learn from white people. Crackas don’t riot and protest when another cracka committing a crime is shot by the police. Since most whites keep the law, we figure the guy killed by police got what was coming to him. We simply go to work the next day.

When AWD is pulled over by the 5-0 in his F-150, straight off I roll down every window and place my hands at 11 o’clock on the steering wheel. When the cop approaches, I say “Nice apprehension Officer, the Chief will be pleased. You’re free to go.” Well, I don’t really say that. What I say is, “Officer, I have a handgun in the console. What would you like me to do?” I tell him that because he already has run my tag and knows AWD is a lawful owner of a carry permit and probably has a handgun (and two extra mags) in his possession. In every case, the cop has said “thanks for telling me. Just wait here.” Why doesn’t he pull his gun on me and order me on the ground? Because he knows I’m no threat to him. I don’t have a criminal record. I am calm. I have the windows down. I have no outstanding warrants. And yes, I’m a white middle class guy. And the vast majority of white, middle class guys don’t shoot cops or other people. It’s not white privilege. It’s white responsibility. Try it and you won’t end up getting shot!

Don’t get me wrong. AWD has a big problem with “badge-heavy” cops in America. Youtube is filled with videos of fascist cops abusing their power. They should all be fired or worse. I don’t particularly like cops. Since AWD lives in a mostly-white community, we don’t have a lot of crime. So the police spend their time pulling over speeders on their way to work. I hate that. But I will never let a cop search my truck unless he has a warrant. And I won’t tell him where I’m going or what I’ve been doing (but you better believe a hot, young filly has been involved). But I’m always calm and respectful so I don’t end up bleeding or dead.

I also hate that the city of NYC has made a law about selling individual cigarettes on the street. Government feeds on taxes and will never get enough. Just like Oprah and Oreos. But it wasn’t selling cigarettes that resulted in Eric Garner’s death. It was because he resisted arrest and officers felt they needed to choke him to make him cooperate. It’s really sad. And I mean that. If only he had complied he would be alive and with his family tonight.

Another thing. Black protesters across the country should notice that most of the white protesters at your events are communists. Since AWD assumes most of you haven’t taken vacation from work to protest, many of you are on welfare and food stamps. Probably Section 8 housing too. Ask those commies about the welfare programs in communist countries like China, Russia, Venezuela, etc. Well, AWD would rather light a candle than curse your darkness so I’ll save you the trouble. Communist countries don’t have welfare. Those who don’t produce starve. No food stamps. No welfare checks. No Putin Phones. Nada except maybe a 9mm headache because you’re not contributing to society. You have no idea how good you have it in racist Amerikkka. Because, just like pro athletes, won’t think for yourselves and rise above your ingrained hatred of America and white people.

What is good about all these protests is white America is finally realizing the hatred for America and crackas most black people in America have.  AWD wrote about this very thing several years ago in a piece titled


Obama says racism is deep rooted in America? Well he’s right! By your violent actions, black people prove to be the most racist people in the country. Your hypocrisy in the uprisings over Ferguson and Eric Garner while staying totally silent about the thousands of black killings at the hands of other blacks proves you really don’t care that #blacklivesmatter. You just want to poke your finger in the eye of whitey and destroy property.  And I don’t even need to get into the Knockout Game garbage that takes place in big cities.

So in summary, #Ferguson and #Ericgarner rioters, here’s what do. Or don’t do.

  • Don’t do crimes.
  • Don’t resist or attack the police. They have guns and are trained to use them.
  • Act like most white people (not the worthless commies beside you). Work, keep the law, be respectful and responsible.

Do these things and you’ll have no problem with the police. You can enjoy white privilege by acting like most white people. Act like ghetto thugs and you’ll likely end up like Mike Moore or Eric Garner. Or Channon Elizabeth and Christopher Newsome.


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