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DUM DUM DUM….ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! This time, it’s the exciting Establishment hitman known as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Walker has the personality of a ten day old dog turd. Even his name is boring.

Walker followed former Texas Governor and former Democrat Rick Perry and bowed out after getting his ass kicked by Donald Trump. Here’s Walker’s boring speech. You’ll want to forward to 3:00 to see the snark come out:

[yt id=”8MDSjBnDFLs”]

So Scotty’s dropping out so voters can focus on other candidates rather than the “current front runner.” Walker is a GOP stooge so he needs those Establishment dollars. He’d say he has a chicken lodged up his butt if Reince Priebus offered him a few RINO dollars. Like Perry, Walker was in the race to stop Trump.

Trump immediately pointed out that he’s looking forward to Walker’s vote since Walker took the Republican Pledge to vote for whoever wins the GOP nomination.

These Establishment Pukes don’t get it. We true conservatives (not Republicans) are backing Trump because he’s not one of them! At this point, I don’t care if he’s a registered Democrat as long as he keeps his promises. We know the wussypants Republicans don’t. At least Trump might so why the hell not?

Or as Mr Pinko of iotwReport so eloquently explained to the Establishment why conservatives are wild about Trump:

Brilliant! Crass and what one would expect from an unwashed Yankee….but brilliant!

Since none of the RINO Establishment hired guns (.22 shorts) like Rubio, Hucksterbee, Fredo Graham, Pataki (I’m not really even sure who he is) have succeeded in taking out Trump, look for them to all start dropping like the dead flies they are. The Establishment expects results for their ill-gotten dollars and need all the big bidness money they can spend to try and push El Jeb to the nomination.

So, Governor Walker…SEE YA! Maybe you now can take some time and decide how you stand on at least one issue.



  1. Scott Walker’s not too bright.

    With his parting shot at Trump, it will cause the media to once again, focus on Trump who will dominate the news cycle which will increase his poll numbers even more.
    Way to go, doofus. 🙂

    Trump has been so gracious towards Walker. While Walker has been terrible towards Trump both at the debate and in today’s speech. He certainly had the GOPer talking points down pat. They want to scare people into thinking Trump will ruin the GOP when they have already ruined it themselves with Rove’s help.

    I wonder what useful idiot they will have fall out next. Jindal has served his purpose. Snarly Fiorino is their darling flavor of the week and they are done with Carson after his Muslim blunder. Soon Snarly’s record of embellishing the truth like Brian Wilson will make her fail. Rubio will be the next golden boy until he too fails when it comes to light that he’s speaking Spanish like Yeb on the campaign trail, pandering to illegals.

    The only other one I would consider is Cruz. But the GOPer’s hate him. They will do their best to destroy him. Trump gave them their pledge yet no one will pledge to support him if he wins the nomination. Hypocrites with a capital H they all are.

    Trump/Cruz 2016!

    • My only question is how many gallons of mouthwash will Scott Walker have to use to rid his mouth of the taste of Sheldon Adelson’s kosher salami.

      A salami, by the way, which has visited the mouths of every cuckservative rino rat turd in the race, with the possible exception of Donald Trump.

      A factoid that was recently pointed out in a tweet by Ann Coulter, following the 2nd nauseating GOP panderfest that had the candidates fighting over who could grovel most sickeningly at the feet of Israel.

      • The implication being that this isn’t true of the Democrats as well?
        How quaint!

        Despite your openly bigoted views towards Jews, Republican support for Israel is not based on Jews, but based on it being the only democracy in the Middle East and an ally, not enemy, of the USA.

        The point is, that it isn’t a Jewish pandering issue as you try and frame it. With the strain Obama and the rest of his fellow Progressives have put on the relationship with Israel, it is a major issue facing the next President. Fact is, the majority of problems our entire world is facing right now originates in the Middle East, and Israel strategically at this moment in time is vital to us combating that problem.

        Her POINT in her Tweet was… All candidates are on the same side of Israel. These debates are becoming less about informing the public about a candidate’s position on matters, and more about live action drama queens and prancing them out to give the usual five minute pledge of GOPism and then start acting like some MTV reality show. I guess she figured intelligent enough people would get it. If anything her error was over estimating public intelligence.

        As the saying goes: “Never argue with a Liberal. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you to death with ignorance” _ Mark Twain

        America NEEDS another hero
        TRUMP 2016

  2. Buh-bye. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Walker!

  3. Good bit on this at Occidental Dissent:

    “Walker said Monday that he supports ending birthright citizenship, then said later in the day that the problem could be addressed by enforcing other laws. On Tuesday, a prominent donor confronted Walker on the topic and walked away satisfied that the candidate wouldn’t do away with birthright citizenship. On Friday, Walker said he didn’t have a position on the issue. Then Sunday, Walker said he does not want to alter the 14th Amendment.

    Stanley S. Hubbard, a conservative billionaire who oversees a Minnesota broadcasting company and has donated to Walker’s campaign, confronted Walker on the issue during a lunch in Minnesota on Tuesday. Hubbard strongly opposes ending birthright citizenship, and he told The Washington Post that he “might really quickly change my allegiance” if Walker pushed for such a repeal.”

    Democracy? Don’t make me laugh. This Hubbard should be in prison, along with the rest of the big donors and the politicians who take their bribes.

  4. establishment boy is the right word for this piece-of-shit……..he fooled a lot of conservatives including Mark Levin…….Walker tried to hide his establishment leanings but in the end was found to be lacking………

    Walker tried to jump on the band wagon when he realized standing up to the establishment was the only way to stay in the race…….too little….too late………….a Johnny come lately………..Walker was an establishment piece-of-crap right from the get go……and an amnesty one at that…….although he tried to hide it when he was exposed for being a pathway to citizenship amnesty establishment sympathizer………….

    it didn’t take much to figure out Walker was destined for the presidential wannabe trash heap when his bosom-buddy was rino Paul Ryan………………….

    good riddance, Walker……..I sure as hell won;t miss ya……………….

  5. Eastwood Ravine

    Once upon a time Walker could have been right candidate. One problem with Walker, among other problems already talked to death, is his candidacy was a victim of Monday morning quarterbacking thinking. What I mean by that is his candidacy was about and running on issues that were based on winning the last campaign, not the next one.

  6. Scott Walker did a lot of good work in Wisconsin. He damaged the unions that had the state so wrapped up that the money was being eaten up by state and local governments to the point that new taxes were a possibility. He fought the Unions in a knock-down/drag-out fight and he won. Some of his policies were good and he would not have been the worse one we could have elected. In my opinion, he had no personality. His attacks on Trump showed a childish side that should not have been exposed. He is anti-establishment in one way,…and pro-establishment in another. It is no doubt that the GOP just used him in the end to take shots at Trump. I think he is a smart person yet he disappointed me in this campaign.

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