Donald Trump has knocked it out of the swamp since taking office a few weeks ago. Slashing costly regulations, federal hiring freeze, building a border wall post haste, nominating a super-stud conservative to the Supreme Court, cutting the leftist balls off of CNN and other leftist propaganda organs, firing Obama corruptocrats, and naming a stellar cabinet. Hell, he even has drug gangs in Chicago committing to negotiate a truce while confessing they despise Obama. ES&D, Mitt Romney!

Please don’t pass me more popcorn. I’m about to blow up and bust just like Elvis did after only two weeks. President Trump has done more for the American people in two weeks than W and Hussein did in 16 years!

Question. Where’s the big-mouth #NeverTrump crowd? Ben Shapiro? John Kasich? El Jeb Bush? Erick “The Thumb With Ears” Erickson? Dana Perino? Hugh Hewitt? Jonah Goldberg? Bill Kristol? Where’s all the #NeverTrump types who predicted Trump would be Hillary Clinton and a disaster zone for conservatives? You hoo!?!

Mark “Man With The Voice Of An Angry Drunken Dwarf” Levin is too busy hawking his TV network to man up. Yaaaawwwwnnnn. I can’t take more than a minute of him on the radio. No way I’m going to listen to his rantings while having to look at the sumbitch too!

Glenn Beck is still boring us all to death with his ongoing conversations with his dull sidekick about…well, who gives a rat? Nobody can listen to that mess. Beck is dain bramaged and done as a conservative after his constant #NeverTrump bashing before and after the election. He’ll end up being a Arlen Specter/John McCain so-called conservative who bashes conservatives to liberals on Sunday morning leftist propaganda shows to remain relevant. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

While the #NeverTrumpers are content with performing a steady stream of Democrat bashing in hopes real conservatives who backed Trump will forget their #NeverTrump despicable deeds, real conservatives will never forget. At least I won’t.

If anyone knows where a #NeverTrumper has done a mea culpa publicly, please let me know. I haven’t seen a thing from any of them. I don’t expect to.

#NeverTrump types did a tremendous amount of damage to the cause of conservatives during the election cycle. Their constant barrage of BS towards Trump gave the Mainstream Propaganda Media tons of ammunition to further disparage Trump. And it wasn’t like the Democrat candidate was not Hillary! They must pay a price for that. Now is not the time for allowing enemies back into the camp. #NeverTrumpers must pay a mucho big price for their dirty deeds.

Trump is doing things we true conservatives have dreamed of since Ronbo Reagan lived in the White House.

Hey, did you hear El Jeb speaks Spanish? Bwahahaha!


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