Another black man in America has killed another white man in America for nothing more than the crime of being white. No word if the white man was a creepy ass cracka. But, since he was white, we know he was a racist enjoying white privilege. Jeffrey Babbitt’s white privilege included being beaten to death by a black man who attacked him for his lack of pigment.

Jeffrey Babbitt was attacked by Lashawn Marten in Union Square in New York City last week. Marten was heard saying “the next white person that walks by I’m going to f**k”. Only, he didn’t f**k the next white person, he killed him. Jeffrey Babbitt died today in the hospital. His crime? Living while white in America in 2013.

Babbitt is said to have been a gentle person who was the sole caregiver for his 94 year-old mother. He was just like the many others who are beaten down, knifed or shot by blacks in America every day for nothing more than being white. And racist.

Here is a repentant Lashawn Marten in the police car after attacking Mr Babbitt:

He is actually smiling.

There will be no vigils for Jeffrey Babbitt. Obama won’t comment about Babbitt possibly being one of his relatives if he was indeed human. Nor will he say that Lashawn could be his son. Eric Holder won’t fund protests by Al Sharpton and his racist rent-a-mob. No Congressman will wear the articles of clothing last worn by Babbitt. The mainstream propaganda media won’t broadcast the story 24/7. In fact, they won’t broadcast the story at all. Babbitt’s relatives won’t copyright his name and make millions off it. Nothing will be done and Babbitt’s name will be forgotten after the local 48 hour news cycle. This is the value of an honest white man’s life in Barack Obama’s America.

The plethora of black-on-white violence proves without a doubt what AWD wrote long ago: THE HARD TRUTH: BLACKS HATE WHITE PEOPLE

AWD has been called a racist and many other names since having the temerity to write what is blatantly obvious in that post. Because liberal whites and blacks don’t want the truth revealed. Any mention of the truth is met with a barrage of name-calling to silence those having the audacity to speak. But the truth remains the truth and the massive evidence points out that the vast majority of American blacks do indeed hate whites.

White Americans living in close proximity to large concentrations of black people must unfortunately be consistently on guard. Those of us in conservative states have armed ourselves and our children to the teeth should we encounter a son of Obama. Obama and other white-hating black racists complain when white people cross the street or don’t get in the elevator to avoid being close to black men between 18 and 49 years of age. Let them complain! Why would white people take the chance when 51% of violent crimes and murders are committed by black males? Black males and a great deal of young black females don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. If white liberals and black racists don’t like that comment perhaps they convince black males between 18 and 49 years of age to stop beating and killing people!

White liberals and black racists pretend they live in the 50’s with separate water fountains and Jim Crow laws. Those days are long gone and none of the black criminals beating, raping and killing have ever experienced those practices. Our reality is we have to assume the worst when young black males approach. And not only whites have to fear for their lives but also decent people of all races. Still relieved, Jesse Jackson, when you see young whites approaching you? You’re damned right you are!

I try to utilize Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society where people are judged by their actions. It’s a shame too many blacks don’t! But the actions of young black males prohibits me from ignoring the fact that too many blacks commit too many violent crimes. The dogma of political correctness does not protect me from the fact that if I am to be murdered, it will come from black hands.

AWD calls on the white liberals and black racists to show an ounce of decency by calling for the death penalty for Leshawn Marten. Raise money for his 94 year old mother in the name of racial harmony. Explain why such a small percentage of the American population is responsible for the majority of violence and murders. Call out the hatred the black community has for white people and vow to work to change it. Criticize the immorality of the black community that encourages gangstas and pimps while eschewing education, responsibility, morality, and decency. The decent people of America will hold our breath.

Regular readers of AWD will remember that I encouraged everyone to not make quick judgments on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. I suggested everyone wait until the full evidence was presented at the trial. I said that George Zimmerman should indeed go to jail if he murdered Trayvon Martin. But the evidence clearly showed that Martin was the aggressor and Zimmerman used lethal force to defend himself. I accepted the verdict based on the evidence presented even though I don’t personally care for George Zimmerman.

Those who still weep for Martin and call for the death of Zimmerman and other white people (even though Zimmerman is Hispanic) show themselves to be nothing more than racist hacks if they ignore the death of Jeffrey Babbitt and many others who have died at the hands of black violence.

As for white people (aka “creepy ass crackas”), you must be prepared to defend yourselves and your loved ones in Barack Obama’s America. Your lives just don’t count anymore. As AWD wrote just last month:


It has come to this!


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