Eulogy for the Republic



A Redstater chart-topper from the past. Enjoy. It appears Red was right. The republic of America has a fork in her ass. awd

The “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America—from a Constitutional Republic to whatever it is today—a banana republic, socialist-totalitarian empire, whatever—is complete. In other words, the United States of America, as we knew and loved her, is dead.

Many have said the US has been moribund for a while now, and some have long-since declared it already dead. So while the exact date of the death of the Republic is certainly debatable, what is—or should be—beyond debate at this point is that our cherished nation is gone.

And like a lost loved one, there is no coming back. The situation is terminal. We can only grieve our loss and figure out how to persist in this new reality. But we cannot spend any time thinking there’s a chance to revive her—that maybe the next presidential candidate will fix the problem; or that holding massive protests in DC will change people’s minds; or that a well crafted case presented to the courts will put a check on the Federal Leviathan’s brazen lawlessness.

All these once-practical solutions would be, of course, simply a waste of time and energy today; a distraction and irresponsible escape from undertaking the unpleasant but necessary task of planning for life under the boot of the genocidal psychopaths who have firmly cemented their grip on total power.

That is to say: If it is not perfectly obvious by now that elections do nothing; that protests do nothing; or that the courts are just one more corrupt finger on the claw of the Federal Leviathan, then please go grovel at its feet with the mobs of craven and credulous Statist sycophants and leave us in peace to deal with reality.

To those who recognize that our beloved is dead, I can offer only my condolences. Like burying one’s children, no one should have to bury one’s country. But here we are, like it or not—and there’s nothing much that can be said outside of honoring the deceased.

The United States of America, for all her faults and inner turmoil, was simply the greatest nation this world had ever seen. There was never anything like her, and there may never be anything like her again. She represented the best of humanity: Heroism, adventure, compassion, generosity, responsibility, industry, honor, achievement. And, up until her decay into a multicultural/racial cesspool and tyrannical socialist empire, she was, like science, self-correcting—the consequence of the brilliant vision enacted by her founding fathers who saw that individual liberty was the key both to human happiness and excellence.

But, to add to our sadness, our time for grieving her passing must be short. For now that she is gone, we find ourselves not only adrift but also imperiled. We are strangers in our own land—men without a country. But, more immediately, we are natives ruled by—and surrounded by—hostile aliens and unruly mobs of useful idiots who want our money, our possessions, our women, and our and our children’s indentured servitude.

Time is not on our side. Mourn our loss, but quickly we must regroup and act decisively so that we may survive—if not thrive—in a future where all trends point to our enslavement, if not our outright elimination.

To the Republic of the United States of America, may she rest in peace. To her surviving children? May God help them.


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