Ever Wonder Why You’re Profiled?


That’s my question to Black America and especially to its youth. I know that your leadership, the MSM and the Democratic Party has told you it’s racism, slavery, the GOP, the NRA or White Privilege (whatever that is) that is the root cause of racial profiling. Many, if not most of you believe this nonsense, because it’s just another excuse and a reason not to take a good long look in the mirror. After all, no community in the world thrives in excuses and fantasy-land like Black America

There was an event in Quincy Massachussetts that was a prime example of why this occurs, not only within law enforcement, but also among the general population.

Several days ago 5 smaller and younger white kids were held and then beaten by 7 larger and older black youths in less then 5% black Quincy. Those teens have now been arrested and charged. It’s unclear if those involved are gang members. What is clear is that the mainstream media avoided this story like the plague. Of course it probably doesn’t meet the level of violence and tragedy that the MSM loves to dote on.

While not an incredibly violent event with no one killed or permanently injured, it does emphasize a number of points. The incident is in no way unusual. It’s just another version of what’s called the Knockout Game or Polar Bear hunting. It’s also “typical”. Preying upon the smaller, younger, elderly, the weaker and/or the outnumbered is emblematic of such attacks. It just turns black youth into predators. An event like this also supports the stereotype of your young as low IQ, with no impulse control and a total lack of future time orientation. They simply don’t think of the consequences. They’re willing to instigate a vicious incident for little or no reason and use levels of violence that the vast majority of Americans would find completely unacceptable. Yet you lament about the bloodshed that they inflict upon each other in the inner cities. Are you beginning the get the picture?

If a few African Americans came to my town, nothing would happen to them. If it did, rest assured that the full force of the law and public opinion would be totally against the perpetrators of any violent behavior. We wouldn’t tolerate it. It’s amazing how docile and charming you can be when you’re outnumbered. Strike up a conversation with someone and you’d probably get an earful Maybe you’d swap recipes or get an invitation for a drink or a meal. That doesn’t happen when the shoe is on the other foot. It’s also a problem where your youth congregate in numbers. Ever wonder why people don’t like shopping in certain malls? They make those places uninhabitable. Now there is a certain pier in Quincy that no one wants to go to.

This is what you don’t want to hear. I profile your youth. I’m all ears and eyeballs when I go into the city. It’s not because I’m a racist, it’s because I’m a realist. A big reason I carry a handgun in the urban environment is because of the YBM’s and YBF’s. It’s the same reason I wear snake boots and carry when walking my property. I don’t want trouble but I’m more than willing to dish it out if it comes. I don’t trust them, but neither should you. Just look at the carnage that will occur overnight in places like Baltimore, Chicago, Philly, Camden, and Birmingham etc. Young black males will commit the vast majority of the violent crime. Most of it will inflicted upon your own people. Are you beginning to feel me now?


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