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The Original
The Original

It’s been at least five years since I stumbled upon this here blog and I figured it’s probably as good a time as any for a little retrospective.

It all started innocently enough. One fine day, finding myself pissed off at the bad behavior of blacks (presumably after some breaking-point encounter with a feral Bantu), I went to Google, typed in “why do blacks suck?” and the first hit was [the now defunct], run by one “Indra Maghavan”.

I was, at this point, only recently emerged from my liberal cocoon, my eyes still adjusting to the light of the truth. I was fascinated reading things which I completely agreed with but which I had never heard uttered, and thus had never dared to allow myself to think. Things like: “blacks, not whites, are responsible for blacks’ bad behavior”; “blacks are, on average, less intelligent than all other races”; “blacks are, on average, more criminally inclined than all other races”; etc. Like seeing a naked woman for the first time, reading these heresies felt scandalous…and utterly exhilarating.

The more I read of Indra’s stuff, the more emboldened I felt to further explore this newfound territory. Having discovered his blogroll, I visited the various sites, checking out what each had to offer. None were memorable (at least not at the time)…with one exception.

Hence, thanks to Indra’s blog, I found

I lurked on this site for quite some time, reading the commentary, getting a feel for the regulars. At some point (I don’t know when—the comment archives don’t appear to be complete), I decided to take my first-ever dive into online commentary. And so I needed a handle. Erik Erickson’s was a regular read of mine at the time, so I figured I’d call myself “RedStater”. And, seeing that many of the regulars used their locales in their handles (e.g., “Dave in TX”, “GA Steve”, “David from SC”, “SoCalMike”, etc.), I appended “NYC” to it for good measure. And thus my alter-ego, RedStaterNYC, was born—christened, here, at this very site.

My initial forays into the blogosphere were not pretty. I still had many of my bad libtarded habits to shed—name-calling, shrill responses to things I disagreed with, etc. And, not being the sharpest tool in the shed, my learning curve is quite long. I.e., after years of liberal indoctrination and immersion, it took me a long while to remember how to behave in something resembling a civilized fashion.

Fortunately, the owner of the blog was a patient fellow who led by example, never singling anyone out for their bad online antics but every once in a while making a point to admonish the kind of behavior which I exhibited.

At some point, we became friends on Facebook and started to chat. For some unknown reason (he must’ve been drunk), I was invited to guest blog. I gave it a shot. Horrific. But I kept at it, and AWD, having the patience of Job, allowed me to learn on the job. (If you think my stuff sucks now, you should have seen it then.)

Over time, many of the regulars drifted off, some to return (Swamp! Snake! Mr. Bill? Etc.), some to disappear forever (Hillbilly Jack, KHM, SnowDog99, etc.); guest contributors came and went; trolls came and got banned; but AWD always stayed true to form. His stewardship, wit, and take-no-prisoners/truth-to-power plain speaking has helped forge a sense of family around this motley community, to the point that we even have our own annual festival in Dude-a-Palooza (where, incidentally, AWD and friends gave me my first pistol lesson).

And all the while, he continues to let me post my tripe—even stuff that he fundamentally disagrees with (which is quite a bit of it, I’m sure).

But of all the things that AWD has taught me—how to behave like a gentleman, how to kindly disagree with people, how to load a glock, where to find good escargot at a gas station—I must say that the most important thing has been this: have a sense of humor. In our evil and insane world, laughing in the face of said evil and insanity is perhaps our best means of avoiding succumbing to it.

So tonight, for no particular reason, I raise a toast to our venerable host, Angry White Dude. May he live long and prosper, and may he know how much he is appreciated.



  1. Snake Oiler

    Très bien! Très chic, très hip, très sexy!

  2. Amen to all said…and said well.

  3. David in SC

    Hear, hear! Long Live AWD!

  4. Good post Red……. And well said Sir!!!

  5. I found AWD in a similar fashion but overcame the liberal brainwashing years before…..

  6. living across the pond it is a great pleasure to share views and have more of an understanding of what’s happening in America…
    Here are some points this site has gave me a greater understanding of..
    The exposure of Obama and his cronies has been education!!
    The amount of illegal/unsustainable immigration is unreal in America
    The total unwillingness of most blacks to get on with life
    The daily attacks on white Americans by gangs of feral blacks,that’s been a real wakeup call for me!!
    The shared struggle against Islam
    The understanding of the gun debate and the right to bear arms.
    The words progressive/liberal/multiculturalism/diversity/ and the damage they are doing!!
    The names Saint Mike and angelic Trayvon!!

    Thanks for sharing comments guys much appreciated

    God bless all

    • Dudes and dudettes, thanks for the kind words. I also learn a lot from all of you…but certainly not as much as you learn from the Big Sexy!

      AWD was at a big charity event last night. It was a huge fundraiser for Wounded Warriors. I met a lot of American heroes. They had 7 living Medal of Honor winners from the Korean War present. There were also many who had lost limbs, eyesight, ect in combat. Lots of General officers, too. It was humbling. I also met Capt Phillips whose ship was taken by the Somali pirates, the actor who played Cliff Claven, singer Christopher Cross, and Lee Greenwood.

      Gary Sinise was in attendance and his Lt Dan Band played for the dance after the ceremonies. AWD met Gary backstage and said “You and I had a good friend in common, Andrew Breitbart.” He said, “yeah, I sure miss him.” AWD said, Andrew told me you read blogs. If you do, I’m Angry White Dude.” He smiled and said, “so you’re really AWD?” I said, “in the flesh.” He’s a very nice man and a great patriot.

      You never know who, besides the FBI, is reading AWD! Thought I’d pass that experience on to y’all.

  7. Red this post had me sobbing into a tissue. I don’t remember how I found AWD I think I was searching for what angry white wives do to their husbands or something, it was a rough time. I’m glad I did because I learned a lot of new words like poofter, bufforilla, man purse, metro sexual, lebanese, manscaping ect. I think AWD will go down in history as the man who killed political correctness unless he fools around and meets someone like Lorena Bobbitt.

  8. Oh Red I forgot to ask you. Was it AWD who taught you how to piss off the moderators on other blogs? 🙂

  9. Sure the dude is all wonderful and all…but if not for the courage of his fearless crew ,the minnow would be lost…

    wait , I ,m confused

  10. “The original”… the John Goodman character Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski has this trivia comment on IMDB:

    “One of the inspirations for the character of Walter is the Coen Brothers’ friend, writer-director John Milius, an infamously bombastic right-winger with an obsession with all things militaristic and an enthusiasm for guns. His girth, beard, hair style, and shades are also all reflected in Walter’s physical appearance. The Coens had tried to cast Milius in the film Barton Fink (1991) in the part eventually played by Michael Lerner. “

    • Joe, a little history. When AWD decided to begin blogging, I wanted to use the URL “” but it was taken. Angry White Males was what the propaganda media called men who didn’t vote for Clinton so I wanted to use it as a badge of honor. I was enthralled with The Big Lebowski at the time and thought Walter was the perfect Angry White Male. So I found Angry White Dude was available and bought the URL. We’ve used Walter as our symbol of AWD ever since.


  11. Good post RedStaterNYC…I’m still learning to disagree without being disagreeable…Swamp Music/AKA Michael T.

  12. Hey, wait, stop right there!

    Ya’ll Pecker-woods ain’t leaving me out!

    I’m pretty sure I Trolled™ someone, plus I have a cat.

  13. This is all true and a well deserved tribute.

    But now you’ve got me worried. Dude, do you have Obola or some other pre-fatal sh*t? Cuz usually these kind of accolades come after someone lays down for the dirt nap, or when its known for sure, for sure, that someone’s rapidly approaching room temperature.

    Say it ain’t so, AWD!

    Anyhow, its always been a pleasure to read your rants and assorted wisdom.

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