It’s a word I’ve taken a liking to especially when applied to illegal immigrants. The above caption pic shows Muslim illegals fleeing from New York into the socialist utopia of Trudeau’s Canada. After all he did say he welcomes them with open arms. And we thought we only had a problem with our southern border? According to the British tabloid “The Daily Mail” they are leaving in scores to escape from “Trump’s America.” Friggin aye straight and for that matter it’s about time that our laws are finally being enforced. Thank you Mr. President.

The basic question is what benefit do these people bring to the United States? After all they broke the law to get here, something the average liberal can’t understand. What other laws are they willing to overlook? It seems like there might be no limit. We only have to examine the so-called success rate that Muslim immigration has achieved in Europe. We even have our own homegrown examples and those were legal. Liberals have short memories. Things like the Boston Bombing, the San Bernardino Shooting and the Fort Hood Massacre come to mind. It’s certain there will be more.

But since we’re on the topic of Islam, lets study this a bit further. It’s no secret that liberals love their Muslims, even though the celebrity types wouldn’t have one living within a mile of them. We only have to look at the facts involving Islam.

In 2016, 8 of 10 Muslim countries made the “most dangerous” list, a category of which they perennially dominate. Yet libs can’t wait to bring the citizens of these nations to a town near you. Imagine that? The truth is that Islam is the antithesis of western thought, culture and progress. The religion has been at war with the west for centuries since its very inception. Many if not most of its followers living in North America and Europe have refused assimilation. Instead of coming as immigrants, they’ve come as invaders. Even if they’re “vetted” (Whatever that means) somehow a lot of them get “radicalized” after they get here. Hell, the government will build them mosques complete with a homicidal Imam or two, all on our nickel. But hey it is the religion of LMAO peace. It’s the equivalent of keeping rattlesnakes in and around your home to control vermin. It might have been a good idea after half a dozen double scotches but once the reality sets in you just know it’s not going to work.

It’s not that I’m against Islam per se. QLB knows a good many Muslims who are fine upstanding people and good citizens. I just think that we shouldn’t bring any more here till they sort their issues out. Ideas like suicide bombings, terror attacks, female genital mutilations and mass murder of prisoners might need to be reconsidered if these people want to join modern society.

I’m also amazed at the love affair with the libs and Muslims. Think about it, progressive leftists will denigrate Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and just about any Confederate hero because they owned slaves. Yet somehow they overlook that Mohammed not only actively engaged in the slave trade, but also may have been one of the biggest slave holders in history. He even gave his imprimatur to human bondage with the religion he established. This included laws that legalized the rape of female captives. Liberals seem to overlook these facts. It not only shows the hypocrisy of progressives, it also demonstrates the pure insanity that accompanies it.



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