Facebook’s “Community Centers”


Asking for it.

Asking for it.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to recreate community via Facebook.

Why? Well because he recognizes that communities have been routed over the past, oh, 50 years or so:

It’s so striking that for decades, membership in all kinds of groups has declined as much as one-quarter. That’s a lot of people who now need to find a sense of purpose and support somewhere else.
– Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook can play a role that churches and Little League once filled, CNBC, June 26, 2017

And community is good!

People who go to church are more likely to volunteer and give to charity — not just because they’re religious, but because they’re part of a community.
– Mark Zuckerberg, ibid.

What question Mark didn’t seem to want to ask was, “Why has community diminished so greatly over the past, oh, 50 years or so?”

While Zuck is clearly a shameless fraud (see, e.g., the Winklevoss twins), I don’t think he’s being intentionally deceptive about not asking this question. I just don’t think he’s intelligent enough to figure out that it’s a question worth asking. I.e., he likely doesn’t ask that question because no one has ever prodded him to ask it–because every leftie (and you know Zuck only surrounds himself with lefties) is either a hopelessly blinkered sheep, or an evil genius who will bury the truth come hell or highwater.

See, if you have ever asked that question, you would soon find that there is a tome of data analysis done on answering it entitled “Bowling Alone” by one Dr. Robert Putnam. And his conclusion remains incontrovertible*: racial, religious, and ethnic diversity destroy social cohesion, social trust, and social capital.

I.e., our much-vaunted “Diversity” destroys community.

Whoever would have seen that coming?

Now, this whole “Diversity” (read: the ethnic cleansing of whites) started in earnest in the US in 1965 with the passage of the Hart-Cellar Act, where we opened our borders to everyone, regardless of their capacity or interest to adhere to a free, civil, and advanced society.

But the devastation wrought upon our social order by the lefties’ social engineering programs of the 1960’s is very much undoable: The first step is to simply halt immigration, assimilate those who are here, and deport those who are unwilling or unable.

But that, of course, IS HATE YOU BIGOT! And clearly the first amendment does not protect HATE SPEECH! because obviously.

So, as our communities circle the drain, up pops this massive, CIA-funded database which everyone voluntarily populates with every single intimate detail of their lives, the lives of their friends and families, every trip, every purchase, every thought, every photo, every meal, every idea, every opinion, etc.

And now–surprise!–this massive dragnet operation wants to take the place of authentic, traditional, “organic” communities–communities that, for some strange, unknown reason that no one could possibly have predicted–have gone the way of the dodo.

But here’s the thing: Unlike a bunch of guys getting together in a bowling alley to drink some beers and make negro jokes, Facebook does not allow “hate”.

Oh, ok, yeah–that sounds reasonable. Hate is bad, right?

Well, what exactly do they mean by “hate”? Here’s Facebook:

Responsibilities prohibits “hate speech.” While there is no universally accepted definition of hate speech, as a platform we define the term to mean direct and serious attacks on any protected category of people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease.
Facebook, Controversial, Harmful, and Hateful Speech

Note what I highlighted in that passage. What that means is you, white man, are not protected. Facebook not only accepts but encourages “communities” that incite violence against whites…but that’s a-OK because whites are not a “protected category of people”. (If you think this doesn’t happen, I encourage you to hit the Googles.)

So now consider: “Diversity” destroyed our communities. And now the guy in charge of the world’s largest database of personal information wants to replace those destroyed communities with his “virtual communities”…built on his software…that will suppress the free exchange of ideas…if those ideas are critical of the very thing that destroyed the communities he’s replacing.

(As I like to say of liberalism: The more it fails, the more it succeeds.)

Facebook is aiming to become a giant Orwellian “Community Center” where all conversations are tracked and everyone is kept in line and you, white man, will just have to shut-up and accept your genocide.

Me making a comment on my Facebook Community circa 2020: Diversity destroys communities. So maybe we can restore communities by destroying diversity?

I promptly receive a PM: That, you bigot, is hate speech. Your employer will be notified so that she/he/xir/they may enact your termination. Also note you will be ineligible for unemployment benefits due to your violation of Federal Hate Speech laws that I lobbied for in an effort to foster Community. We are trying to build a Community here, you bigot, and such hate speech against Diversity destroys that. Enjoy the remainder of your life cleaning my toilets. Sincerely, Mark Zuckerberg.

Don't Eff with the Zuck

Don’t Eff with the Zuck

Anyway, this should all be obvious. Sadly, for too many, it’s right up there with rocket surgery.

If the white race is dumb enough to fall for this nonsense and continue to support a platform as diabolical as Facebook, then I’d say we deserve the extinction that is being foisted upon us.


* So much so, in fact, that, as a libtarded academic, he sat on his findings for a long time, hoping to figure out some way to spin the data to his preferences.


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