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It’s a common theme with nearly all crass television commercials these days. The white guy is an idiot. Oh sure, he can hold a professional job and provide a nice house for his smart-ass family but can’t light a gas grill without blowing the sumbitch up:

While the ubiquitous white male-bashing commercial spans nearly every product and service, AWD has noticed that Federal Express has a long-time penchant for making us cracka males look stupid. Usually, with a female or minority as the smirking boss shaking their head disapprovingly at our ineptitude. Here’s a few:

Laugh, I thought I’d die!! On that one, the minority office worker and the bitchy wife get in on the fun!

Here’s one of the minority female schooling an MBA on how to ship. A guy that passed the GMATs and passed business school really needs her help, I’m sure.

Here’s the minority boss catching his white guys faking work at the golf course. Diversity points because FedEx actually has a black guy with the two goofing off crackas!

With that much white male-bashing in their commercials, we’re pretty sure Federal Express has a Board of Directors full up with diversity. Oooops! Not so fast there, Poindexter! You guessed it! The entire Executive Committee is made up of creepy ass crackas!

Well, certainly the Operating Company CEO’s of Federal Express have a minority or two to catch those lazy cracka males goofing off at the golf course. What? Not a minority among them either! All crackas! Seems to be a pattern with FedEx senior executives!

Certainly the International Executives have a Mexican or something thrown into the mix! I mean, Fed Ex seems to think those white males are incompetent. Probably more than a few have MBA’s, too. Sorry to inform you, Juan, there are no minorities even among the International Executives! Que es esto??

Well, we just know Federal Express has some minorities in their lowly Other Key Executive positions! A company who ridicules white males in nearly every commercial just has to have a minority executive somewhere, right? Right? Wrong again, David Duke! Even the lowly Other Key Executives are all lily white. So white they’re transparent!

Mayby Federal Express has a black janitor at its HQ, but it’s doubtful! A company that has a pattern of showing white males as morons sure seems to see value in them at executive levels! Hypocrisy much, FedEx?

AWD is troubled that Federal Express does not embrace diversity. As such, I call on Federal Express to fire each of their cracka execs and fill their positions with minorities. Maybe they can promote the black lady who taught the white male MBA how to ship a package!

But wait! FedEx says they believe in diversity. Here’s their statement:

FedEx was founded on a people-first philosophy, where respect for all people is a fundamental value and everyday business practice.

FedEx is made up of more than 300,000 team members from various walks of life, reflecting the value and attention we place on diversity. Our diverse workforce, supplier base and supporting culture enable FedEx to better serve our customers and compete effectively in the global marketplace. We strive to create an environment where people can contribute and grow, and where the values of diversity are woven through our organization.

We embrace diversity as essential to our continued success in today’s ever-changing global marketplace. And we value its role in helping us achieve exceptional service for our customers and rewarding opportunities for our employees.

Yes, the “values of diversity are woven through” Federal Express. Except at their executive levels. There, they are as white as the KKK! Shame on you, FedEx, you racist haters!



  1. Snake Oiler

    If you want funny and ironic, play the last video. At the end, a variety of other videos will appear on the screen, one titled ‘UPS Guy Steals iPad Mini Dropped by Fedex’. The Fedex guy (who appears to be either ‘white’ or ‘white hispanic’) delivers a package to the door – filmed by the home’s security camera – and leaves it at the front of the house. Some time later, the UPS guy shows up ( a brotha!), attempts his delivery, and gets no response. He notices the Fedex package and pockets himself an early Christmas present. See for yourself.

  2. I saw this Hotwire commercial the other day. It’s Lance and Brucie.

  3. Uh-huh.

    As a creepy-ass FEMALE cracka, I took a job in an urban area as a mid-mgr for a while. I had to commute to get there.I was definitely the ‘minority’ in the office. When dealing with subordinates, I would get nothing but disrespect.

    Finally, one of the other managers, a really sharp manager who also happened to be a black lady, turned to me when I was showing frustration and said, “You ain’t in the country anymore, girl. You gotta crack these girls into shape or they’ll run over you ’cause they know you’re white.”

    I said something along the lines of, “Wait, if I told them they weren’t in the ghetto, if they worked where I live, I’d get FIRED.”

    She said, “Yeah, but you’re dealing with ghetto rats. You’ve got to talk to them in a language they get.”

    Same thing with the male bashing. It is just absurd, and shouldn’t be tolerated. My husband, also a cracka, gets up every day and busts his ass to make sure I can now be a stay-at-home mom. Why should he endure insult?

    I’d sooner give my business to the USPS than FedEx! And that’s saying a lot!

  4. My Son in Law drives for UPS…Union Bastids but at least their trucks are brown.

  5. AWD.
    The white executives may all be queer,

    • Snake Oiler

      ga steve – I recently heard about a survey conducted by the CDC where 1.6% of the respondents identified themselves as gay or lesbian. The survey also contained a question asking all respondents what percentage of the population they believed was homosexual. The answer? An astounding 25%. Propaganda can be effective. Especially when it’s being trumpeted 24/7 through all available media.

  6. My first response to this article is to advise Whitey Joe Taxpayer just to abandon watching TV, as I have done. After thinking about this, however, I realize that TV is an integral part of the American daily routine, and therefore, the brainwashing will continue. Tyreekuz and Shameekia will eventually become the new representative faces of America.

  7. Awesome site AWD!

    I have been with you for a while and appreciate you cuttin’ through it and gettin’ to it but I would like to make a suggestion, at least for this article.
    If you’re going to call whitey “crackas” then call blacks “niggas” or is that a no no here too.

  8. Record all programming so you can fast forward through the rude interruptions.

    Are any of you sick of being called, or hearing anyone else called a red neck? Can Africans or Asians be called a red neck if they were born and raised in an undeveloped area? My neck is easy to see (short cut hair), and has a large albino type patch of skin on the back with a tan line (just cut the hair), with a lot of dark spots (moles-freckles?) all over my light brown/tan skin. It will turn red if cut with a sharp instrument or burnt by a rope. That must be what the haters want.

  9. Spurwing Plover

    More proof their trying to make the american man look like idiots to appease the woman libber Ding-Bats and the Tree Hugger’s/Granola Munchers Pee Wee Hermin wankos

  10. great article. i make up my own words to diversity commercials ..
    pretty much fun , would be scorned by charlie rose or some
    other very hip diversity whore ..

  11. Spurwing Plover

    I can remember back when they had the Aqua Velva Man and Campbells produced a line of soups THE MAN HANDLERS

  12. Almost all company commercials make sport of white males and also show white females with black males. I am tired of all of them. I will never use Federal Express for anything. There are several more companies who need to be boycotted in my opinion; General Mills, Honda, Walmart, Game Fly, and others that pair white females with blacks in their commercials.

    • I’m curious about something. I only make occasional visits to this website, and I’ve recently learned that ‘angrywhitedude’ is a perfect illustration of the sort of disgusting character that the crew of Saturday Night Live were mocking and poking fun of, in that famous SNL skit that was never aired, but which made its rounds on Youtube and which covered the subject of our treasonous politicians being willing to perform fellatio on a donkey on national TV if ordered to do so by Bibi Netanyahu and the criminal, 9-11 false flag engineering state of Israel. In fact, it appears that this website appears to a magnet that attracts more than it’s share of donkey fellators.

      Thus, with these realizations in mind, when I see comments being posted by readers which are griping and criticizing the mainstream media and complaining about their vicious and relentless spewing of anti-White, white racially demeaning, derogatory and insulting propaganda – and also the endless and genocidal promotion of race mixing between White females and black males or between Asian chicks and White males, I have to stop, scratch my head, and ask myself just what kind of score should I assign to the typical reader of this website with regards to their level of intelligence?

      I mean, are the readers of this website who are constantly performing fellatio on donkeys and whining about the occasional , well deserved criticisms of jews that also appear here – unaware of the fact that the entire mainstream media and Hollywood are owned and controlled by jews?,0,4676183.column

      “How Jewish is Hollywood?
      A poll finds more Americans disagree with the statement that ‘Jews control Hollywood.’ But here’s one Jew who doesn’t.

      By Joel Stein
      December 19, 2008
      I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood. ”

      Are they somehow so blind and stupid that they cannot connect the dots between the anti-White, white genocide agenda that is constantly pouring out of the mainstream media to the fact that the jewish media owners have clearly given that anti-White, white genocide agenda their glowing stamp of approval? Are these donkey fellating excuse makers and blind defenders of jews unable to grasp that the reason why the jewish owned and controlled media push this anti-White crap is because they harbor an intense, pathological, homicidal, festering hatred for White European people and they want to see White humans rendered extinct?

      Another criticism that I see being made by regular readers of this website – is this third world, non-white invasion and colonization of the United States. Are these donkey fellators unaware that two jews, Rep. Emanul Celler and Sen. Jacob Javits were the primary instigators of the 1965 Immigration legislation that shut down immigration from Europe and threw open the borders to the savages of the third world and that the deliberate, malicious, and premeditated objective behind the jews who pushed those changes through was to reduce White Americans to a numerical minority inside their native homelands and then subjugate Whites to being ruled by a motley collection of non-white primitives from every backwater, failed third world nation on the planet?

      This whole phenomenon – which I call jew worship – is something that I, frankly, find to be incredibly bizarre. Whites have been targeted for genocide and the primary instigators, promoters, and financiers of that agenda are, without any question whatsoever, the organized jewish community. There are even videos on youtube, where jews like Barbra Lerner Spectre will openly and defiantly admit that jews are behind the agenda to flood every historic White European nation with millions of non-whites from the third world, in order to ‘forcibly multiculturalize’ White nations. To hell with what the indigenous White citizens of those historic White European founded nations want – these arrogant, hate filled, viciously anti-White, pathologically destructive, White genocide craving jews are hell bent to reduce Whites to minorities inside every historic White nation – and deliberately deprive them of their God-given right to self-rule and self-determination.

      Here in the USA – the fat, ugly, repulsive jewish casino owner Sheldon Adelson is right now trying his best to recruit another open-borders, White genocide promoting RINO piece of greasy rat shit to run on the GOP ticket in 2016 – so as to make sure that the jewish agenda to reduce Whites to minorities inside America does not encounter any obstacles, such as might happen if someone like Sen. Jeff Sessions would wind up in the White House.

      So, what exactly is up with these readers of this website who, on one hand, complain about the anti-White propaganda and promotion of White genocide by the jewish owned and controlled mainstream media – and who complain about the mud flood from the third world, but who then turn around and are willing to do cart-wheels that land them a choice spot at the feet of the unzipped pants fly of the very jews who are behind all of the crap they complain most about?

      Maybe I operate in considerably more rational and logical world than most of the regulars on this website? But, it seems to me that there is one and only one proper and justified emotion to have towards an enemy who is clearly trying to destroy your entire race and to eradicate White, Western Civilization – and that emotion is hatred. Bolstered, of course, by a healthy desire to fight that enemy and make damned sure that they do not succeed with their anti-White agenda.

      Or, do the regular readers of this website have some kind of twisted, mentally deranged death wish that motivates them to love and worship the very enemy who seeks their destruction?

      I mean, can anyone explain to me how you can heap so much intense criticism of the media and alien controlled government policies which are clearly and unmistakably anti-White – but somehow want to give a pass to the very individuals who are responsible for those anti-White media messages and anti-White government policies? How can we complain about one and excuse the other?

  13. Fed-x couldn’t grab their asses with both hands, they are competing with the post office for the incompetence crown,after this commercial i will be on a mission to boycott these ass clowns.

  14. MysticalGrooveAmerican

    Whats funny is I work at Fed Ex. They go out of their way to hire minorities from every country you can possibly think of, then let them get away with murder. Us English speaking white folk are the ones who get yelled at about everything, while the asians / blacks / hispanics are slow as hell and do alot of nothing.


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