Remember during the Rodney King riots how the police refused to move in and stop the looting and riots? How store owners were left to fend for themselves against the enraged mobs determined to steal everything in sight? As we see in Ferguson, history does indeed repeat itself.

Ferguson store owners have been also left defenseless while the police and National Guard merely stand by and try to contain the violence to the already destroyed community. It’s plain to see that the authorities are terrified of forcefully ending the riots. While the step-father of Mike Brown screams “burn this b*tch down” to mindless, violent terrorists, the police have been content to watch that b*tch burn. They don’t want to be accused by King Hussein and Eric Holder of racism for merely doing their jobs and squashing the violent rioters. Rioting used to be a felony. Now it’s a way to steal and destroy while protesting social injustice. With little forceful response from the police, the thugs in Ferguson and other cities are emboldened to continue their terrorism.

Once again, we see that the police will not protect you when the SHTF. You, your friends and neighbors will have to depend on yourselves to protect your families and businesses should local thugs in your community believe they too can terrorize without consequence.

AWD spoke this afternoon to a friend who owns a local business in my city. He said, should such violence come our way, he and his friends would be on the roof and in front of his business with arms to kill anyone who tried to loot or burn his store. Since AWD frequents his store on a regular basis, I know he is not merely talking. Since AWD also is friends with a few customers there who are cops and former military (including one Navy Seal and another Special Forces member), any looters that might come up our way in cars would go home in body bags.

One possible reason the Ferguson police haven’t put down the rioters is because they are merely trying to contain the riots until there is nothing left to loot or burn. This would keep the street terrorists from moving to other parts of St Louis where law-abiding people of our mindset would quickly slaughter the violent hordes.

Many leaders of the riots are calling for a race war. Many people outside of Ferguson in St Louis and beyond are prepared for just that. You better believe here in Texas we are. (Note: AWD picked up a couple hundred rounds of Federal 5.56 NATO loads today at Cabelas for $7.29/box.) But AWD lives in a largely white community so there will be no looting or riots here. Leave that for the ghettos over in Dallas. But even there, protesters don’t dare start looting/burning. Again, Texas.

The Founders gave us the Second Amendment as a means to prevent government from usurping our other rights. But the Second Amendment is also vital for our protection from crime and Ferguson shows us the necessity of the right to bear arms to protect our lives.

AWD has been seeing a local, hot filly lately who was anti-gun. On our second date, the topic of guns came up. I told her I was going hunting the next day. She said, “you own guns?” I replied, “yes, I do.” She asked, “is there a gun in your truck?” I said, “No, there are two.” She then went on a rant about how guns kill people. I took about 5 minutes to explain to her what has happened throughout history when the populace was disarmed. We then went through a few scenarios in which a gun may be needed to protect innocent life. She now wants me to teach her to shoot. I told her, “I will if I want to but I don’t have to! Go bake me a pie!” She adores my big sexy ass.

There are tens and tens of millions of legal, peaceful gun owners in America who know how to use and are prepared to use our guns properly (we don’t hold our guns sideways while grabbing our crotches). We realize the police cannot and will not be there to protect us. While we are a peaceful and law-abiding people, we are more than ready to turn the heads of rioters into pink mists should they get squirrelly. Looters in Ferguson are destroying the businesses and livelihoods of those who are trapped behind enemy lines. It will be very interesting should they seek to inflict their violence outside of their ghetto.

I predict America will soon be hit by massive Muslim terrorist attacks. Again, the government nor police will protect us. Stock up on ammo, prepare for the worst, and be prepared to defend yourself and your community. We have enemies domestic and foreign on our soil due to the malfeasance of our government. They are determined to destroy us. They have no idea of the resolve we have to kill them should they bring violence to our communities!

Armed citizens would put the Ferguson riots down in an hour. And you’d never see another inner-city looting/burning riot again! The Ferguson police are making a huge mistake by showing weakness. And many business owners have paid the cost. Lock and load, patriots!


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