Thugs in Ferguson promise to “take their anger out against those who have failed us” if cracka officer Darren Wilson is not indicted in the shooting of “Gentle Thug Giant” Mike Brown. For once, AWD stands with the Ferguson thugs.

It’s about time blacks take their anger out against those who have failed them. Like the Democrat Party, white liberals, race-baiting civil rights preachers, racist community organizers, liberal schools, and fathers who have abandoned them to be raised by the streets. These groups have kept the black community at the lowest rungs of society through welfare, food stamps, political correctness, lies and manipulation. The black community SHOULD be angry. They have been completely used for generations!

Of course, we know that the Ferguson riot organizers won’t attack the groups listed above if Officer Wilson walks. They will attack whitey and the po-po. Same as always. Rinse and repeat.

According to The Guardian:

“If they can’t serve justice in this, the people have every right to go out and express their rage in a manner that is equal to what we have suffered,” said Ashley Yates, a co-founder of Millennial Activists United, who was arrested last week while protesting in Ferguson.

Yates spoke alongside Tef Poe and Tory Russell, activists for Hands Up United and the Organisation for Black Struggle, hours after it emerged that authorities in Missouri were making plans to deal with potential riots in the event of Wilson avoiding prosecution.

“We’re going to take our anger out on the people who have failed us, and if they are prepared to deal with that, then let them have at it,” said Yates. Poe said that while people in America often expected “casual revolution”, Ferguson may be “the moment when we can’t do that”.

I’m not sure how many black-on-black murders have taken place in St Louis since the shooting of Mike Brown. But I am sure it’s probably a whole hell of a lot more than one. But black murderers are black and thus, cannot be criticized or condemned by their contemporaries. Nor crackas. That would be racist. You know, that slavery thing.

So are the thugs in Ferguson to be taken seriously about rioting and violence? After all, they’ve burned and looted nearly all the stores in their rotting community. What happens when they flee the borders of Ferguson and invade areas of town populated by decent, hardworking, responsible folk?

AWD doesn’t believe any of this will occur. We have seen great cowardice from black ghetto thugs when the numbers are not tremendously in their favor. If the Ferguson thugs enter decent parts of town, they will be outnumbered by decent folks of all races who will not sit idly by as their homes are looted and torched. Simply won’t happen. Maybe it should.

When Ferguson protesters chanted outside a St Louis Cardinals baseball game last week, they were met by greater numbers chanting “Let’s go, Darren!” and “USA!” (language warning, of course).

White Cardinal fans openly taunted and stood up to the Ferguson supporters. Who would be kicking the asses of whom if cops weren’t present and violence began? By the way, I would stick my boot up the ass of the leftist a-hole recording the video!

AWD had a conversation a few months ago with a friend who is ex-Special Forces about what happens when welfare checks and food stamps don’t arrive once the dollar collapses? We agreed that the ghetto parts of Dallas would burn and be looted. But what would happen once the loot was gone from those inner-city hellholes and thugs started moving to the suburbs? My friend said “they may come up here in cars but they’ll go back in body bags.” He’s right. We are armed to the teeth and know how to use our weapons. Many have military training. What chance will a group of crotch-grabbing ghetto thugs have against a well-armed and motivated citizenry? Again, this has nothing to do with black and white but has everything to do with law-abiding and thug.

My best guess is Darren Wilson will not be indicted once all the evidence is presented unless Eric Holder rigs the system. Either way, from what it appears, Wilson will not be held accountable for shooting Mike Brown. Just another wannabe thug killed being a wannabe thug for his violent actions.

I don’t believe the thugs will do much except further burn and loot what’s left of Ferguson. The remaining decent Ferguson citizens will take their losses and relocate to safer climes. And Ferguson will become the next Detroit. Rinse and repeat.

Which reminds me, I need to buy a few hundred more rounds of .223. Hard to outrun a .223 round grabbing your crotch with your pants hanging off of your ass.


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