Angry White Dude has long said there are many things womerns can do much better than men. Some of them are:

1. Grow big, perfect breasts. The breasts of Michael Moore are anything but perfect.
2. Multi-task. Like talking on a cell phone while putting on makeup and eating while driving
3. Create spectacular vehicular crashes. Generally due to multi-tasking

Lauren Silberman also has a unique talent. Kicking a football nearly as far as a quadriplegic.

Silberman is the first (and probably last) womern to try out for the NFL. She tried out as a placekicker but had only two kicks of 19 and 13 yards. NFL kickers routinely kick the football 60+ yards. Pee Wee football kickers routinely kick the ball 19 and 13 yards.

Silberman said she was injured and was not able to perform to the top of her capabilities. Did she pull her vagina? Bwahahaha! One of the NFL scouts was fired when he said “she kicks like a woman!”

Of course, the media was there in force to cover her every move leading up to her sucky, embarrassing kicks. She told the media:

“I would certainly be very, very excited and happy if I had the opportunity to try again but it’s not up to me. It’s up to the scouts.”

I hope she’s talking about the Girl Scouts. Maybe she can play kick ball with them at recess!

This politically correct madness has really gone too far. Feminists refuse to accept the fact that men and women are different. I’m not talking about metrosexuals. Not too much difference there. But if a ball is going to be kicked 60 yards on the gridiron or if a fastball is going to be hummed across the outside of the plate at 95 mph, it will come from the foot or arm of an hombre! Sorry, feminazis, Mother Nature and reality don’t do PC! The shame of the matter is if Silberman knocked out a deserving male who actually had a chance in the NFL!

I’m not saying womerns don’t have their place on the football field. They do…in those cute little cheerleader outfits shaking their pom poms. Being a cheerleader ain’t no job for a man. And a womern football player in the NFL ain’t going to happen in God’s lifetime. Not without some Affirmative Action rule that requires NFL teams to suck with womern kickers who can’t kick the ball further than the line of scrimmage. Hell, the NY Jets can’t suck anymore than they already do. Rumor has it they are going to slap a Franchise Player tag on Silberman.

Next thing you know they’ll be wanting to put womern drivers….besides Jeff Gordon…in NASCAR Oh, they have one? Oh yeah, Danica Patrick! Oh, ain’t she a purty little thang? So cute watching her in those GoDaddy commercials walking around all nekkid and whatnot and watching her drive around the track each week very slow looking for a soft spot in the wall. Oh, she finished 26th this week after hitting the wall….again? And taking out another driver, too….again? But it sure is great having a womern in NASCAR! Maybe Silberman should give turning left on Sundays a try! She can probably do some great multi-tasking at Talladega.

Womerns in men’s sports…my big ol’ butt!


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