Fixing the System



It be duh system an' sheet, mayun.

If you all recall from my very first post, I had a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment that lead me towards the light.  But before that day, I socialized with many black thugs (and some who weren’t thugs) and I still keep in touch with one or two of the good ones today.

When asked why the crime statistics were so clearly showing that blacks were committing a disproportionate amount of crime, the most popular answer was the race card,  more specifically:

“The system is biased in favor of whites.” 

IF we were to accept this as truth, what could we do to fix it?  In order to make our system balance in favor of the blacks, we would have to take certain things into account:

  • Propensity for spontaneous and irrational violence must be tolerated.  I have never met a man or a woman so quick to jump to violence than a black.  It’s like their temperament is an elastic band aching to snap.  Hit a cop?  That’s okay.  It’s kind of like when a veterinarian gets bit by a dog.
  • Make drugs legal. Black people will NEVER stop smoking weed.  I don’t think they will ever stop doing crack either.
  • Domestic violence should have a handicap, like in golf, for blacks.  Maybe a three-to-one ratio would be sufficient.  Of course, if he is beating a white woman, we will have to realize that she has left the fold, and has made her bed so-to-speak.
  • Loosen traffic laws for blacks.  No tags?  No problem!  Tinted window obscuring the view?  Unlimited warnings!  Driving way too fast or way too slow?  Let’s not be judgmental.  It’s part of their culture!
    • Of course, this will have the obvious effect of the police coming down on us crackers even harder.  Let’s call it reparations.
    • Print traffic signs in English and ebonics.  They do the same thing in Canada for the French.  It just makes sense.
    • Have black juries and judges for every case.  As a matter of fact, have black police officers for black people too.  HEY!  I have an idea!  SEGREGATION!

The fact of the matter is, if a race of people refuse to behave the way we do, and also want to live side by side with us, then of course the deck will be stacked against them.  Maybe the blacks will make the case for Apartheid on their own?

The Native Americans live on reservations, and yes, they have their problems, but their problems are their own and we don’t have to deal with them for the most part.  Could this be a model for dealing with BRA?  Let’s give them Detroit and a small stipend.  They can have it! They can do whatever they want with it!  They broke it anyway; they should be the ones who buy it.

This is one solution, I am sure, of many.  The other, possibly more attractive solution, would be for the black community to start assimilating and stop acting ridiculous.


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