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Fixing the System


It be duh system an' sheet, mayun.

If you all recall from my very first post, I had a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment that lead me towards the light.  But before that day, I socialized with many black thugs (and some who weren’t thugs) and I still keep in touch with one or two of the good ones today.

When asked why the crime statistics were so clearly showing that blacks were committing a disproportionate amount of crime, the most popular answer was the race card,  more specifically:

“The system is biased in favor of whites.” 

IF we were to accept this as truth, what could we do to fix it?  In order to make our system balance in favor of the blacks, we would have to take certain things into account:

  • Propensity for spontaneous and irrational violence must be tolerated.  I have never met a man or a woman so quick to jump to violence than a black.  It’s like their temperament is an elastic band aching to snap.  Hit a cop?  That’s okay.  It’s kind of like when a veterinarian gets bit by a dog.
  • Make drugs legal. Black people will NEVER stop smoking weed.  I don’t think they will ever stop doing crack either.
  • Domestic violence should have a handicap, like in golf, for blacks.  Maybe a three-to-one ratio would be sufficient.  Of course, if he is beating a white woman, we will have to realize that she has left the fold, and has made her bed so-to-speak.
  • Loosen traffic laws for blacks.  No tags?  No problem!  Tinted window obscuring the view?  Unlimited warnings!  Driving way too fast or way too slow?  Let’s not be judgmental.  It’s part of their culture!
    • Of course, this will have the obvious effect of the police coming down on us crackers even harder.  Let’s call it reparations.
    • Print traffic signs in English and ebonics.  They do the same thing in Canada for the French.  It just makes sense.
    • Have black juries and judges for every case.  As a matter of fact, have black police officers for black people too.  HEY!  I have an idea!  SEGREGATION!

The fact of the matter is, if a race of people refuse to behave the way we do, and also want to live side by side with us, then of course the deck will be stacked against them.  Maybe the blacks will make the case for Apartheid on their own?

The Native Americans live on reservations, and yes, they have their problems, but their problems are their own and we don’t have to deal with them for the most part.  Could this be a model for dealing with BRA?  Let’s give them Detroit and a small stipend.  They can have it! They can do whatever they want with it!  They broke it anyway; they should be the ones who buy it.

This is one solution, I am sure, of many.  The other, possibly more attractive solution, would be for the black community to start assimilating and stop acting ridiculous.




    Register and confiscate all privatly owned guns since the crinimals will never register their guns and liberals are still a bunch of braindead idiots

  2. “Segregation” will not work……

    When AmericanBlacks move into an area……

    Whites leave……

    When Whites leave and AmericanBlacks are left alone in an area……

    AmericanBlacks leave……to follow the Whites……

    This might prove that some AmericanBlacks are racist towards other AmericanBlacks……



    Register Black Panthers not guns,Register demacrats not guns

  4. Blacks do not have the morals to make a moral judgement.
    That’s it.
    I would love to have a few States designated as black only States.
    Put them all in them and back away.
    Let them fail, or become stable. I do not expect them to improve and flourish.

    • RedSeeingRed

      I agree with that, but I see it as a cultural handicap rather than an evolutionary one. Look at Dr. Ben Carson, or Allen West. There are SOME eloquent, intellectual and impressive black men and women in this country. Part of the problem is the ‘uncle tom’ syndrome. That has to stop.

  5. Self actualized segregation won’t happen, there is already another blueprint in place, called South Africa.

    Take over the cities politically, then violently attack the hinterland, make sure no witnesses survive, then the new government can publicly claim it’s a “Goot Boy, that ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong”

    But I get your point RSR

    • I’ll say it again.

      When I must go to or pass through a city, I’m reminded why I hate them.

    • RedSeeingRed

      My neighbor is a white South African ex-patriot who fled the aftermath of Mandela and came to America. He was the only one in his family who got out. The rest stayed and fear for their lives every day.

      • quartierleblanc

        I’ll be in Jo’Berg in a month, hopefully for a very short time before going to places north and out of the country. Unfortunately, it’s the only way in and out. If Mandela dies while I’m there or transiting the RSA, you can bet there will the strong possibility of a category 5 chimpout that could shut down air travel. Nevertheless I have contingency plans to get out through Namibia or Tanzania. Hell, I even have to register through the US embassy now.

        • RedSeeingRed

          Be careful and watch your 6!

          • You have no idea. I stay at the Intercontinental Hotel across from the international terminal at the airport but I have to have security drive and escort me to the lobby. It’s only a little over a hundred meters away, yet it’s too dangerous to walk there unescorted and I’m a formidable sized dude and look it. The whole place is a craphole of the first order and getting worse. Even Cape Town which was a reasonable third world craphole has sunk into the toilet.

  6. “The system is biased in favor of whites.”
    Read more at So being responsible for your actions, working and actually earning what you get, minding your damn manners,acting like a civilized person, and not blaming the whole friggin world for your problems is biased? Gee I never knew. Tell them thanks for that tidbit there but I think we can carry on quite well without the SOB;s

  7. blacks must be profiled or we are in real trouble… it is, we whites have to constantly watch our backs when around blacks or pay the price of an attack……

    blacks do commit a disproportionate amount of the crimes in America…..the reality is, the true face of crime in America is black…….the “black face” is the face of crime in America…… makes no difference what part of the country you are from….the face of crime in America is black……..

    if blacks don’t like that, well they can stick it up their collective asses, because it’s true and they all know it…….anywhere you see a group of blacks you know damn well you are in trouble if you can’t get away…..the moment a black enters into a situation that situation changes….you have to be on your guard…..

    blacks have only themselves to blame…….they’re the one’s who are committing the crimes and then complain about being racially profiled when whites don’t want them around…………..

    all I have to do is see a street black and my radar goes up “”be careful””

    and I keep my weapon handy just in case………..

  8. bluffcreek1967

    If anything, American blacks have proven that they still have not assimilated into the American experience. In spite of all that the white man has done for them to rectify the evil of slavery, it’s never enough. They blame all their personal failures on the white man, and whites are stupid enough to fall for it every time.

    Many Americans have finally reached their level of ‘negro fatigue.’ Now it’s time to start seeing blacks for who they really are: Violent, low-IQs, thuggish, deep-rooted proclivities toward crime, impulsive, temperamental, easily agitated, and resentful toward the white man. Unfortunately, there’s more of them that exhibit such characteristics than those who fit the bill of honorable black men and women, such as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, and Elizabeth Wright.

    Thankfully, more of us now are waking up. As one reporter shared when he overheard a group of blacks talking among themselves how the ‘race card’ is no longer effective: “The gig’s up. Whites aren’t scared by it no more.”

    “What Does Black Failure Tell Us About Blacks?”

  9. Here’s some satire from the Irish Savant:

    “We know, because everyone tells us, that if blacks and whites mix freely they’ll get along just wonderfully. However everyone know that whites – due to their racism – do everything in their power to avoid mixing with blacks. So here’s my solution. Why not transfer black kids (you can’t start early enough!) to white schools and whites to black schools? We could call this “Proactive Translocational Integration,” or “Bussing?”

  10. It would seem that they are a parasitic race. Unable to survive and thrive on their own in any other society than a tribal hunter gather existance living in mud huts eating corn gruel and scraps of scavanged meat. Name any other race or nationality that do not have at the least a rudimentary culture. I’ve been in Central and South America and although it is not as pleasent as North America or Europe it is livable. I have no desire to go to Africa or Haiti.

  11. I recently read that many learned American-Africans actually welcomed the white flight from Detroit. They proclaimed that Detroit would become a center of Black Culture, a veritable magnet for colored folk with all the best that their society had to offer. The city was going to become the envy of Negro people trapped in New York City and Chicago. The arts were going to flourish, and African culture was going to be allowed to finally be unleashed. Well, it didn’t really take long for them to destroy one of the best cities in America. The same thing has happened throughout Africa, where the natives have had a free reign for decades. If someone does not believe that race determines destiny they should take a hard look at the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. You know, the one where the former slaves have been in charge in Haiti for more than a century on half the island and the other half has been controlled by the descendants of the Spanish who conquered and controlled the side that became the Dominican Republic. It is sort of like comparing Detroit with Dallas. The one is a hopeless Black Basket Case; and the other one has problems, but they can be managed. Racial characteristics cannot be ignored in any honest debate about the destruction of Detroit.

    • quartierleblanc

      Exactly. Detroit was the richest city in the US with a population approaching 2 million. Now the population if under 700K and it’s one of the poorest with a greater than 90% of the city Black. The entire city government is Black. Yet the place is bankrupt and we still get to hear how YT is the cause. It’s the same everywhere. Name one place they haven’t destroyed.

    • Marco,

      Ever look at National Geographic fifty years ago… no different today than it was then.

    • And it worked!! See how all the finest criminals are flocking to Detoilet to share in the great African culture. As soon as one enters the city, you are confronted with the finest art work available from the most well known artists who call this form of art “Graffiti” or “Tagging”. Sculptures are everywhere in the form of stripped cars. The most popular cuts of Gansta rap can be heard echoing through the empty streets. Gunfire can be heard often as the haute couture of the city settle disagreements in the way of gentlemen everywhere.

      A small tactical nuke would not be unwelcome.

  12. Evolutionary progress takes a long, long time.

  13. Blacks ceased their evolutionary progress long ago. Now they are only devolving into a more primitive and violent form of life.

  14. There is no where to flee from them.. I live in Lawton OK and just down the road from where I live in rural Duncan Oklahoma ( mostly white ) we had three teens ( 2 black and 1 mixed race/Hispanic ) shot a white college baseball player from Australia in the back while he was jogging because they said they were bored… because they were bored? wow.. insane much?

    The national press has done all they can to hide the race of the 3 teens but those of us that live in the area know the truth… remember that when you hear about this story.. well, if you hear about it… after all the victim was a white male so according to our government and the press he had it coming. The talking heads will also try to blame poverty as the reason for this behavior but many people of ALL races here in Oklahoma are in what is considered poverty.. yet blacks still commit the majority of violent crimes

    Nationally we have 3% of the population ( black males )committing 50% of the violent crime… and they wonder why they are “stereotyped” Hell, maybe Margaret Sanger had it right.. so we need to stop protesting the abortion clinics in the “hood” because if we don’t cull the herd we may find these animals at our front door…

    Ugh.. I need coffee

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