How pathetic that the President of the United States tried to win a second term with a Sesame Street bird! That failed miserably, like Obama has in his first term. Now he has turned to sluts. Good luck with that, Hussein! That strategy might have worked better for Bubba Clintoon!

Check out this…ummm…girl who compares voting for Obama with losing her virginity (I think):

Something about Lena Dunham looks like she’s more comfortable in a flannel shirt at a Indigo Girls concert than doing the horizontal mambo with a dude! She’s got that woman’s basketball coach hair-do going and all. Something tells me the only male unit she’s ever experienced had straps and a battery compartment on it. Just saying. What a tremendous way to get young, stupid, ugly girls to vote for you, Hussein!

Then there’s Sanda Fluked. She’s apparently been Fluked so many times she can’t afford enough birth control to keep from reproducing. If there is any person in America whose birth control I would pay…it is Sandra Fluke! God help the child she births! And just who would sleep with Sandra Fluke? Talk about any port in a storm!

I’m not sure even a Confederate flag over that grill would make it any better!

Then there’s poor, old worn-out, hagfish Madonna out trying to drum up votes for Hussein. She was soundly booed last night in Louisiana for telling people to vote for Obama. What the hell would anyone smart enough to not vote for Obama be doing at a Madonna concert?! I’d rather coat myself with Crisco and go to a Village People concert..nekkid…than go to a Madonna show!! Here’s a recent look at the Material Girl….I remember when she was popular…35 years ago!

Great googly moogly! Double that part I said about the Crisco and the Village People!

AWD though it was laughable that a sitting American President would rely on Big Bird for reelection. Since that failed miserably like Joe Biden at a spelling bee, Obama has now turned to sluts to get out the vote! Little sad, ugly girls who never got enough attention from Daddy! Pretty girls like that usually end up spinning around a pole. Ugly ones end up as tattooed, flannel-wearing lebanese or easy sluts begging for free birth control. You can guess where Lena Dunham and Sandra Fluke stand in the food chain of girls who didn’t get enough attention from their fathers.

Liberals say they do but don’t respect women. Conservatives honor womanhood and treat women like ladies. I was taught to….and still do…open doors for ladies and treat women with respect. Liberals have zero respect for femininity and the traditional American values of womanhood. They see them as sluts with useful body parts. Ever heard of a Republican telling women to vote with their “lady parts?” Hell no, because Republicans don’t want women to vote with their “lady parts” but with their brains! Liberal women are devoid of brains…hence the call to vote with their biscuits.

If the Democrats had any shame (which they do not), they would be embarrassed by the slut freak show of Lena Dunham, Sandra Fluke, Madonna, and the morons in Code Pink parading themselves in vagina costumes. But there is no shame because there are no values with leftists. To them, there is nothing sacred in traditional American values. Yet they fall all over themselves to embrace every freak-a-zoid sexual lifestyle!

Do you think Sandra Fluke’s father looked at her as an infant and said, “I sure hope my daughter grows up and has sex with as many men as possible!” If he did, he should run for office as a Democrat! Chastity, virtue, and morality are ridiculed by leftists. And that’s the problem with them. Slut-ology has been tried forever and has never had positive results…for the slut or society.

There has never been a dichotomy as great as what we see in America 2012. The country is evenly divided by those who hold sacred the American principles of hard-work, self-reliance, morality, and individual liberties. The other side runs in direct opposition to those principles that made America great, wealthy and strong. Choose wisely! If the liberals in in 10 days, it goes downhill very fast for America.


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