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Hells bells…we all know any sane person hates the constant non-stop computerized ads they have on the boob-tube these days. Heck folks, they’re never-ending! Nevertheless, for something a little different for a change, thought I’d ask if you had to pick one out of three of the ads below as your favorite…which one would you vote for and why? Also, just out of curiosity, which one did you like the least and why?

Here are the top three picks I read about here…make your choices:

Darth’s three-year run has come to an end.

As noted by Ad Week, Volkswagen’s famous 2011 Super Bowl spot “The Force” was recently eclipsed by Activia’s 2014 World Cup ad featuring Shakira.

The yogurt company’s three-and-a-half minute spot has been shared 5.4 million times on social media, compared to the 5.2 million shares amassed by “The Force,” according to Unruly Media.

“Music videos are by far the most shared type of content, so it’s no surprise that brands are now blurring the lines between traditional ads and music videos in order to get themselves seen and heard on social,” Sarah Wood, co-founder and COO at Unruly, told Ad Week

However, while the share counts are close, the view counts are not: Activia’s “La La La” ad has more than 276 million views, in contrast with the 60 million earned by Volkswagen’s famous spot, Ad Week noted.

2014′s popular Budweiser commercial, featuring the Clydesdale horses, has amassed over 51 million views.

Hit me with your best shots…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. So far I really like the Budweiser Clydesdale Horse, mostly because it has Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac playing! That’s dirty rotting cheating! Lol!

    One I liked the least would have to be…no I’m sorry…there’s no commercial worse then Smiling Bob! >_< Compared to that…I cannot least like any other commercial! Lol!

    However the Activia’s “La La La” one comes pretty close! ANNOYING! Could barely get past the first 20 seconds because I HATE jungle bongo music! I also found it rather creepy… No sorry…I didn't like this commercial, music video or whatever it was at all! However it was better then Smiling Bob…I'll give it that! 😛

  2. What makes a great commercia for me is one that I can watch over and over. One that I will stop flipping the channel and watch. The VW commercial is that for me. I love it. I agree with Wolfie69 on the Shakira spot. I made it about 20 seconds.

  3. My favorite is the Budweiser ad not because I like the beer. To me it’s just a good ad. I didn’t watch the Shakira ad but I know it’s my least favorite because Shakira is in it.

    My real favorite ads are the Carl’s Jr ads because I like looking at the burgers. Don’t know why they picked Paris Hilton to be with a gal as sexy as Hannah Ferguson in their latest one though.

    My real least favorite ads are the ones that have to do with Feminine itching and odor or any advertisements that have anything to do with Ass Creams. LOL

  4. Spurwing Plover

    I realy cant stand the stupid Valspar ads with those stupid Reptiles changing color I just mute all these annoying ads

  5. BT I found my old 2nd Grade Class Photo. That’s me in the back row!

  6. Off topic but too bad Conservative Dr. Milton Wolf lost in Kansas last night.

  7. Always liked the Jetta commercial…..

    For those old enough to remember……times were so simple….

    • Grumpy…

      Remember it I do. Glad you have this here…my oh my how things have changed. – For the worst.

  8. I can’t stand the Englister Lady Cottonelle Bum commercials.

    • Oh brother…could only take seventeen seconds of that one!

      • You lasted longer than me, BT. I recall that in one of first commercials with this Brit nut bag, she was sitting on a toilet in various locales/situations. I also noticed that she had no panties around her ankles, which suggests that she either wasn’t wearing any, or was sh!tting through them.

  9. Spurwing Plover

    The Subaru ads with Paul Hogan were fun like the one where their after this giant baby bird

  10. Spurwing Plover

    I miss the old TV ads and i have a tape set showing old TV commercials including the Cigarettee ads

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