Thousands of American patriots on motorcycles are clogging the corrupt streets of Washington, DC today to counter a Muslim event that was billed as the Million Man Muslim March. The bikers were refused a permit by the Park Service (surprise!) so they decided to ride en masse through the streets of DC anyway! The Muslim event was renamed the Million American March Against Fear. It should have been renamed the STFU You Muslim Savages March Against Islam.

The audacity of Muslims to try and shoe-horn their way into America and spread their vile cult of death here has worn out its welcome. For Muslims to hold any kind of rally on 9/11 other than one where they denounce their religion and grovel in front of every American shows their true agenda and lack of respect for Americans. Want to march against hate? Then march against your religion! Because everywhere Islam infects, death and destruction are always close behind.

Fortunately, American patriots riding carbon-belching, bad-ass Harleys are there to squash the hatred Muslims have for America and show with their vile event. And the other message being sent to Muslims and our cowardly elected corruptocrats is,

“Americans have had enough! We will not sit idly by while you continue allowing this death-march of multi-culturism and diversty! Muslims, we didn’t come to your countries, you came to ours! We prefer you didn’t. But now you’re here and have been pushing your weight around by using political correctness and the decency and kindness of Americans. Enough!

As Albert Collins once sang “don’t mistake kindness for weakness, baby.” Real Americans (not PC anti-American leftists) recognize Islam runs counter to everything we stand for in America. And for you to hold a pro-Muslim event on the sacred day of 9/11 shows the utter contempt and hatred Muslims hold for America and Americans. The bikers roaring around you all day show you Americans have been pushed as far as we will be pushed.

AWD has been to Ground Zero in New York 4 times since 9/11 to pay my respects for the victims of that horrible day. Many who visit Ground Zero feel sadness, humility, hope and a range of other emotions. I only feel anger each time I visit. A Muslim march anywhere in America on 9/11 also makes me angry.

We’ve seen the vile results of political correctness, diversity, and multi-culturism in America. We see the results of electing corrupt morons into power. We see the cost of sitting back and letting others make the decisions. And we also see that America is at its worst point in the lifetime of anyone reading this! The bikers in DC today are telling the world there’s a lot more patriotic fire in the bellies of American patriots who built this country. God bless them all. Wish AWD could have been there.

As for 9/11, I will share the words of one of my best friends in high school when he first visited Ground Zero:

“God bless those who died that day and God damn those who did it.”

Don’t mistake kindness for weakness!

Here’s a link to the 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook page.


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