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Friday Funnies, Volume 1 Issue 8


If you have even a smidgen of talent and want your work featured on this here blog, please send it to ex_machina@live.com.

And please be sure to visit the links of our contributors and support their work wherever possible.

Featured Artist of the Week: abnoxio


Heisenburger King

(No link as of yet)

Anthony Freda



Chris Katko




(no link as of yet)


(no link as of yet)



  1. Lol funny! Thanks for the morning laughs….there’s great work here!

  2. Dave Lister

    Breakfast With Bebe: wtf!!!?

  3. Spurwing Plover

    Hippies in Space aboard the space ship TREE HUGGER sail into the Romulan Nuetral Zone met by Romulan Bird of Prey starts spouting off at being one with the Univrse Romulans fire plasma weapon SPACE HIPPY GOSE BOOM

  4. David in SC

    Wow! Just wow! Good job Red & arteest!

    At least they know where we stand!

    Hell, we are all on all the “lists” anyways,,,

  5. I like em all. A lot of talent there but Laz’s is my favorite. Only one suggestion, Laz go back to using colors, that would have really made hippies in space pop! Miss your comments.

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