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Marco Rubio is achieving nothing more than being an annoyance to voters these days. He isn’t going to win the nomination. He never was going to win the nomination. And he won’t win the nomination in the future. And there’s one reason:


Marco was able to come from far behind to beat tri-sexual Charlie Crist (he will try anything sexual) for the junior Senate seat in Florida in 2010 with massive support from the the Tea Party. He promised to oppose Amnesty for illegals in exchange for the conservative Republican vote. His first act after being elected? Yep, you already know:


AWD wrote in 2013 of Marcito:

AWD made a BIG mistake by supporting Marco Rubio in 2010. I know, I know, he was running against tri-sexual Charlie Crist. But at least we knew Charlie Crist is a two-faced, tri-sexual (he’ll try anything sexual) scumbag. It’s come out over the past few years that Marco Rubio talks the conservative talk but is nothing more than the latest wussypants RINO Republican.

AWD attended the Hispanic Leadership Network last year in Miami. Newt and Mitt were pandering for the Hispanic conservative vote. Marco Rubio also spoke. While his speech was polished and professional, AWD’s spidey-sense was tingling that Marco Rubio is Hispanic first, American somewhere down the line. It was easy to see Marco Rubio stood for illegals in America and not the rule of law nor the American taxpayer. 

It was no surprise for AWD to see Rubio join the Gang of Eight traitors. Any conservative would walk…nay sprint…away from any “gang” whose membership included John McPain and Lindsey “Fredo” Graham. Jeff Flake has the appropriate last name. The fact that Charles Schumer infects the gang is prima facie evidence a true conservative should oppose the Gang of Eight like Janeane Garofalo opposes soap!

Marco thought he could lie to voters, join the Establishment ranks and become a lifetime corruptocrat and rot away in Congress with McCain and his ilk.


(if you haven’t noticed, AWD has found a few tricks on text color!)

The Republican Establishment is dying. Trump is strangling the diseased breath from them. That they trotted out loser Mitt Romney to backstab Trump shows their desperation. Trump and Cruz are tag teaming (even though they don’t realize it) to kill the Establishment.

The Republican Establishment put their Big Bidness millions on El Jeb. El Jeb sucked huge and withered away faster than Michael Moore’s weenus in freezing water (I just threw up in my mouth). Maybe it was El Jeb’s statement that he didn’t need the conservative vote to win the nomination that had something to do with it. So then the Establishment out of desperation put their hopes behind Marco Rubio. But they and all their millions of dollars couldn’t make conservative voters forget about the


Rubio chose the evil Establishment over those who voted for him and he lost. Remember, the Establishment backed tri-sexual Charlie Crist. But conservatives are not stupid. And we remember when Marco pissed on our boots. If conservatives were stupid, we would be liberals.

Marco Rubio is politically dead. Forever. Done for. An ex politician and corruptocrat. Pining for the fjords. He’s lost his Senate seat and never the twain shall meet. I’m not sure what that means but it sounded pretty good. Rubio will end up selling junkers at Loco Marco’s Used Cars on Calle Ocho in Miami where “We’re dealin!”

And through this, Marco will have learned the time-proven lesson AWD taught his chirren:


(Gawd, I love that red font!)

So Marco? See ya! I hope you’ll sell lots of ’82 Chrysler Cordobas with the rich, Corinthian leather in your next endeavor. But politics isn’t for you. You played the Establishment game and you lost. And the Establishment doesn’t care. They just moved on to Mitt. And after Mitt, it will be another loser. Rinse and repeat.

And to think you could have had it all if you had just kept your word with voters! And that is what will haunt your thoughts in the wee, small hours of the morning forever.



  1. He is a two faced traitor

  2. Spurwing Plover

    Never ever trust anyone or anything pushed by the liberal news rags like TIME,PEOPLE or ROLLINGSTONE

  3. From here ? he becomes a talking head “former presidential candidate Marco Rubio is with us tonight” AWD I also backed him just like you when he first ran.Anyone who falls in with the gang of 8 does not deserve to run for anything again.I’m not sure he could have been re elected if he ran for senate this year.Sounds like John Edwards deal .He saw he couldn’t get re elected so he ran for president.

  4. Little Rubio is a fraud and liar and he exposed himself as such both to the voters of Florida and elsewhere on the campaign trail. He got elected as a Tea Party conservative darling, declaring himself to be against amnesty and open borders. And as soon as he got to DC he joined Schumer and the Gang of 8 and went on the offensive to advance what he said he opposed during the campaign. When he is confronted he yells, “liar, liar, liar” but the only liar is Marco himself.

  5. I still remember Rubio, McCain, and the Gang of Eight traitors. No way, Jose!

  6. this bastard is staying in the race in order to throw this contest into a contested convention…….Little Marco is doing what his “masters” are ordering him to do….stay in the race to throw a monkey wrench into the works and disrupt the convention in order to get the establishment’s lackey in as the standard bearer…….Little Marco is nothing more than an obedient servant of the establishment…….

    this bastard turned on us the moment he was elected with the support of the tea party in Florida…..when the final count was in Little Marco had already planned his betrayal and started kissing establishment ass betraying every Floridain who had put their faith in him……..

    stick a fork in this bastard……he’s done…….

  7. Little Rubio met his match and his destiny when he tried to outfox the professionals who lured him into believing he could deal with the other seven members of the amnesty fraudsters. If the laws on the books were just enforced, there would be no need for “comprehensive immigration reform.” The Democrats could have passed “comprehensive immigration amnesty” anytime during the first two years of the Obumbler regime. They didn’t, because they wanted to keep this issue alive to insure that the illegal immigrants stayed on their plantation. They are the future of the Democrat Party. The Republicans stupidly think that they will eventually come around to seeing the light, and the Democrats know they have no future without millions of new moochers. It’s that simple. Rubio was a dupe and a dope.

  8. angrywhitedudette

    AWD, you can write a post. I just don’t understand how the words jump out of your brain. Your brain must run 100 x faster than most people for you to come up with such great posts. And I also love the red font. Just another innovation of AWD. So glad I know you.
    Your mama

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