The most un-funky girly man in America, George Will, has officially left the Republican Party. Well, boo-freakin’-hoo! And get this, he urged conservatives to not vote for Donald Trump, even if the result is President Cankles.

PJ Media reports George Will said:

“Make sure he loses. Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House,” Will said during an interview after his speech at a Federalist Society luncheon.

Will said he changed his voter registration this month from Republican to “unaffiliated” in the state of Maryland.

“This is not my party,” Will said during his speech at the event.

Get this. Will is asking Republicans not to vote for the guy who is saying he will without doubt build a border wall with Me-hee-co, deport the legions of unwashed illegals in America, cut the size of government, break bad on Muslim terrorists (redundancy alert), and put the interests of the American people first. Instead, Will would be much more happy with Hillary as POTUS. And Will calls himself a conservative!

One thing more certain than George Will’s personality being equal to a ten day old turd is he is not a conservative. But he is the perfect Republican. AWD has been writing for years that there is difference between Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

For you uneducated goat ropers out there, Dean Wormer will explain:

Want evidence of the Republicans being conservative? What programs or agencies have been eliminated since the wussypants Republicans were voted back into power in Congress? Has the debt been reduced? Have individual liberties taken by tyrants in office been restored? Has ObamaCare been eliminated like the GOP promised in 2008? Have the Repubs put one damn crook in jail from the IRS? Or the gun-running Eric Holder? And what about the mountain of crimes committed by Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton (who George Will would prefer over Trump)? Not only did she lose American lives, lie to Americans, have her private server hacked by every enemy government of the US, and raise millions for her Clinton Foundation while selling American tax dollars to every corrupt group and country who approached her? What have the @#*& Republicans done? Not a DAMN THING!

We now have the Republican Speaker Paul Ryan promising to sue President Trump if the importation of Muslims is halted! It is impossible to label Republicans and the George Will ilk as conservatives. Maybe there’s an argument they can be considered conservative socialists.

George Will wants real conservatives to keep voting for the loser wussypants RINO candidates of the past. Romney, McCain, Dole, etc. They’d be happy to have another globalist George W Bush but that will never happen again. The Dims have imported too many new Democrat voters for life and real conservatives won’t vote for another RINO tool like W.

I really believe the Republican Party Establishment doesn’t want the White House. They continually support loser big-government, moderate candidates who continually get the sh*t beat out of them. By not having the White House, the Repubs can sit back and complain on camera how bad our president is while funding every Democrat program!

Now the Repubs have a candidate in Trump that generated more primary votes in history and has energized the base. Something neither Romney nor the idjit McCain could do. Trump is filling auditoriums while Hillary talks to empty seats. But the Establishment is doing their level best to destroy Trump.

Screw George Will and screw the Establishment! Let them call themselves anything they want. They are nothing more than pathetic Democrats. And that’s the truth of the matter!

If George Will really wants to come out of the closet, he’ll go ahead and endorse Hillary. That way, everyone will know that George Will supports the same candidate as Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Saudis, Chinese, etc.

What Will and the other Establishment pukes don’t realize is their day if over. Time is up. The American taxpayer and voter is tired of their endless lies and broken promises. We’re tired of losing and being told we are the problem when we foot the bill for the country! We’re tired of importing terrorists who live off of welfare while plotting to massacre us. We’re tired of supporting the unskilled, uneducated seas of Third Worlders who have been allowed open access to our country as well as our tax dollars in the form of welfare, food stamps, health care, education, etc. We are struggling and we are pissed! And Donald Trump is the only candidate who is standing up for us!

So go reproduce yourself, George Will! No one cares what you do or say. You simply no longer matter.


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