Geraldo Rivera is such a repulsive tool he should have his own show on MSNBC. Hell, Geraldo’s so annoying he should have his own mainstream propaganda network! Rivera has been annoying non mouth-breathing Americans with his unique brand of idiotic, uber-liberal (but I repeat myself) douche baggery for generations. So it’s no surprise when Rivera released his inner-Weiner in a self-taken photo on Twitter.

Shee-ut, negro, dayum! Maybe Geraldo was wanting everyone in America to know what their grand-dad looked like nekkid, in case they were wondering. Which they weren’t. Or maybe Geraldo is concerned about overweight Americans and wanted to enhance a national practice of bulimia. Well, it worked! AWD ralphed up a good 4 or 5 pounds after seeing Geraldo’s Tweet! If that towel moved south another inch or two, I’d have ralphed up everything since last Thanksgiving’s turkey seeing Geraldo’s shriveled-up little Tweetie!

What is hilarious in all this is Geraldo really thought this photo needed to be released to the public. What an ego this tard mush have. He wrote the following on his Tweet:

“70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…)”

Yes, Erica and the family will be pissed all right! Pissed that they’re related to an embarrassing sub-human version of a hairless, rat dog. AWD is too lazy to look up the age of Geraldo’s wife but my guess is she’s barely out of her pre-menstrual years. Like Justin Bieber.

AWD last discussed the disgusting Geraldo after Hurricane Sandy. Millions were without power or had lost their homes and Geraldo tweeted:

“1st morning off since storm- scrambling to find generator to save my Koi fish in pond-”

For those who don’t know what a Koi is…it’s a homosexual carp. Kind of like Geraldo. AWD discussed the episode here.

Giving Geraldo access to Twitter is like giving fire water to the Injuns. Ain’t no good going to come from it. He may think his hairless, skinny body looks like a 50 year old and is something the world wants to see but his 70 year old mind is working like a 90 year old that died a few years ago. Either way, he still has the talent to disgust America.

Geraldo was apparently considering a run for office recently. Maybe he should. In San Francisco. Or The Villages. With Anthony “the Peter Tweeter” Weiner and Eliot Spitzer running for office in NYC, maybe Geraldo should throw his weiner into the ring there too. He already has the embarrassing campaign poster photo!

However you may feel about Geraldo, he did give us one of the singularly great moments in TV history and should be given full credit. I watch this clip nearly ever day and it always makes me smile!

Thank you, Geraldo, thank you. Not for showing us your skinny little rat body or for even eating a chair on your talk show. Thanks for reminding us of the tremendous douche bag you have remained throughout the years.

For tweeting a photo of his 70 year old body and for being an industrial strength a**hole, AWD is pleased to name Geraldo Rivera as the Libtard of the Week!


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