Germans. I have to laugh. Pasty Eurotrash beta-males dressed in black with little granny glasses listening to music that sucks who believe they have any relevance. Hey Hans and Franz, keep waving those “Welcome Refugees” sign while savage Muslim imports living on welfare rape your women and destroy your country. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

In the German Karneval parades, Germans are having a big old laughtag (the only German I speak) at President Trump’s expense. Taking that to the next step, they are laughing at little ol’ you and me for electing him.

Here’s some of the parade floats making fun of Trump. Here’s a few:

Interesting but not surprising that there is no criticism of Islam or lampooning of child rapist Muhammad on their floats. Of course, that would be too dangerous for the wussy leiderhosened German betas. It’s much easier to make fun of America and countries who have fought back and won against globalist, politically correct national suicide. Plus, Americans don’t burn your cities and rape your women. Germany is still driving their little gay VW full steam ahead over the cliff of destruction. But when has Germany ever been on the right side of history?

If you remember, all Eurotrash nations fell all over themselves demanding America elect our first black President. No, not Bill Clinton. I’m talking about Imam Obama. And we know what a disaster that was. Almost as big a disaster as Europe with their tanking European Union and massive importation of Muslims.

Europe has maybe another 15-20 years tops before all the older people die off and are replaced by feral, quick breeding Muslims. London already has a Muslim Mayor. But how do Europeans fight back now, even if they wanted to? They don’t have guns. Plus, they get tossed into the hoosegow for looking sideways at a Muslim as he’s raping their wife. Assuming it’s not a gay German. Politically correct, worthless cowards!

AWD once wanted to visit Europe to see all those castles and all that old king and queen shit but now I really don’t want to go. My brother once said he’d never visit Europe because there are just too many foreigners over there. As bad as Germans would be to tolerate, now you’ll have to pick your way between burning cars while Muslims try to grope your females. Not going to happen on this side of the pond. Well, at least not here in Texas. I think I’ll just ride the Hog down to Hill Country instead. The only groping of my Filly will come from the Big Sexy hisself.

So laugh and have your fun at Trump and America’s expense. We’ll be around as a nation long after Europe has public stonings of infidels. And maybe America won’t be as anxious to pull you out of the shit you’ve created this time. I hope not.

Germans. I have to laugh.

Oh, here’s the biggest band to ever come from Germany. I rest my case on Germany’s suckage.


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