In a recent seance at the White House, the spirit of Adolf Hitler blamed the Holocaust on George W. Bush. This follows a pattern by President Barack Hussein Hopenchange Obama of blaming everything wrong in the world on the former President Bush. Obama has consistently blamed his failures and shortcomings on his predecessor. The ghost of Hitler has also followed the same pattern.

At the seance, the ghost of Hitler said:

“Ach…zie Juden! At zie first, I liken zie Juden. But the unborn spiriten of George W. Bush commanden me to kill zie 6 million of zie Juden. It’s all zie fault of W! Adolf Hitler inherited zie hatred of zie Juden from George Bush….who continues to cause greaten problems with zie Presidenten Barack Hussein Obama….who incidentally loves zie Juden.”

The White House seance preceded the recent revelations of a GSA junket to Las Vegas. President Obama recently blamed the $800,000 GSA junket to Las Vegas on President Bush, of course. He also has blamed unemployment, high gasoline prices, global warming, and that fat kid that gained 25 pounds last year in Peoria, Illinois on the former president.

A spokesperson in the Obama administration, Karl Marxus, said:

“President Obama has long been a staunch supporter of fiscal responsibility! In three years, he has reduced spending more than every other president from George Washington to George Bush combined! The much heralded GSA meetings in Las Vegas show the excesses that were permitted under the Bush administration. President Obama personally suggested the costs of the Las Vegas event be lessened by changing the poached lemon-almondini trout for the less expensive roast duck entree which would have lowered the cost of the event by $26.21. While the Bush-appointed heads of GSA ignored the President’s advice, he was successful in lowering costs of the event by changing dessert from Bananas Foster to Citrus Pomegranate Tart with Crimson Pom Jelly….a cost-effective White House favorite!”

Previous White House seances have included Pol Pot and Josef Stalin who also blamed the millions of murders committed during their reigns on George Bush.

The ghost of Pol Pot said:

“Pol Pot no want to murder mirrions of Cambodians. I actuarry rike Cambodian people vely much! The spilit of George Bush visit Pol Pot and terr me to shoot mirrions of people in face! George Bush is lacist!”

White House spokesman Jay Carney responded to reporters:

“As President Obama has been truthfully saying for over three years, George Bush is responsible for everything bad that happens on Earth. The recent comments from the ghosts of Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler prove that history would be much different if not for the hatred for all people George Bush has shown before and after his birth. He has long been a force for murder and fiscal irresponsibility. The President has spoken out against the hatred of George Bush and now, with the testimony of the ghosts of Pol Pot and Hitler, it’s plain to see that George Bush is a force for evil. I personally know that the President and First Lady have agonized over that fat kid on Peoria who has gorged on fast food pushed on him by the Bush administration!”

Lurita Doan, the GSA administrator under President George W. Bush said on America Live:

“It’s just so clear that the Obama administration is in crisis mode. First, I question the numbers and I’d love to see a line item breakdown of what’s in each of these numbers. I’m not going to just trust them out of the gate.”

It is clear that Ms. Doan is a racist and does not fully embrace diversity nor hope and change.

We should all be thankful for President and First Lady Obama and their tireless battle against overspending by our federal government!


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