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AWD has gone from severely disliking the current inhabitant infecting the White House and his administration to abject loathing. In fact, there is little that could cause me to loathe those people more than I currently do. I believe them to be among the worst our country has ever created. In their positions of power, they are the greatest threat to this country, our lives and freedoms that we have ever experienced. And the corrupt moochers aka “low-information voters have just given us another four years of them! I will be surprised if America survives in its current form until 2016.

Obama and his administration lied to the American people about what really occurred in Benghazi when our Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered by Al Qaeda terrorists. The propaganda arm of the White House, the mainstream media, did nothing to investigate this tragic story but merely pushed the Obama administration’s lies on the American people. Their efforts prove they tried to sweep this story away as quickly as they could. Only Fox News and the blogoshpere refused to let this story go away until the truth came to light. And the truth is now coming out piece by piece. The truth is illustrating why Obama, Clinton and their ilk in power did not want it to come to light.

Outgoing Secretary of Defense and socialist corruptocrat Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey testified at a Senate hearing on Benghazi this week. Panetta’s testimony revealed that he had no contact with President Obama after 5 pm on September 11th. By that time, the attack was 90 minutes old. Panetta testified that Obama had “left it up to us” on decisions concerning saving the lives of the Americans under attack. AND THEY DID NOTHING! The President and Secretary of State were not involved at all concerning the safety of their ambassador to Libya and other Americans under attack!

Panetta’s testimony contradicts the tapestry of BS woven by Obama, Hillary Clinton, the White House, Democrats and the propaganda media about what really happened and didn’t happen in Benghazi. There are so many dirty hands in this that it would require lifetime of sentences in prison to clean them. I would like to think that is a possibility but have little confidence it will ever occur.

I understand Obama and Hillary Clinton not doing anything to save the lives of those four Americans. They loathe this country and have no loyalty to our military nor citizens. I also expect nothing from the corruptocrats appointed by Obama because of their hard-core leftist, anti-American ideologies. Like I said, I cannot have a lower opinion of them. What of the Generals? While these men have sold their souls and character to reach the pinnacle of American government power, were they not at one time patriots? In their training at the various branches of the US military, was it not hard-wired into their brains to never leave a man behind? Are they so corrupt that they watched and did nothing as Americans soldiers and an ambassador were slaughtered by savages? We had military assets and elite operators in the area at the ready who could have secured the area and put down the threat without breaking a sweat. All they needed was the order to leap into action. And it never came. And four brave Americans were murdered falsely believing the cavalry was coming for them. They were betrayed by their countrymen whose duty it was to protect them.

Like I said, I’ve long known the evil character and agenda of Barack Hussein Obama. He’s a man who traffics guns to drug cartels while seeking to take the Constitutional right of Americans to own them. He seeks the authority to kill Americans with impunity while criticizing our intelligence agencies for water boarding terrorists. He sold out long-term allies in the Middle East to bring Muslim terrorist-supporting animals to power. I know who an what he is. And there is not one bit of difference between Obama and Hillary Clinton. Except cankles.

But I include on my loathing list those general officers in the military who had the opportunity to do the right thing but chose to sit silent when they could have saved American lives. After all, they probably had dinner events to attend that evening. Those men do not have the courage nor character to be general officers in the best traditions of the United States military. What honor they once had is long gone. Sold out for career advancement. I hope the guilt over their inaction in Benghazi plagues them the rest of their lives. They could have done the right thing but didn’t. I hope they don’t have mirrors in their homes.

The truth always emerges. The truth over Benghazi confirms our worst fears about the agenda and characters of those who infect the White House and Washington. God bless those lost their lives that terrible night and God damn those who did nothing to save them. All of them.



  1. Your last paragraph sums it up for me.

    Absolutely nothing will be done to Shrillary or the so-called prez…zilch!

    Btw…these people are soulless, like Shrillary stated; ‘What difference does it make!?’


    Obama should be IMPEACHED for not just this but this FAST & FURIOUS incedent

  3. When idiots go in to vote for Obongo, do they automatically get some kind of device implanted that causes them to blame George Bush whenever the anointed one screws up? If the fools have so many instances of Bush making mistakes, why are they being brought up now? To paraphrase Bugs Bunny, what a bunch of maroons.

  4. Amen, AWD.
    And we now have the clownish Chuck Hagel up for confirmation for SecDef. He received funds from “Friends of Hamas.” Then there’s John Brennan up for Director of the CIA. He’s a Muslim.

    • Vixen, but of course! Why are we not surprised?


    • Vix…

      I’ve heard and read about that too. I’m glad that’s getting looked into, then again…one wonders if he’ll still be confirmed. I’m sure not betting against it anytime soon. Not with the dems we have in control.

  5. “It’s 3 am. The phone is ringing….. Who do you want to answer that phone?”

    Does anybody remember that add? Ironic. Obambi couldn’t be bothered to answer, he just went to bed while Americans were murdered. Impeachable as high crimes and misdemeanor. This country means nothing to these hacks.

  6. This traitor prez is a great enemy to this country but the real enemy are those in charge of the MSM….
    Who are they and why have they not been named? There have to be individuals that can be held accountable for the liberal bias.
    I wish breitbart would proffer some names and numbers for the American public to call and write…maybe take it a step further..

  7. I pray for our own version of Nuremberg.

  8. majorityofone

    At one time the worst I wished for Ear leader and his Wookie was that they had to live in retirement in his brother’s back bedroom. You know the one in Kenya that lives in a cardboard shack on twelve dollars a month.

    No more though. After learning about Fast and Furious, I realized that at best, he wants people enslaved and more than likely wants anyone that doesn’t worship the ground he walks on dead.

    There are bad times coming but at least I have the comfort of knowing that when the SHTF, the other side will have a steely-eyed determined leader, that no matter how bad things get, will make it to his next fundraiser.

    I’m sure that will be inspiring to legions of gun consficating goons.

  9. AWD, the high-ranking military elite are nothing but uniformed politicians. They all replaced their balls with tampons and don the old chrome-plated knee pads at the sound of Obama’s voice. Do you think for a second any of them has the love for America like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin? Hell no! They are scared to death they’ll end up like that good patriot. The wake of death following Clinton and Obama is staggering. These people truly are the most corrupt on the planet and I for one look forward to the day they are rotting in hell.

  10. Dude, can’t agree with you more but my abject loathing long ago spread to the cretins who put this guy in the WH (Twice) to begin with. Who are these people?…I live in one of the strongholds for liberalism in the country and it is obvious who the small minority is that voted for him. My problem is not so much with them as it is with the tens of millions of others that voted for him. Who are they and and how in the world do they think that he is the best choice to lead our country. It is so sickening and makes no sense to me. I will watch his State of the Union address on Tuesday night and I hope and pray that a bunch of Joe Wilson’s will emerge and call him on his lies. The country is on the wrong path and it will take decades for us to undo the damage done by these people in power now if we ever even get the chance again.

  11. We don’t have any patriot generals in the military anymore, IMO and they are a bunch of weenies.
    I think ‘ol Stormin Norman” was our last decent general we’ve had.

  12. These Liberal or Progressives whatever ya call them feed at the shallow part of the pond where the ripe scum grows. They’d suck sh*t out of a monkeys asshole to advance their agenda. They would fire up the furnaces in a minute on us if they could, they are no different than any other Tyrant in history cepting we have the Guns and ain’t giving them back willingly, ever. Its crystal clear in all of recorded history those who willingly give up weapons die at the hands of the pond scum who take them. Its time it stopped. Those who advocated for confiscation should be looked at as enemies of the Country, and removed from office in a legal manner and never allowed to hold public responsibilities ever again.
    What steve above said is so true. The president ok’s every promotion to general rank. and any advancement in the number of stars they wear. Full Bird Colonels have very slick knee pads as they have an age and time limit before they are ineligible for a Star, which means much better retirement. They tend to be walking yes men/women for every star around, and of course the Dear Friggin Leader, who by the way has let go some of our finest soldiers and should Hilarity get in as President it will be wholesale slaughter as she has expressed distain for them and would not allow them to wear uniforms in the WH under Bubbas reign.

  13. What’s the Military waiting for?

  14. It was more Sharyl Attkisson than Fox News, but yeah, none of the MSM.

    • That it was…she was the only rare one on CBS (I think it is) that did real investigative work and dug deep. (I made a couple of blog posts about the great work she’s done regarding F&F, she’s one of the best)

  15. Thanks for posting this info AWD… hopefully it will be heard around the world.

  16. Bloodless Coup

    Video:STUNNING:Obama’s Pick For CIA Is A Converted MUSLIM!

    You gotta be drinking some mighty strong kool-aid not to see a problem with this!

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  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2276139/David-Petraeus-CIA-directors-bodyguards-exposed-affair-Paula-Broadwell-claims-Benghazi-The-Definitive-Report.html#axzz2KVQpNCmp

    One more piece of the puzzle, and the A-Hole that ordered the attack is now going to be our CIA Chief. It appears that “O” is even sneaking around our own people to do his dirty work and Blow Back happened, thats why he was conveniently not around when the attack was going on. It was a direct response to other attacks he had ordered WITHOUT informing powers to be that would later lead to the death of 4 people. In the USA its called being complicit to murder along with his CIA nominee, but to the left and those who hate us its OK, he is a Democrat, they have no laws to obey. They are above that. Like Holder they should be on trial, and like Holder nothing will happen, our good old wussie pants Rinos will sit on their collective hands
    so they can appear to be above the fray when by doing so they are JUST AS GUILTY as “O” and his merry band of criminals. We have a completely lawless Govt. One side breaks them at will and the other side looks the other way, whats the friggin difference between them? Nothing except titles R&D. That Rats nest needs a real cleaning out.

  19. And the fact that there was at least one drone overhead beaming live TV signal back to Washington just rips me up.

    There were probably 200 or more people between the State Department, the Pentagon, CIA and the White House, watching this massacre happen in real time. Not to mention NSA and the other more secret intel gatherers. And yet no one could be bothered to lift a finger to help… for SEVEN HOURS.

    In that amount of time they could have airlifted Marines from the Marine Barracks at 8th and I in D.C. to get on scene. But no. So what were they all doing?

    As far as I’m concerned that video was a SNUFF PORN and as far as I can tell, they were all “manhandling” themselves and each other.

    • Probably had popcorn poppers going for The Movie coming in, no doubt! Shouldn’t be any doubt about the left anymore, Fascist Scum.

    • I have this book on order. It’s due to be released Tuesday. I have to say I’m dreading reading it. There is no honor among thieves nor among these scum in Washington. I expect we’ll be finding some real depths to the depravity that characterizes this administration. God help us all.

      • Amen to everything you said. The depraved Administration may have even more up its sleeve in store for us:


        Add that to DHS buying up ammo? God help us all, indeed……

        • Get the Book Resistance to Tyranny, it will be an eye opener and will give insight as to how far we are into it. The fencing is going up as we speak. The author calls it a primer, but to Joe and Mary six-pack its a must if your looking forward to “Freedom” in your old age.. Lots of other links of use. It will empower you some. Ask RedStaterNYC and MichaelT. My take on it as a whole is it is the best thing out there to awaken the masses and should be pushed on some site reading list.
          As for ammo, buy some now, it will be like gold or better as barter items.

  20. http://www.esquire.com/features/man-who-shot-osama-bin-laden-0313

    This is what our current Commie Rat Bastards in charge of the country think of our GI’s once they have been used and used and used up.

  21. The truth is they have never cared about the truth, just protecting their six from getting into trouble. The failed the people on the ground in Benghazi and it could have been much worse than it was. Such a failure in leadership and a complicit media aiding in the coverup Tea Party Infidel

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