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What Is Going On In Chicago: Part 2




As many of you know, I just love the Windy City, but not in ways you might think. I consider it the ultimate animal/sociology lab in the nation. The demographic is roughly divided into thirds among Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites/Others in a city of slightly less than 3 million. When looking at gun crime and social behavior there’s no better place than to examine the town with the well-earned moniker of Chiraq.

Also known as Obamastan, the city is just another example of a liberal dystopia. Years of liberal/Democratic Party rule have made it a city on the brink, with a falling population, high taxes and a growing debt that is unlikely to be paid in full.

What is telling is the crime rate, especially as it relates to homicides. In Part 1 of my missive “What is going on in Chicago” that appeared on May 14 the numbers of confirmed “kills” stood at 223. As of this morning the score had risen to an astounding 480 with 77 for the month and 21 for the week and still counting. Almost 80% involve African Americans, less than 5% with Whites/Others. The numbers of shootings stand at an astronomical 2811. What is clear is that Chicago is heading toward a 600 plus homicide rate for 2016, despite very real attempts by city officials and MSM to hide it by manipulating the stats. There’s absolutely no data on how many incidents involve a shooting where no one is hit. It’s only the advances in trauma medicine and the fine care provided in city hospitals that keep the death rate below 1000 where all time records for murder were set in the 70’s and 90’s. (Did I mention the piss poor shooting skills of the gangstas?) Of course these milestones were largely established in the Black communities. Yet Donald Trump is called a racist for stating the obvious. Do we really need another example of liberal brain washing? Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

But liberal Chicago is fighting back as only a progressive city can. The replacement of the idiotic Garry McCarthy as Superintendent of Police has only led to higher rates of shootings/homicides. In a town with a rising murder rate, the number of detectives has fallen precipitously. (How does this make sense?) The new policy of directing policing toward so-called “Strategic Targets” has failed miserably. Then there is the war on police, pushed by BLM and especially the MSM. It seems that according to them the only acceptable number of street thugs than can be shot is equal to zero. No wonder the CPD has gone fetal, despite increasing the number of officers on patrol. But then again, what do you expect from a community where the no snitch policy has become the 11th commandment?

But the real deal is this. Some of you might think that what is going on in Chicago is fine and good. After all, it’s just one thug rat killing another and that’s good riddance and public service. This is only partly true, and not the whole story. Innocents are also dying. Further, liberals are very good at solving problems by kicking the can down the road. I’ll issue this warning once again. HUD is attempting to export the “Chicago problem” to a town or suburb near you. They’ll solve their crime issues by just moving the culprits somewhere else, manipulating the stats to show improvement and passing the costs on to the law abiding. In the process, the libs will do their best to disarm you. After all, they don’t want to hurt a protected voting class.

What does this mean to you? Once again, it’s time to arm up and train. Don’t wait until the election or until another incident occurs. The Democrats fully intend to ban semi-autos and high capacity magazines. If Hillary wins you can expect a dictatorship where executive order will trump rule of law. BHO only tested the borders of political power. The Clinton’s have no limits. If the magic EBT card ever quits working then expect the worse.

Once again, special thanks to W.H. Thompson who’s fine web site “Hey Jackass” provides flawless statistics.

On a final note, I will be giving up watching the NFL this year and be doing something more useful like shooting and training. I suggest you think about things and do the same.

Stay armed my friends.




  1. what a hell hole

  2. Mr. Rational

    It seems that according to them the only acceptable number of street thugs than can be shot is equal to zero.

    That’s only if police do it.  Solution:  third-party rewards for thugs who shoot other thugs, but ONLY if they don’t do it drive-by style.  They have to walk up to their target and shoot them point-blank so there are no stray bullets.  This way, all the blame falls on “streets gawn bad” and the police can stay fetal.

  3. Disgusted Caucasian

    I like the pic.

  4. Quartierleblanc

    Just two updates here. First, for the weekend score is now officially 7 dead and 41 wounded with a lot more shooting time to go.
    Secondly is my statement about not watching the NFL. This was before I knew about the Colin Kaepernick incident. To paraphrase the NFL, players are encouraged but not required to stand during the national anthem. Therefore I may encouraged but not required to buy their product. The bottom line is that I’m not going to buy it. Even a modest boycott would make the NFL change its tune and put Kap in the unemployment line. I did this with Hollywood and the movies. You can too. I’d rather put money into the pocket of Smith and Wesson than Warner Brothers or the NFL. When you go to the movies or watch the NFL you’re just financing the rope they want to hang you with.

  5. Yeah, just listen to the news and notice that previously white suburbia has been converted by the Obamabots into hotbeds of Felonious Black Gunfire (FBG). We can believe Obama’s campaign promise of “CHANGE,” as in, ‘Dis here change is for whitey’s own good.’

    What Illinois needs is a carry law like Vermont, Alaska and Arizona: put a gun in your pocket and walk out the door. Far to few people refuse to obtain a CCW permit because it is too much of a bother. Police are always in support of gun control in Chicago; they must fear the Mayor and his political lackies.

  6. Der Slickmeister has recently announced that he wants to revive Detroit and maybe Chicago, too – by importing millions of Muzzies from Syria and elsewhere and resettling them into those cities.

    Even if the US Govt would be stupid and suicidal enough to try to do that, what makes this idiot think that those Muzzies would stay put in Detroit or Chicago and not flood across the entire USA, where they would be certain to kick off a murder, terrorism and rape epidemic – just like the Muzzie turds in Europe are now doing?

    Liberalism truly is very dangerous form of mental insanity and sooner or later, we are going have to round up liberals and place them in quarantine – under lock and key, and NEVER let these evil, nation wrecking bastards out.

  7. in another inner city shithole…..Obama’s son kills a man with one punch to the head playing the knockout game …………

  8. The only explanation for what’s happening in Chicongo is simple: violent Negro culture.

  9. Dude…..It’s “Chicongo”…..not “Chicago. In fact, it’s Africa wherever the population is majority-black.

  10. For the most current and up to date statistics on Chicago shootings and homicides, check out

    As of this posting:
    2016 Year To Date
    4,122 shot
    742 homicides

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