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Dudes and dudettes, there will four different stories about four different cops…you decide which are the good and which are the bad via your viewfinder in life. – I hope you take the time to read and watch all four of these individually, simply because they’re all important in one form or fashion. Plus, I’m only going to display one report below…the rest are for you to check out when and if you get the time.

So, off we go into the land of law enforcement…meet Dan Page, a St. Louis cop that has been relieved of duty (he’s not politically correct). See if you think he should have been relieved after you read and watch this:

The St. Louis police officer who was caught on live TV “pushing” CNN anchor Don Lemon back while he was covering unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, has reportedly been relieved of duty after video emerged online of the cop giving a speech railing against affirmative action, President Barack Obama, Islam and more.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar confirmed to USA Today that he immediately placed officer Dan Page on administrative leave once he learned of the video. Though he said he doesn’t have the legal authority to fire the officer at this point, he argued he would have let him go if he were a probationary officer.

Page will reportedly under a psychological evaluation and be subjected to an internal investigation.

In the video reportedly recored at an Oath Keepers meeting months ago, Page refers to Obama as the “undocumented president” from Kenya and rails against the “four sodomites on the Supreme Court.” He also speaks out against affirmative action and radical Islam.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” Page is heard saying in the video, quoting the Declaration of Independence. “That doesn’t mean affirmative action.”

Later in the speech, Page, citing Biblical scripture, suggests that Islam will be the evil force driving the apocalypse.

You can watch his entire speech here, he minces no words whatsoever!:

Chief Belmar said he was embarrassed by Page’s comments and apologized to the community in an interview with CNN:
Personally, I’m embarrassed of Belmar, and detest Don Lemon…but that’s just me.

Here are the other stories:

Sheriff Clarke: Holder Needs to Apologize to Law Enforcement

And speaking of this nation’s pathetic top cop:
Andrea Tantaros: ‘Eric Holder Runs the DOJ Like the Black Panthers Would’

Lastly, we have this thievin’ cold-hearted bastard!:
Connecticut trooper pleads guilty to stealing dying motorcycle crash victim’s jewelry, money

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



    • Sorry BT didn’t know the video was removed. I’ll try and find it later but you get the gist.

      • mag…

        That’s okay about the vid…I’ve seen it before anyway. I guess they think by removing them, people won’t know. Well, millions of us do…and of course I get the drift of what’s going on. I’m telling ya, I’ve about had it with free speech only for the left…but not for the truth tellers.

  1. Welcome to the America of the 21st century where , if you speak the truth about anything, you will be punished and vilified. It,s defiantly time to ” LOCK AND LOAD”. I know of no other way to take our republic back. God help us.

  2. BT this one was when I lived in San Diego I used to drive past the place every day to work. It struck fear into every woman.

    • I read a book about that case way back when…filthy bastard, I hope he rots in hell.

      Btw…him not giving his DNA speaks volumes too.

      To serve and protect my ass! Not when it came to this officer.

  3. This officer, on the job IN UNIFORM, does not have the right of “free speech”.
    He is there to uphold the laws with his mouth shut, unless he can ONLY say non-insulting epithets…

    I am a retired Supervisory LEO.
    He would not of been on the “force” to do this,,,, this time, ,,because I would of fired him long ago.
    I expect this officer has been “this” way for some time.

    I also believe that the “shooting” that occurred,, was 100% righteous.
    18 year old Brown,,, did attack the officer in his squad car first.

    • When he was speaking to Oath Keepers, he wasn’t in uniform or on the job. His free speech cost him for daring to express his personal opinions. Did you listen to any of it?

  4. Outrageous, despicable, beneath contempt!

    Leave it to the left and this newspaper too!

  5. StBernardnot

    Didn’t read or see. Didn’t need to. Cops suck.

  6. Connecticut…….just figures
    Nazis in Ranger Rick hats

  7. Spurwing Plover

    If Mike Brown had obeyed the law and behaved himself he would be married to a good woman and had kids but he choose to break the law and be a crinimal and he paid wi this life and the liberal news scum suckers have blown everything out of preportions with their lies and fabricated news and therefore the news media should be held accountible for this furguson incedent

  8. US Marine attacked by a group of blacks in a coma…don’t tell the msm. – Mike Brown’s death involved.

  9. Don Lemon likes wieners.
    Did I spell Wieners correctly?


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