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If you’re a rock guitar picker and worth your salt, you are playing some Chuck Berry riffs. If you’re a rapper, you’re cussing in a microphone and better stop reading here and kill yourself.

Chuck Berry passed away yesterday at the age of 90. To go along with his impeccable
guitar skills, Chuck was also a master showman.

AWD is traveling today and having a difficult time embedding some of my favorite Chuck movies. Do yourself a favor and go to Youtube and search for “Chuck Berry Hail Hail Rock and Roll” and watch some of the great performances in that documentary. It also has a 80’s vintage Keith Richards paying tribute.

Since my deflicted laptop won’t embed any videos, here’s one I saw that Ted Nugent posted to his Face Book account of him just sitting on his fireplace hearth and wailing away on Johnny B Goode. Here’s the link:

AWD will be back in force tomorrow with some chart topping posts but today we music lovers should pause to celebrate a true genius in his field. Who knows where rock music would have been without Chuck Berry? I’m glad we didn’t have to find out.

RIP, Father of Rock and Roll!



  1. So, I guess it’s hard to embed music vids while riding on the BACK of Lance’s Harley eh?

  2. Good Lord I clicked on all those links.
    That which has been seen cannot be unseen.

  3. And once Ted was done nailing that guitar, he went out, killed at least 20 animals, prepared their flesh for consumption and mounted their heads to his wall. 😉

  4. He was also a good man of business.He would not go up on stage until he had been cash.In those days and to some degree today,Promoters and club owners would try to shortchange the performers after the show.Chuck always got paid up front which is why he didn’t die broke.

    • That’s true. He would get paid upfront. I did the band/music thing for years..Got burned more than a few times… After I read about him insisting on getting paid up front I desided to try it…At first it didn’t go over well with the promoters. These were bar shows and all money was made by booze sales..
      One night a promoter told me to forget about wanting to get paid upfront…So we told our crowd we were packing up our gear and going back to the garage for a party…
      About 5 minutes later the promoter came up with the cash agreed on. We did the show…
      R.I.P Chuck…you were one of the best!

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