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I hate Google! Oops! Better retract that or Google will strike all AWD DNA from the inter web net.

Google now is putting into operation a program that detects ‘hate speech.’ Whatever that is. My guess is it is anything written from the hand or spoken from the mouth of anyone to the right of Vladimir Lenin. Something tells me Black Lives Matter calling for killing crackas will be considered “the oppressed speaking truth to power.” Or some other airy Google bullshit like that.

What is hate speech, anyway? If AWD calls Nancy Pelosi a “poopy head,” does that qualify? If I say I don’t want Muslims in America because they destroy everywhere they infect. Hate speech? If I say white people should not be allowed in America because they destroy everywhere they infect? Not hate speech.

This is the deal. Google and the Mainstream Media see their grasp of controlling the populace with leftists propaganda slipping away. They cannot forward their agenda if no one watches or no one believes them. And that is exactly what has happened. After generations of lies and manipulation, no one trusts the Mainstream Media. At least no one who breathes through their nose.

So the only recourse for leftists is to stifle and eradicate all voices of opposition. Since leftist control Twitter, FaceBook, Google, Bing, etc, conservatives are at the mercy of those who seek to silence us. And they will!

20-year old leftist snowflakes from Berkley who have never lived a day outside of their parent’s home will decide what is and what is not hate speech.

Find it ironic that those who use violence and riots to silence conservatives do so saying they are fighting facism? They certainly don’t. They so easily use violence to keep alternative opinions from being spoken.

It will be no different with Google and the internet.

I keep waiting for conservatives to back conservative social media and for someone from our side to develop a workable search engine. I try not to use Google whenever possible. They are the enemy. They are the fascists who seek to silence those of my political ideology.

So say it loud with AWD, “Google is a poopy head!”



  1. Time to start bringing antitrust laws to bear on Google…

  2. Anybody that does not read and appreciate AWD’s contribution to humor and wisdom is a poopy head. Sorry for the hate mail.

    What a change a real server makes.

    Thanks AWD

  3. So what is a good alternative to google for a search engine?

    • I use

    • Jackie Puppet

      It strips away any identifying information, then submits the search “request” anonymously to Google themselves. Startpage doesn’t record IP addresses or log visits, nor put cookies on your browser.

  4. Is now a good time to mention the relatively recent trend of using the term “Google” in place of the N-word when commenting online?

    For example, after a story about a shooting in Chicago, one might see something like “Just another google, keepin’ it real!” in the comments section. Or, “Hey- did you hear about those four googles who kidnapped a mentally-challenged white kid and filmed themselves torturing him? What a bunch of filthy googles!”

    What’s the search engine going to do to prevent such “hate speech”? Censor its own name?!?

  5. Tips for AWD:

    Alternate search engines:

    I also avoid using

  6. Googles gonna Goog.

  7. I read a while ago that Google was screening all the emails running thru their accounts.

  8. I thought Nancy was more of a “poppy” head.
    I love Duckduckgo.
    I stay away from google, but when you download an app, they take over the phone’s operation to some extent. It freaks me out when my phone gets locked.
    Lovin’ it that you got into a world class server. Lovin’ the site anyway, and still miss BT.

  9. Quartierleblanc

    Hate speech is banned, whatever that is. However stupid speech is still up for grabs. Typical libs.

  10. “Perspective [software] is available to all publications that are currently part of Google’s Digital News Initiative, which includes The Guardian, the BBC and The Financial Times.”

    So technically they are trying to protect the Corporate Legacy Media from ideas that don’t fit their programmed agenda.

    They are too late, nobody cares what the legacy media has to say anymore, removing the trolls from their comment sections will not save their viewership. They have abused our trust and will lose ad revenue because they are deceitful and now irrelevant to the public conversation.

    Fake News outlets deserve to die and no AI webmaster running a logarithm based on specified keywords is going change that inevitability.

    Lie to us and pay the price

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