The inter web net created by Global Warming creator Al Gore is filled up on stories how the Republican Establishment is seeking to finally kill off what’s left of their abortion of a political party. They want to use their double-secret convention rules to insert Speaker John Boehner Paul Ryan as the GOP nominee. Why are we not surprised? When have political elites ever listened to the will of the people they are elected to represent?

AWD is as sick of the Republican Party as I am Islam. Why not? They both use the same despicable totalitarian tactics to get their putrid way. But I’m not a Muslim and the 2nd Amendment ensures that I won’t be forced to convert. I’m also not a Republican anymore. Common sense, values and character ensure that I won’t ever again cast my vote for an Establishment choice.

I say if the Republican Establishment steals the nomination away from either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, let the whole sumbitch burn! I said the same thing when the Establishment bought advertising on black radio stations in the RINO relic Thad Cochran’s runoff vote telling black Democrats (who were eligible to vote in the GOP runoff) that Chris McDaniel’s conservative supporters were “Nazi, racist KKK members.” Cochran won the runoff only with massive support from black Democrats. Why reward the Republican Elite for using the same vile tactics against Republican conservatives as are used by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and their liberal ilk?

But AWD, if conservatives vote third party for Trump, Hillary will surely win, yes? Yes, she will. But the Establishment would prefer Hillary over Trump or Cruz. They’ve said so. I choose to use the same tactics. And, by the way, has Speaker Ryan done anything different than his predecessors Boehner and Pelosi?

AWD states once again for the record. I will vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump if they are the GOP nominee. I will not vote for Kasich, Ryan, Mitt Romney or any other Democrat-lite tool the Republican Establishment serves up. And I encourage other conservatives to follow me! #NoMorein2016!

Perhaps it’s time to bring back the #NoMorein2016 campaign as a show of solidarity against the Republican Establishment!

If the Republican Elite ignore the will of the people, LET IT BURN! We will begin electing fiscal conservatives who won’t be able to sell out to the Democrat/Republican Establishment corruptocrats.

Maybe the Democrats are tired of having their own Elite work their corrupt combinations to award Hillary the nomination. Nah, they’re not smart enough.

For some Music That Doesn’t Suck that perfectly illustrates the intent of this post, here’s Muse with ‘Resistance.’ Listen to the words!


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