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The inter web net created by Global Warming creator Al Gore is filled up on stories how the Republican Establishment is seeking to finally kill off what’s left of their abortion of a political party. They want to use their double-secret convention rules to insert Speaker John Boehner Paul Ryan as the GOP nominee. Why are we not surprised? When have political elites ever listened to the will of the people they are elected to represent?

AWD is as sick of the Republican Party as I am Islam. Why not? They both use the same despicable totalitarian tactics to get their putrid way. But I’m not a Muslim and the 2nd Amendment ensures that I won’t be forced to convert. I’m also not a Republican anymore. Common sense, values and character ensure that I won’t ever again cast my vote for an Establishment choice.

I say if the Republican Establishment steals the nomination away from either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, let the whole sumbitch burn! I said the same thing when the Establishment bought advertising on black radio stations in the RINO relic Thad Cochran’s runoff vote telling black Democrats (who were eligible to vote in the GOP runoff) that Chris McDaniel’s conservative supporters were “Nazi, racist KKK members.” Cochran won the runoff only with massive support from black Democrats. Why reward the Republican Elite for using the same vile tactics against Republican conservatives as are used by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and their liberal ilk?

But AWD, if conservatives vote third party for Trump, Hillary will surely win, yes? Yes, she will. But the Establishment would prefer Hillary over Trump or Cruz. They’ve said so. I choose to use the same tactics. And, by the way, has Speaker Ryan done anything different than his predecessors Boehner and Pelosi?

AWD states once again for the record. I will vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump if they are the GOP nominee. I will not vote for Kasich, Ryan, Mitt Romney or any other Democrat-lite tool the Republican Establishment serves up. And I encourage other conservatives to follow me! #NoMorein2016!

Perhaps it’s time to bring back the #NoMorein2016 campaign as a show of solidarity against the Republican Establishment!

If the Republican Elite ignore the will of the people, LET IT BURN! We will begin electing fiscal conservatives who won’t be able to sell out to the Democrat/Republican Establishment corruptocrats.

Maybe the Democrats are tired of having their own Elite work their corrupt combinations to award Hillary the nomination. Nah, they’re not smart enough.

For some Music That Doesn’t Suck that perfectly illustrates the intent of this post, here’s Muse with ‘Resistance.’ Listen to the words!



  1. Quartierleblanc

    THAT one thing would piss me off so bad that not only would I not vote for them, but I would actively campaign against them. I would envision some kind of third party or write in vote as a protest. I’d also be certain to tell ANY candidate running under the Republican banner that I would consider them worse than the Democrats.

  2. If these establishments bastards pull the Ryan/Rino card it will be their undoing! I wish both Trump and Cruz would just bury the hatchet in the establishment and or kasich if it comes that close, but I fear the establishment has convinced Cruz that they actually want him as their candidate and he actually believes them…sucker….the enemy of my enemy is my friend!
    I would write in Trump/Cruz as I cannot “self terminate” and vote for any Demoncrat!
    And I would change my voter registration status from republican to independent! Good bye and good riddance a$$wipes!!

  3. carnac123

    Apparently the scumbags in Washington are so insulated from the people that they do not know this election may be their last “Hurrah” (as they say). Do they really think the people are going to stand by and let this group of rich traitors run us in the ground? Do they think we are not going to finally make a violent stand all over this country? They underestimate the general hate we have for the establishment and the multi-culturalists libs. Don’t they know people are ready to storm that stupid little capital with pitchforks and torches like an old Frankenstein movie? We know we are living in a US that has turned into an East German wannabe. The old STASI or GESTAPO would be proud of our agencies who spy on us and label us for discrimination. I want freedom and equality and equality for white people. When someone asks you what you want you tell them “Freedom”. That is something you do not have and they refuse to give you. They refuse to make white people equal with the minorities also. Since they refuse to give it to us……we will take it. I suggest you talk to people you can trust and figure out ways to get your freedom back.

  4. I don’t understand why patriotic Americans, especially White Americans, don’t establish a new party? Such a party would always put American interests, values and workers FIRST.

    Such a party would adhere in both theory and practice a truly limited government, low taxes, and Constitutional fidelity. It would also be nationalistic to the core. Some folks are afraid of nationalism, but all it really means is that everything our nation does has the best interests of its own people at heart.

    What the heck could possibly be wrong with that?

    For all the disgust we have of the Republican Party, why are there no serious efforts to establish a new conservative party? We are surely free to do so, especially since neither party represents our interests in the least. They’ve betrayed us like a cheap Tijuana whore, and for some crazy reason we keep coming back to them!?

    Also, many of us are fed up with the cuckservative FOX News for many of the same reasons we are fed up with the RINO Party. Why, then, hasn’t there been an effort to establish a conservative news network that rivals FOX News?

    Just some thoughts.

    • Bluff, it takes money to create political parties and news networks. The Tea Party movement set out to take over the Republican Party but saw that is a tall order when sending fresh meat to DC and the GOP Establishment. Think Marco Rubio.

      Also, people realize a third party would split the GOP vote and ensure a Hillary victory. For years the Establishment has held this gun to our heads and we dutifully voted for the McCains and Romneys we despised. But many of us are through with that. I am.


      • Agreed AWD. Still, it seems to me that any billionaire or multimillionaire with a sense of the profits that could be made as a rival to FOX would be wise to pursue such a goal. I think they’re missing a great financial opportunity here. If I were in such a position, I would seriously look into the possibility and gather together a group of investors.

        There is a tremendous hunger in this land for news that’s accurate, not politically-correct and from a perspective more in turn with patriotic Americans.

        In my case, I’ve been calling for a new party after the 2012 election when I left the Republican Party. I’ve been kind of waiting to see what might happen, but there seems to be little interest in it at this time. Perhaps folks are waiting to see the results of this next election before they do it?

        Time will tell.

    • Regardless of whether Trump wins or gets screwed out of the nomination – the one thing he has done that we all can thank him for – is that he has single handedly exposed Faux News Network for the fraud that they’ve always been, but until Trump came along – the GOP base was too freaking stupid to see how phony Faux really was.

  5. I am in total agreement…..if Paul Rino is the nominee then “let it burn”……..

    short and sweet………………let it burn…………

  6. I know a lot of people that are butt-hurt by the thought of a Trump presidency.

    “If Cruz doesn’t get the nomination, I’ll just write someone in.”

    Great. So would you rather have four years of Trump, or eight years of Shrillary? I’d vote Trump today if the election were being held right now.

    That said, IF the establishment brokers the convention, they’re going to put Ryan and Kasich in. Why else would the latter stay in against all math? They do that, and they’re going to see the lowest voter turnout in history. Clinton/Sanders will win by a landslide, and they won’t even have to commit the usual Dem fraud to do it!

  7. As one that has voted “third party” in seven of nine presidential elections (R=2 D=0), I get tired of hearing:
    a- A third party vote is a vote for the Democrat
    b- A third party vote is a wasted vote
    A third party vote IS NOT a vote for the Democrat! It is a vote against BOTH parties. No, I did not vote for Reagan’s first term, but I did vote for his second. I voted for King George II”s second term, but only because the third parties were a little disheveled and the Aotollah Kerry blows goats. NO, I didn’t vote for his daddy, or Bob “Let’s Make a Deal” Dole, or “Juan McShame”, or Mitt(ens) “Obamney”.
    Did I “waste” my votes? I think not. I still have regrets about that ONE vote for Boosh, but still, I wouldn’t call it “wasted”.
    Remember, neither Clintoon nor Obozo won landslide victories. “Blow Job” Bill never even cracked 50% of the “popular” vote. Why? Because the third party candidates, no matter how you slice it, took votes away from BOTH parties (Perot won TWO states in 1992). Obongo won (TWICE!) because the Republicrats were afraid to identify him for what he really is. Hell, Shrillary did a better job than the “War Hero” during her campaign. Let’s not even speak of Romney taking a dive after the first “debate”, which caused a few MILLION voters to stay the hell home instead of holding their noses to vote for him. Wasted votes? Sh!t, Romney and the GOPe WASTED millions of them when they left “conservatives” wanting a candidate. A “wasted” vote is one not cast.
    I’ll vote for Trump or Cruz, and I don’t care which letter of the alphabet follows their name.

  8. Spurwing Plover

    Hillary the hag and Bernie the Bad are going for the gugular’s like i mean trying to eat each other

  9. OK, my candidate doesn’t win the nomination. I’m taking my ball and going home if I (it’s all about me!) don’t get my way. Great, how’d the 8 yrs of obammy work for you. Sometimes ya gotta pull your big boy pants up and vote for whomever will do you and the country the LEAST amount of harm. We all know what the hildabeast is, we know she will put libs on the SCOTUS, (and rule buy judicial action). Now that will be something to complain about, eh, kiddies? I will vote Trump, support Cruz if he wins, and even, with my nose held, Ryan. But the Senators and Representative Rino’s would be in my sights.

  10. I’m damn sick and tired of the GOP republitards and their bullshirt…….and I mean sick and tired of these bastards and their cosntant whining and complaining…..we’re the voters and if we chose the Donald or the Cruz-man then so be it……I’m ready to tell these bastards to stick their convention up their ass…….

    this god-damn rino Ryan… have got to be kidding me……an article over at Drudge and Breitbart really laid out what Ryan is all about……this bastard is worse than Hildabeast……Ryan intends on bringing in more third worlders than Obongo has……he has no intensions on closing the boarders….Ryan is a complete open boarders republitard……

    Ryan is so god-damn establishment it makes me sick……I am with AWD on this “let it burn” if Ryan becomes the nominee……some will say, but Hildabeast will win if she isn’t indicted or that dumb-ass Joe Blow will win if the d’himi’s can’t run their favorite skank due to her prison bars…….I say…it doesn’t make any difference…..Ryan will run the country into the ground just the same as a Hildabeast presidency……..

    the republitards and the dhimi’s will bring in or allow those who cross our boarders illegally to bury us with their numbers….and they will bring in more Muslims and Somalis than you can shake a stick at….literally millions…..their intent is to dilute the white population and Ryan is in on it…….Ryan is in on the plan to change the complexion of the country……the establishment of both parties wants to dilute the white population of the country….and take the power out of the white communities and make us subservient to the state by reducing our power and numbers through attrition………

    if we don’t get either one of the candidates that we have gone to the polls for I fear the establishment just may have shot the first volley in the beginnings of a civil war……..they will have started it….

    Trump or Cruz……screw us out of our candidates and millions of us will walk away……when I read that article about Ryan waiting in the wings to become the nominee and his true beliefs about unlimited immigration into our country I became so infuriated I wanted to set the country on fire right then and there……I don’t like taking it up the ass……

    if Ryan is the republitard nominee……then let the country burn……even if you vote for Ryan thinking your going to stop Hildabeast you’re still on a one way ticket to oppression……and you won’t be able to escape that oppression……they will bury you with third worlders…..and don’t think they won’t be given the right to vote as soon as they enter the country…….a Ryan presidency will bury all of us….just the same as a Hildabeast presidency will………


    Paul Ryan is the Establishment’s current silly putty man. He will be molded and shaped into exactly what they want him to be. ….This is the same moron that couldn’t beat Obama four years ago!!

    Sick cuckservatives and their dirty tricks. Many of us would rather have Bernie than Cruz or, God forbid, Ryan. Call our bluff and you will feel the Bern of ‘We The People’.

  12. Disgusted Caucasian

    Ronald Reagan was the last president I voted for. Since then, I don’t vote FOR anyone but against the other candidate by holding my nose. The problem with that strategy is that the stench is getting so bad that I may soon have to cut off my nose to vote in the POTUS elections. Since cutting off my nose isn’t an option, I’ll stay home. Ted Cruz is as low as I’m willing to go from here on out.

  13. I’ve read all the comments and I have the utmost respect and appreciation for AWD, however, I can only come to 1 conclusion, we’re done as a nation and as a people, unless we begin the fight NOW! all these other commie, supposed civil rights groups have, they’ve burned OUR cities, killed OUR people and children and we back off for fear they’ll do more, and they WILL, regardless of anything we do, so why are we waiting for an election most of us believe is already decided? Its not going to change a fucking thing, regardless of whose elected!
    Do you folks really believe Trump or Cruz is going to make a difference or a stand to protect US and OUR interests?
    Do you truly believe either is going to drop the hammer on all the racial groups out there destroying OUR country every minute of every hour for almost every year of my 54?
    IF so, something would have been DONE by now, yet all we get is lip-service for having worked all of our lives simply in an attempt to stay above water while the flood gates are being opened wider with the intent to drown us all!
    THIS, the United States of America, IS OURS!!!
    OUR people build it from the Revolution to the sky-scrapers, houses, roads, trains, airports and planes, schools, hospitals, stores, warehouses…folks, EVERY thing is already ours, WE designed it, built it, maintain it, why are we even negotiating with what AWD calls the “subhumans”? FUCK them! Would you negotiate with your family dog if it showed its teeth to your kids? Hell no! You’d take it outside and DO what has to be done!
    So many other web sites, for weeks and weeks now, are all saying the same thing, basically “wait and see”!
    FUCK that!
    Haven’t we waited enough?
    Haven’t we given enough?
    Haven’t they TAKEN and pissed in our mouths demanding MORE and MORE?
    WE built this country, THEY’RE destroying it and we wait?!
    For WHAT?
    Do you truly believe the sub humans are going to stop demanding more after this election? If you do your out of your fucking minds?
    Get out of the way and let them burn it down!
    THEN we have the power, because ONLY WE can rebuild it!
    Then and ONLY then can we tell them to eat shit nd they WILL because they’ll have no choice!
    There are some hard decisions to be made, MAKE them!
    But I don’t believe they give a fuck one way or another about us, neither party, neither candidates, we’re on our own and until we start behaving as though WHITE folks fucking matter and start looking the fuck out for each other, they’ve already won and we may as well shut the fuck up and get used to our new roles as third class citizens in the country OUR people built for US!

  14. the RNC in Colorado just suspended the primary election…..and all the states delegates are going to Cruz…..the RNC has decided to screw the electorate (us) by preventing the voice of the people from being heard…..since they know better, maybe I should walk away from the party and tell them to shove their party up their ass…..

    hey RNC, you looking to lose this election….well keep it up and you will you sons-o-bitches…..what do you think “we the people” are going to do….sit by and play tiddlywinks while you screw us in the ass……

    I’m telling you RNC….we don’t like getting screwed in the ass…..and your making a big mistake by screwing us in the ass………….

  15. I thought we might take an inside look at the John Kasich campaign and see how it’s doing thus far……

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