What exactly is the purpose of those ridiculous ‘no weapons’ signs located on buildings or ‘no gun zone’ signs posted in locations like college campuses? Even more ridiculous than those signs are the people that actually believe that they make things safer. News flash!!! They do not work! The latest story to prove my point is the Georgia Tech student who was robbed by two armed robbers, in his own dorm room, in the middle of the night. This was supposed to be a gun free zone, but the two robbers didn’t seem to care. Needing a key card to get through the main entrance didn’t seem to stop them either. The anti-gun crowd seems to think these no gun signs and zones will stop criminals in their tracks. What a bunch of morons! That little no weapons sign might as well read: ATTENTION CRIMINALS! All law abiding citizens have been disarmed for your convenience. Welcome!

I would like to say that this was a random act. Something out of the realm of normal. But I can’t. School shootings have become all to common in the past several years. In 1998 two were killed and 22 wounded in Springfield, Oregon. Also in 1998, 5 were killed and 10 wounded in Jonesboro Arkansas. In 1999, 13 were murdered and 24 wounded in a shooting at Columbine High School. Then, in 2007, 32 people were murdered and 17 wounded at Virginia Tech. I wish this was all the deadly school shootings, but sadly, there have been many more.

I listened to a teacher testify at my State House for the ability to carry a gun to his school. (The bill failed) He asked the legislators to explain to him what the game plan was if he was faced with a gunman at school. He said he didn’t feel comfortable with the plan at his school. Teachers are told to dial 911, hide in the corner and hope help arrives in time. What if there had been one person on each of these schools that had a legal concealed carry license? What if they could have saved one life?

How tragic it is that our second amendment right has been attacked over and over again by liberals who don’t agree with our U.S. Constitution. Why do liberals insist of stripping me, a law-abiding citizen of her rights and then leave criminals on the honor system? Criminals are criminals. They do not care what the law is or what the sign says or what zone they are in. Limiting my rights prevent me from protecting myself and making it much easier for the criminal to commit a crime.

This Kansas Gun Girl is insisting that my Constitutional rights be restored. How about you?

Oh, and here’s how the liberals running GA Tech tell students how to protect themselves from violent criminals:

Tech students told to lock dorm doors after robbery

Yeah, that outta work!


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