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What exactly is the purpose of those ridiculous ‘no weapons’ signs located on buildings or ‘no gun zone’ signs posted in locations like college campuses? Even more ridiculous than those signs are the people that actually believe that they make things safer. News flash!!! They do not work! The latest story to prove my point is the Georgia Tech student who was robbed by two armed robbers, in his own dorm room, in the middle of the night. This was supposed to be a gun free zone, but the two robbers didn’t seem to care. Needing a key card to get through the main entrance didn’t seem to stop them either. The anti-gun crowd seems to think these no gun signs and zones will stop criminals in their tracks. What a bunch of morons! That little no weapons sign might as well read: ATTENTION CRIMINALS! All law abiding citizens have been disarmed for your convenience. Welcome!

I would like to say that this was a random act. Something out of the realm of normal. But I can’t. School shootings have become all to common in the past several years. In 1998 two were killed and 22 wounded in Springfield, Oregon. Also in 1998, 5 were killed and 10 wounded in Jonesboro Arkansas. In 1999, 13 were murdered and 24 wounded in a shooting at Columbine High School. Then, in 2007, 32 people were murdered and 17 wounded at Virginia Tech. I wish this was all the deadly school shootings, but sadly, there have been many more.

I listened to a teacher testify at my State House for the ability to carry a gun to his school. (The bill failed) He asked the legislators to explain to him what the game plan was if he was faced with a gunman at school. He said he didn’t feel comfortable with the plan at his school. Teachers are told to dial 911, hide in the corner and hope help arrives in time. What if there had been one person on each of these schools that had a legal concealed carry license? What if they could have saved one life?

How tragic it is that our second amendment right has been attacked over and over again by liberals who don’t agree with our U.S. Constitution. Why do liberals insist of stripping me, a law-abiding citizen of her rights and then leave criminals on the honor system? Criminals are criminals. They do not care what the law is or what the sign says or what zone they are in. Limiting my rights prevent me from protecting myself and making it much easier for the criminal to commit a crime.

This Kansas Gun Girl is insisting that my Constitutional rights be restored. How about you?

Oh, and here’s how the liberals running GA Tech tell students how to protect themselves from violent criminals:

Tech students told to lock dorm doors after robbery

Yeah, that outta work!



  1. This ^ is why I often refuse to do business with private companies that have such signs.

    Also if it is a public space I say screw it, I will not be denied my rights so I carry anyway.

    I would rather face possible arrest & expose the fact our rights are being trampled then face the possibility of being killed by a real criminal who wants to kill, steal & or rape people.

  2. An oldie but goodie–gets my blood flowin’:

  3. PS, great work here, KGG. Welcome to the AWBlogosphere!

  4. PPS, click on your name. I made you a gravatar.

  5. Swamp Music

    ‘The right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed’.

    We all know what that is. It doesn’t say where you can or cannot keep and bear arms. In my opinion, I will keep and bear arms wherever I think I might need to protect myself. The point of gun legislation is to disarm the people, not to protect them.

  6. True Blue

    ‘The right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed’.

    How right you are, and here’s the kicker that liberals absolutely Hate; When the Constitution and the Second Amendment were written a citizen could -if they chose- own the very same weapons or better weapons than those owned by the Continental Army and the US Navy. This meant Artillery too. Bent’s Fort, Ft. St. Vrain and countless other privately owned establishments held the Sante Fe and Oregon Trails open with their privatley owned arsenal; winning the West.
    Stephen Decatur and John Paul Jones fought the British in Citizen built ships (or owned; many were actually built in France) with Citizen owned cannons aboard. Privateers helped to win the First War of Independence, fought alongside our Navy in the War of 1812, again against the Barbary Pirates, in Texas’ fight for freedom from Mexico (ongoing), fought for both sides during the Second War of Independence (War of Northern Agression or Civil War -whatever you like) and even contributed to the Spanish American War where Teddy Roosevelt distinguished himself (Remember the Maine!)
    Without the Constitutional ownership of weaponry, (up to and including military grade weaponry as good or better than the Army) we never would have even had a chance to become a Nation, much less the Great Nation that was our birthright. Frankly, at this point it is also the only thing keeping us from teetering over the brink into Tyranny.

  7. DG:
    Screw Google. Did you happen to see their logo today? Red, white, and blue logo made from the words “this land was made for you and me”. Yea, that song written by Woodrow Wilson Guthrie.

    • J in MS…

      Just saw you post…and yeah I did see that yesterday, first thing off. – My sentiments are the same as yours.

  8. Enoch Powell

    Here’s what the anti-gun idiots are doing. When Blacks became the darlings of the leftist traitors, they noticed that Blacks were committing a vastly disproportionate amount of violent crime. This frightened the leftist traitors, who are also cowards. So in order to try and disarm Blacks, they, as leftists do, decided that we must all be treated like the Black (and Hispanic) lowest common denominator and all be disarmed. It’s the leftists fear of Blacks that makes them want to disarm us. Because leftists are out of touch with any and all reality, they cannot even admit that Blacks and Hispanics are the problem, so they focus their attention on those they really hate (but have no reason to fear) decent, right-wing Whites.

    Of course even if everyone could somehow be disarmed, we would merely see Blacks and Hispanics committing massive amounts of violent crime without guns against helpless victims who have no means of defending themselves. The leftists are too stupid and cowardly to see this.

    This sort of leftist tyranny permeates all aspects of society. We must ALL be treated like criminals in order not to hurt the feelings (and possibly provoke the anger) of ALL the millions of lively, vibrant, diverse parasites whom the leftists are so busy dropping trou for.

    I’m afraid Romney is an enthusiastic trou-dropper.

    • patthemick

      Good point! I have always suspected the average leftist of being racially aware but not having the guts to say so. I mean why else insist on racial set asides and welfare without the same patriarchal thought patterns of a plantation owner in the antebellum south.

    • True Blue

      Well said Enoch, as usual. Same Enoch as AmRen?

  9. Right you are Enoch.

    Even if the leftist idiots took away all the guns currently held by private owners they would not be able to eliminate guns being in private ownership completely.

    Heck for about $200 I could go to most common hardware/home improvement stores and buy everything I would need to make a fully automatic sub-machine-gun.

    The knowledge for how to do so isn’t all that hard to come across either, I could name a dozen or so sites off the top of my head where you could get the info for free & a few books you could purchase that tell you how.

  10. Guns negatively affecting crime is the same as blaming a pencil for a word spelled wrong…. sorry but I dont understand the logic.

  11. Death to Libtards

    Gun control is the stupid liberal logic that says a woman who has been raped and strangled is somehow morally superior to a woman trying to explain to the police six bullet holes in a rapist.

  12. This freakin’ nonsense is getting out of hand at all levels. Check out the link to an unofficial Border Patrol Union Website below. There are posts regarding the USDAs civil right ruling against Law Enforcement and about a new “Active Shooter” online training that trains Border Patrol agents to run and hide from the shooter….. GEEZUS H. CHRIST!!

  13. REV Wright


    If guns are illegal in Chicago, why do all the black Obama gangs keep shooting each other?


  14. E. Holder

    We need more gun restrictions to make it harder for you all to get guns. That way criminals can’t take them from you. That is the only way they get on the streets. “Law abiding” citizens either sell them or get them or they get stolen. You can’t deny the low homicide rates of Japan or Britain. Less guns, less deaths.

    • Lol. Drink the Koolaid much? Low homicide rates in Japan…maybe due to Japan not being home to many blacks and Hispanics? How’s Britain’s homicide rate doing now that they’ve fully embraced diversity? Note from reality to E. Holder: guns don’t kill people; blacks kill people.

      • Kansas Gun Girl

        Exactly Red! Have you noticed the crime rates in Washington DC and Chicago? Most gun control in the country = most crime in the country.

        • REV Wright


          In addition,

          The more Obama blacks and Obama Hispanic gangs, the higher the crime rates.


    • When have cattle ever faught back with guns? They have hooves!

  15. Spurwing Plover

    Boycott all compmaies that prophibit their emploies from exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights

  16. E. Holder

    Whites kill more people than blacks. They have a fetish for killing Muslims. And they are the architects of homosexuality. It is true that young black men like to kill each other. But what does that have to with white people who hate us? If being Mexican or Black means you’re a killer. I hope all of you conservatards cross one. Nat Turner, now that’s a patriot.


    Lets see now if aiding and abeting a feleon in commision of a crime is federal offence arnt the gun control advocates aiding and abbeting a felon in commision of a crime? Then they need to answer for their crimes and face prison for their crimes

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