AWD went to a gun show today in Dallas with the Filly and her oldest son. Her son has been saving and bought his first 1911. A proud day for sure.

As usual, the show was packed with both vendors and buyers. Just like every other weekly gun show in North Texas. It’s been a while since AWD attended a gun show. I think it was last Christmas when I purchased a few handguns for kids and the Filly. Today’s show seemed to have more buying taking place than other shows I’ve attended in the past few years.

I had an interesting conversation with a high-volume vendor who had several hundred firearms for sale and asked about why more people appear to be buying guns and supplies than in the past? He said one word. Hillary.

If Hillary wins in November and places a few anti-gun socialists on the Supreme Court, it’s going to be tough going for any gun owner who hasn’t been stocking up the past few years. I asked the gun seller what we should be buying should Her Cankleness win. He said:

* AR’s. Since liberals despise black rifles (hey, black rifle lives matter!), they will most assuredly come after so-called “assault rifles.”

* High capacity magazines for black rifles. The guy said he’s been buying Magpul 30-round mags for a while. Liberals will definitely try to limit magazines to 10 rounds or less, like they have in California and Yankee-land.

* Ammo. California now allows the purchase of only 50 rounds per month and the buyer has to, I crap you negative, undergo a background check. President Hillary would definitely go after ammo. Look for prices to skyrocket.

AWD has two AR-15’s. But I also have two sons which means at present I have zero AR-15’s. I’m going to call my friends and sponsors at SWAT Firearms (everyone should!) and buy a new AR-15 this week. I have a AR-10 (.308, libtards) from SWAT for piggie and deer hunting and love it! Great quality at great prices and made in Texas!

I’m also going to buy some more Magpul magazines. I have about 30 I bought just before the Sandy Creek shooting. After Obama tried to ban high capacity mags, Magpul mags were selling on the street for $75 per! I bought mine at $8. Don’t know the current prices but will buy a dozen or so as soon as I finish this post.

Friends, the Filly, and kids have shot up nearly all of my .223, .40 and 9mm ammo. Hell, my ammo stocks haven’t fully recovered from Redstater’s visit at Dude-a-Palooza I a few years ago! But I’m going to start investing in lead more than usual before January.

Boys and girls, I’m worried about this election. Hillary is way too relaxed to be running for POTUS. She’s taking off the whole month of September! Something is fishy! My best guess is the fix is in with either millions of dead and/or illegal voters or George Soros counting the computer votes.

I don’t think Hillary and SCOTUS would be brazen enough to come after gun ownership and totally repeal the Second Amendment. Revolutions start that way. But I have every confidence they would make it extremely difficult and expensive to acquire ammo and such.

This post would be much better if posted by Quartier LeBlanc and hopefully he’ll weigh in on what we should be stocking up on between now and President Hillary.

Please weigh in if you can think of anything I missed.

Molon Labe, my friends.



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