Another batsh*t crazy liberal (redundancy alert) has gone off the reservation and this time shot up a baseball practice session of Republican congressmen. WE MUST IMMEDIATELY BAN BASEBALL IN AMERICA!

The shooter, James Hodgkinson was the only one to die despite having the jump on a baseball diamond filled with RINOs and being armed with a SKS. (Hey libs, you’re lucky! The SKS actually uses “clips” to reload and not magazines. Look it up, dumbasses.) Only a lib could shoot that bad.

It’s quite apparent that when it comes to violence and gun crimes, leftists have pretty much cornered the market. Why, in Chicago (aka Barackistan) alone, ten or so welfare moochers are removed from the books each weekend with dozens more merely injured. Injured until they too are removed from the welfare books in a few months. Philadelphia and other big cities filled with “urban yoots” are the same.

Imagine the peaceful nirvana America would rapidly become if liberals, not guns, were removed from society? I know, I know! Who would teach Womyn’s Studies in our universities, spread propaganda on news shows, fill unneeded positions in our Michael Moore-like bloated government, and stifle free speech while destroying inner cities and beating anyone who disagrees while simultaneously calling their victims “fascists?”

Why, removing male “urban yoots” between the ages of 18 and 49 would alone reduce our murders and violent crimes by 50%!

I have a dream!

Better get all the mainstream media news on baseball hater James Hodgkinson while you can. He’s already being cycled out of the propaganda cue. Why should the Propaganda Media cover him? I mean, they ARE Republicans, after all. And I believe some of them supported Trump! Move along, nothing to see!

One thing that sickens AWD is the Republicans calling for everyone to come together in a gigantic national kumbayah. Like that would ever happen! Republicans are pulling the equivalent of morons who put “COEXIST” stickers on their Priuses.

Redstater asked last night if we’re ready to rumble with the left? Nah, not yet. Save that until the Deep State drums Trump out of the White House on false accusations and kangaroo court impeachment hearings. It’s coming. Plus, Dancing With The Stars is on tonight.

One last thing. If I lived in DC, I’d carry a handgun for protection if it turned Obama half white!


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