Guns, Germs and Libtards




I am a conceal and carry instructor who is licensed to teach the Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida course.   Growing up, I never owned a gun.  Neither my father nor my mother owned guns.  My grandfather (despite fighting in WWII) owned no guns.  I was NOT by any stretch of the imagination, indoctrinated since youth to be the handsomely grizzled gun nut you read before you.

Why then, after nearly 22 years of ‘utopian’ gun-free existence, did I decide that gun ownership was now going to be part of my identity?  To put it bluntly, it was the….. urban influence in the area I used to live in.

Why did I keep them when I left?  Because it’s my god damn right to do so that’s why. 

It is obvious to even the most casual observer that liberals only hate conservative freedoms.  They aren’t concerned in the least about the right to defend our lives, as long as they can have a punch card for a free abortion, after 10 abortions of course.  Hey, that’s good savings and smart marketing.   Keeping that in mind, it is not surprising in the least that they would stretch the truth a ‘smidge’ as a scare tactic to lure low information voters into the trap.

Let’s start with the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.  This measure banned all semi-automatic firearms with cosmetic features that mimicked those of their fully automatic counterparts in two or more ways.   The features include but are not limited to: a bayonet mount, pistol grip, folding or telescoping stock or the barrel shroud (my personal favorite) among many other arbitrary features.

Of course, unless you are planning on bayoneting someone to death, none of these features actually make the rifle function differently than a plain wood stock semi-automatic.   These features actually, for the most part, make the gun safer and easier to handle and as a side effect, make the gun  look ‘scary’.

This is probably the most well-known and documented case of libtastic gun fibbing, but the bridge troll never sleeps, and I have some current examples for you.

1. High capacity magazines (because ‘urban youth’ never attack in groups larger than 7) See if you can spot the lie in this video of Diana Degette making her argument about high capacity magazines.  Listen carefully.  It isn’t bold faced or incredibly obvious at all.

2. You don’t need an ‘assault rifle’ because a double barrel shotgun is way easier to shoot and reload.   This video speaks for itself.

3. To quote a mutual friend, ‘I crap you negative’: “Heat seeking bullets.”

4. This is for when your heat seeking bullets run out.

5. Misclassifying semi-automatic rifles as fully automatic rifles.  Must run in the family. (Obama on Sandy Hook and Michelle on the shooting from her youth.

6. Nanny Bloomberg is trying to spank his neighbor’s kids this time.  He is going after the Florida “Stand Your Ground” Law and I can only assume the Castle doctrine of every other state by branding them as “Shoot First Laws”.  Another colorful euphemism meant to dazzle and confuse the highly emotional liberal audience.

One thing is for sure.  The left will ALWAYS find ways to misrepresent us and the boom-sticks we cling to so passionately.  Keep a full mag and one in the chamber my friends.  Until next time!


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