The Texas Legislature is voting on a bill to ban abortions past 20 weeks. Democrat Wendy Davis filibustered for 12 hours to delay a vote last week. After the filibuster, Republicans sought to have a vote before the midnight deadline. Liberal activists rushed the chamber yelling and causing a commotion. End result, no vote before the deadline. No big, Governor Perry simply called another Special Session.

This time, Texans supporting the ban were in force to combat the evil forces of freakazoids on the left seeking to once more disrupt the vote. While pro-lifers sang the hymn “Amazing Grace” to drown out the perverted chants of the pro-abortionists, the pro-abortionists began chanting “Hail Satan!”

It is amazing that the freaks chanting “Hail Satan” are comfortable with aborting a fetus after 20 months! We are talking about a viable baby! But Hell, they’re comfortable with killing a born baby if the abortion goes wrong. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??? They are not human in any sense of the word we normal people recognize!

Just look at this gaggle of trash and their messages:

Who knew lesbian freakazoids needed abortions!

Foreign exchange students, no doubt!

What a message to have a young child carrying! I have news for that porker libtard on the right…the only Senator that would **** her would be ex-Senator Hillary Clinton. And that would be only after she was done with the bufforilla Janet Reno!

The problem with leftists is they have no decency. To them, nothing is pure or sacred to them except their own perverted ways. They are intellectual savages. Profane, rude, unrefined. Nothing is below them when they seek their agenda. Look at the hatred in their faces. Think about it. These freaks are disrupting the Texas legislature so they can continue to kill unborn children nearly in their 7th month! Aren’t the first 6 good enough for them? These are the worthless vermin of society. If they lived in the Middle East, they would be sawing off heads of infidels. Same dangerous ilk!

Admission. When it comes down to it, AWD would consider himself pro-choice. I believe abortion is murder and would never have considered it for my family nor would I recommend it for my children. Ever. I believe those who abort their children will one day answer to God. However, abortion is legal in this country. Until the day it is not, people should have their free agency to decide whether to abort or not.

Also, consider the vast societal problems we would face with the millions of children aborted since Roe V Wade. Do we really need or want millions of babies born to single mothers who are incapable of raising them to become productive members of society? Will pro-lifers adopt these children? Probably not. So I am against abortion for moral reasons but pro-choice for fiscal ones. I don’t want to pay for the abortion and I don’t want to pay for the welfare/incarceration.

The libtrash that creates repulsive scenes like the one in Austin are making the same mistakes the radical homosexual lobby makes. Prancing around nekkid in Gay Pride parades shaking your wing-wang doesn’t win many over to your side that aren’t there already.

Texas is a conservative state with a majority of good, honest, moral people. Sending in the army of tattooed lebanese freakos and other assorted Austin lib-trash to chant “Hail Satan” isn’t going to win any points with anyone except your fellow freakos. And Satan. But Satan has always been their leader.


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